Top 10 Best Stand Up Air Conditioner Reviews in 2021

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Are you struggling in finding a way to comfort yourself during a hot sunny day? We are introducing you to a product called ” stand up air conditioner”. Generally, we often use the wall mounted air conditioner to put in your rooms horizontally, but this thing is not a mounted one, this is made for those who are looking for an air-con, which they can be moved it to anywhere they want to vertically. Sometimes it comes with wheels for an extra portability and some aren’t. They work as powerful as the mounted air-con, and some of them might be even more powerful due to their high performances.

This is often used in big conference room, living room, in the library or just a normal and smaller size to put in individual bedrooms. This article will be listing briefly about the top 10 stand up air conditioners or best portable air conditioner products.

List Of Top 10 Best Stand Up Air Conditioners in 2021

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316zku0xfll-_sl160_-1902029 hOmelabs Portable Air Conditioner — 14000 BTU Quiet AC with Removable Washable Filter — Cooling Fan… Buy on Amazon
Gree 8000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner w/Remote (Renewed) Buy on Amazon
416oysb1pl-_sl160_-1836479 Frigidaire 12,000 BTU Cool Connect Smart Portable Air Conditioner, Rooms upto 550-Sq. Ft Buy on Amazon
31rsxeyvaol-_sl160_-4649131 Whynter Elite ARC-122DS 12,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier, Fan with… Buy on Amazon
31t9cp25qdl-_sl160_-5814444 Global Air 10,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Cooling /Fan with Remote Control in White Buy on Amazon
31n6sdzlt4l-_sl160_-6016621 Black + Decker BPACT10WT Portable Air Conditioner, 10,000 BTU Buy on Amazon
31hsr0lkbdl-_sl160_-2084919 Koldfront PAC10013HBL 10,000 BTU 110-120V Portable Air Conditioner and Heater Buy on Amazon

10. Serene Life: stand up air conditioner

Coming off to the very first product of the review is the air-con that is made by ” Serene Life”. When it comes to the design, this model just looks like an ordinary stand up air-con that comes with a full white body, which is seemingly timeless. Moreover, it is equipped with one the best features that everyone has been looking for, is the low energy consumption, it saves you lots of energy and money at the same time. On top of that, it comes in various sizes for you to choose, which for instance 12,000 BTU could cool up the area of 450sqf and many more.

Not to mention that, there is a remote provided for you to set the air-con from distance with the LED light indicator on each of the button. The most interesting feature of Serene Life is that it is functioned with 3 modes for you to select, fan, cool and dehumidifier mode which is great for any types of usage. It is systematically made with a timer set for you as well as a now noise machine construction. There is a moving wind ventilation on top of the machine to ensure that the machine doesn’t get hot and break down.

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9. EdgeStar AP14001HS: portable air conditioner

We highly recommend EdgeStar AP14001HS as an ideal stand up air conditioner for putting in office or a living room, which it has the power to cool up the room up to 525sq ft with 14,000 BTU. The design of this model comes in a white/silver color on the body which looks sleek and shiny, and portable as well with the strong rolling wheels. Moreover, it is great for those who are looking for a cooler and a heater in one machine, which this guy does all the job with the powerful performance.

Not to mention that, EdgeStar AP14001HS comes with a dual hose design at the machine of the machine to ensure that the power of cooling runs 40% faster than the normal ones and it is also easy to assemble by yourself with no complicated components. It comes in 3 various fan speeds for you to select and a remote with a noise machine running as well.

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8. HoneyWell MO08CESWK: stand up window air conditioner

This one might be the greatest pick for you, if you are seeking for an air-con that comes in different colors for you to choose. Honeywell comes in 3 colors for you to select; black/white, blue/white and black, which all of the colors look sleek and sturdy. HoneyWell MO08CESWK consists of strong rolling wheels for you to easily move it to anywhere you want to.

Just like most of the air-cons this guy also comes with the same features. There are 3 modes functioned in one machine; cool, fan and dehumidifier modes. Moreover, it is easy to install and clean the dust filter up. It is easy to control with the remote control and there are to sizes available, one that can be cooled up to 250sq ft and 350 sq ft.

