Top 10 Best Water Guns Reviews in 2021 — Buyers' Guide

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Water gun is a popular toy that children as well as adults like to play. Though most of us play water guns only on specific occasions, many people like to buy and stock them up ahead. If you are one of these people, this article on the top 10 best water guns of the year will offer good information for you.

List Of Top 10 Best Water Guns Reviews in 2021


If you are looking to replace your old water gun with the new water gun, HDJUNTUNKOR is the best one. This water gun is made from an ABS plastic, with the United stated toy standard. Moreover, if you wish to add ice to the gun, you can add it in since the water gun’s water inlet is 1-inch width. This water gun could hold water up to 8000CC, and its length of shooting is about 12 m.

Furthermore, its weight is only 8.8 oz that is both suitable for both adult and children over the age of three. You can also use for outdoor activities or play with your friend and family and also could use this as a holiday or birthday gift. Adding to that, this water gun is non-toxic and stable, tough, durable and is very light.

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9. Toyrifik

Toyrifik had been long known for the quality of water gun that they produce. This water gun is 11.6 inches’ length, 10.3 inches’ height and 3.2 inches’ width. If you purchase this water gun package, you will not only get one gun, but you will receive a dozen of guns instead. Furthermore, most girls and boys would love this water gun as they could use this product to spice up the party.

Besides that, you could put it in your goody bag as it could fit perfectly in it. Plus, you can give it away as a gift or use it for an educational purpose which you can teach the kid to use an umbrella. In addition, this product is safe to use, and you can use it in a swimming pool, bathtub or many other outdoor activities.

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Up next, we have JOYIN. The material used to make this product is a high-quality thick plastic which is non-toxic. This product also has been made to meet toy standard of the United States. Thus, this water gun is 15.8 inches’ length, 8 inches’ height and 5.8 inches’ width. Furthermore, this water gun could hold the water up to 25 oz and the length that you could shoot is approximately about 36 feet.

This product is perfect to to play around the swimming pool, water fight with friend, family, outdoor activities or more. This product will come with a 90 days’ guarantee upon every purchase. If you have any problem with the product or it’s broken, take it back to JOYIN, and they will return back your money.

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7. Tuptoel


One of the most popular water guns would be from Tuptoel. This water gun is made from environmentally friently plastic and nontoxic material. You do not need to worry that it is not safe to use as this product is made with the US toy standard. It is also the best choice for children over three years old. This gun is also handheld and compact as it is very light.

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6. Coogam

Another water gun that you should check out is Coogam. The material used to make this product is a non-toxic, eco-friendly and thick plastic.  This product is 21.1 inches’ length, 11.7 inches’ height and 3.8 inches’ width. furthermore, there are 12 guns in each package. The gun comes in four bright colours that you can choose fro.. This water gun could hold the water up to 2.3 oz water. Even the storage of this gun is not that big, but in one full fill, you could shoot it about 100 times which is perfect for the kids to use it. Besides that, this water gun is also very tough and durable as even when it falls onto the cement. You can use this to play or have fun with your family by blasting at the pool with this water gun.

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NERF has been long reputable for the quality of the water gun they produce. this water gun is 8 inches’ length, 6 inches’ height, 1.6 inches’ width and 6.6 ounces. You do not need to worry that you cannot or it not suitable for you to use because you can use this water gun if you are six-year-old or above.

Moreover, this water gun could hold the water up to nearly 100 millilitres. Adding to that, when you use this water gun you do not need to pump and only need to trigger it in order to blast water. If you purchase this water gun, the package will include two Ziperfire water blasters.

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HITOP is another worthy investment that should be on your consideration list. This water is made from ABS plastic materials which guarantee that it is safe to use, tough and extremely durable. Hence, this water can hold the water up to 1000 CC, and it can shoot the water up to nearly 40 feet (53 feet). You can use it by pumping pressure and after that pull the trigger in order to shoot.

Furthermore, this water gun is designed not to have any water leaking at all as it is a leak-free tank. Plus, people of all ages can use this water gun, and they can use this for outdoor activities or swimming pool party and more.

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3. Fun-Here

Fun-Here is a classic choice for those who wanted a high-quality water gun. this water gun is made from a nontoxic material. This water gun is safe to use as it has been made with the United Sated Toy standard. It is also to refill the water in this water gun, and you can shoot the water up to 20 feet. you do not need to worry that your child may not be able to play it as the child that is three-year-old or over three can use this product, and its size is only 9 x 5 inches that would be perfect and not be too big nor too small for your kid to hold.

In addition, you can use this water gun for many purposes such as beach, pool parties, decoration, bazaar, luaus, carnivals, etc. adding to that; there is also a 30-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied or have any problem with this product, contact Fun-Here, and they will fix it for you until you are satisfied or return your money.

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2. ToyerBee

ToyerBee is another top-rated option. This water gun is made from a non-toxic and a high-quality plastic which is very thick, tough, and durable. This water gun can hold the water up to 41 ounces’ water, and it could last about 35 times with one-time filling. Furthermore, you could also add the ice into the gun to make it more fun.

It could shoot water up to 35 feet. Moreover, this water gun is leak-free tank as it is designed to have no water leaking at all. plus, after you add the water in the tank, then amid at your target then pump forward and pull it back so the water will come out.

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The item that ranks first in our list is from NEF. This product is 2.6 inches’ width, 25.8 inches’ length and 10.5 inches’ height. This design of the colours and look of this water gun is also got inspired by the popular video game.

This water gun could fill the water up to 1 litre or 36 ounces. Furthermore, this water is also very easy to fill as you need to open the cap and then you can fill the water up the tank. Besides that, it is also very easy to fire as you only need to pump or push the handle forth and back and the water will come out.

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Provided above is the ultimate roundup on the top 10 best water guns in 2021. If you find any of these picks interesting, do not hesitate to check them out. These products’ qualities will not disappoint you.