When are the Blackpink members birthdays?

Who are Blackpink Members?


Blackpink is a South Korean girl group that was formed in 2016. The group consists of four talented members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa. Blackpink has gained a massive following worldwide, and their music has been topping charts and breaking records.

Blackpink Members’ Birthdays

If you’re a true Blink (Blackpink’s fandom name), you’d know that each member’s birthday is a significant event for the group and their fans. Here’s a comprehensive guide to Blackpink members’ birthdays:

Blackpink Jennie Birthday

Jennie: January 16, 1996

Blackpink Jennie Birthday

Blackpink Lisa Birthday

Lisa: March 27, 1997

Blackpink Lisa Birthday

Blackpink Jisoo Birthday

Jisoo: January 3, 1995

Blackpink Jisoo Birthday

Rosé Blackpink Birthday

Rosé: February 11, 1997

Rosé Blackpink Birthday

Why Are Blackpink Members’ Birthdays Important?

Birthdays are essential for every individual, but for Blackpink members, their birthdays are significant events that are celebrated by their fans worldwide. Fans often organize birthday projects, such as donating to charities, creating fan-made videos, and trending hashtags on social media platforms.

Moreover, Blackpink members often share photos and messages on their social media accounts to express their gratitude towards their fans on their birthdays. These moments are cherished by both the members and their fans.

How Do Blackpink Members Celebrate Their Birthdays?

Blackpink members celebrate their birthdays in different ways. However, they often celebrate them with their members and share their special moments with their fans through social media platforms.

For instance, Jennie celebrated her 24th birthday in 2020 with a virtual party that was broadcasted on YouTube. The party was attended by her fellow members, staff, and close friends. During the party, Jennie performed her solo song, “Solo,” and answered questions from her fans.

Blackpink Members’ Birthdays: A Symbol of Unity and Love

Blackpink members’ birthdays are not just a celebration of their birth but a symbol of unity and love among their fans worldwide. The fandom often comes together to organize birthday projects, create fan-made videos, and trend hashtags on social media platforms. These moments showcase the dedication and love that Blinks have for Blackpink.

In conclusion, Blackpink members’ birthdays are significant events for the group and their fans worldwide. We hope that our comprehensive guide has provided you with useful information about Blackpink members’ birthdays. Let’s continue to celebrate these moments and show our love and support for the talented members of Blackpink.

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