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7. hOmeLabs: portable air conditioner

We recommend this 14,000BTU appliance for the normal size rooms with minimum sunlight entering inside, because hOmeLabs comes with high-performance that is as great as the others. It comes with an ergonomic design that consists of wheels, white matte body as well as a wind ventilation on top of the machine. It is functioned with a low noise machine construction, energy saving mode, timer, swings and 3 modes for you to select. Moreover, hOmeLabs allows the users to clean the air filter easily and it is easy to install as well.

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6. Gree: mini air conditioner

While recommending various designs and models above, size is also essential for you consider based on your area. However, if you are considering for a taller with a black and white color air-con, this guy is for you. It consists of 3 fan speeds for you to select, a timer and another 2 modes; cool and dry mode. The parts are easy to assemble as well as the hose, a drain hose and the washable air filter. Not to mention that, Gree has the cooling efficiency of 11 EER and the noise level of 46dB, which is considered as a low sound in the machine construction.

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5. Frigidaire FGPC1044U1: air conditioner portable

If you’ve been seeking for a smart air-con to put in your rooms or office, Frigidaire is perfect for you. It is systematically working well with WIFI set-up to control this appliance. Moreover, unlike most of the air-cons, this guy doesn’t come with horizontal windows, but it comes in a form of like a mesh and a washable air filter. On top of that, Frigidaire consists of 3 cooling speeds, timer and sleep mode with low energy consumption. This model provides 2 sizes for you to choose; 12,000 BTU for 550sq ft and 10,000 BTU for 450sq ft.

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4. Whynter Elite ARC-122DS: small air conditioner

Looking for dual hose stand up air-con with powerful performance? Not to worry, Whynter Elite ARC-122DS is here for you that can cool up the room of 400 sq ft and 12,000 BTU with no problem. It comes with a strong looking design of milky white color and a horizontal fan at the top of the machine, washable filter and low noise machine construction. Not to mention that, it comes with a full installation kit for you to easily set-up. Talking about the function of this guy, it consists of 3 modes just like the others, timer and 3 fan speeds as well.

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3. Global Air Conditioning: small portable air conditioner

If you’ve been looking for a stand-up air-con to cool up your 300sq. ft room during a hot exhausting day, Global Air Conditioning is great for you. This model consists of easy rolling wheels for portability, matte white designed color along with other features. It comes with 2 powerful speed modes and anti-frozen feature as part of the cooling mode attach with a remote control.

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2. Black + Decker BPACT10WT: free standing air conditioner

Black + Decker BPACT10WT is ideally perfect for those who are looking for a smaller size air-con for dorms, mini rooms or garage that can cool up the area of 150-200 sq. ft with no worries. Moving to its function, it is made for the air to blow vertically, which works best in cooling and 3 modes for you to select like the other air-cons and cater wheels for portability. Moreover, the air filter is easy to remove, washable and the machine itself is easy to control as well.

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1. Koldfront PAC10013HBL: portable room air conditioner

Coming off to the very product of the review, which is a great pick for those who are considering in looking for a powerful motor and has the horizontal windows in the front middle of the machine. Koldfront PAC10013HBL consists of 3 different types of modes for you to select, timer and powerful fans running for this appliance.

Moreover, this is machine is ergonomic, since it is designed to have automatic drainage during the process. Koldfront PAC10013HBL is suitable for the maximum area of 350sq feet, which is great for medium and large rooms.

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There are so many requests on asking for a guide to lead them choosing their desired products. When it comes to something that is machinery, we have to be more decisive in picking the right equipment. Even the air-con you want to find is not on the list, you can still rely on it based on a few bullet points:

Size: you should consider about the size of room to get the right air-con size to cool up your room.

Machine Construction: it is highly recommended to find a machine that runs with low noise to not disturb you during your sleep or doing work.

Different Modes: it is a good idea to find the one with different modes for you to select based on different weather conditions.

Portability: it is recommended to find the ones with wheels for an extra ease in porting the air-con from one place to another.

Cooling Effect: by pointing this phrase, I’m referring a cooling fan with windows to calm down the heat, when the machine is running.

Warranty: it is really essential to ask the seller for warranty for higher maintenance, especially when it comes to something machinery.


To conclude, it is a really brilliant idea for you to have a stand-up air conditioner at each of your home. Not just because of its high performance, also it is portable, durable and affordable for you to purchase without any hard set ups. Moreover, it is also great for office buildings and conference hall as well. I’m sure getting one of these won’t be a disappointment, since the products above are all high-quality in both machines and exterior with its smart design.