Top 10 Best Smartlock in 2020 — Reviews and Guides

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Smartlocks have soared in popularity in recent years for they are convenient and super easy to use when it comes to access controls. Yet, some people are concerned about the getting the lock installed or whether or not the lock offers good security. In this article, we will have all of your questions answered. Below, we will present to you a curated list of the top 10 best smartlocks in 2020.

List Of Top 10 Best Smartlock in 2020

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10. Schlage


Schlage is an excellent choice for those who wanted a topknot smartlock. This smart lock is 5.5 inches in length, 3 inches’ height, and 2.3 inches’ width. Furthermore, this smart lock is built-in with Wi-Fi, and it does not require you to add an additional hub or necessary accessories. If you want to unlock or lock your door’s house and not let outsiders get in easily, you can use the key provided or use the Schlage Home app. But, if you use the key, you will be able to see who exited or entered your house from the footage recorded, as well. In addition, it is also resistant to fingerprints and with just one touch on the touchscreen, the door will be unlocked immediately. Plus, if your smartlock running out of battery, it will give you a warning sign to you to replace the battery.

What’s more, it is also not hard to assemble this smart lock as you will only need a screwdriver, and you can finish setting it up very quickly. Upon purchasing this smart lock, Schlage will give out a three years’ warranty for its electronics. If you have any problem or are not satisfied with this product, reach out to Schlage, and they will solve your problems or fix it for you until you are satisfied.  Plus, they also offer a lifetime warranty on the product, too.

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Are you looking for a smart lock that is leading the industry? Then AKASO is your choice! This smartlock is 6.5 inches’ in length, 3.1 inches’ height and 2.4 inches’ width and 2.9 pounds. You can use this type of smartlock whatever way you want; you can use it with smartphone, you can use it with the password, and you can also use it with a key as well. It is also suitable or useful for those who do not carry a cellphone with themselves especially with children or someone who is usually out doing morning exercise like running, etc.

Besides that, it is very easy to assemble this smartlock as there is no additional drilling or wire required, and you probably can finish setting it up in a matter of minutes. Also, this smartlock help protects us by monitoring those who gets to enter or exit your house. It then will record all of those videos and send them to you to your smartphone.

If the user enters the wrong password five times continually, this smart-lock will be locked for five minutes spontaneously. Adding to that, if this smartlock runs out of battery, it will give you a warning through the keypad LED or  a specific melody. If you purchase this smartlock, AKASO will provide you one AKASO smartlock, a user manual, two keys, installation kit, tubular latch mortise, and back plate.

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8. KeyWe


KeyWe is a classic choice for those who want a high-quality smartlock. The material chosen to make this smartlock is stainless steel which is strong, solid and resistant to corrosion too. Moreover, this smarlock shape is rectangle and is 3.9 pounds. It is 2.4 inches’ height, 7.1 inches’ length and 1 inch’s width and its color is grey. This smartlock also received a certificated from ANSSI Grade 2, BLE home product and Z-Waze plus.

Furthermore, in order to lock in, lock out, enter or exit the door, there are five different ways which you can use whatever you want. You can use NFC. You can use key, and you can also use Bluetooth, passcode or Z-Waze. In addition, it is also very effortless to set up as you will finish assemble it very quickly. For the battery, the average life of this smartlock battery is about 12 months or one year. When you purchase this smartlock, the package will include screws, keys, latch, manuals, sensor, batteries, magnetic, lock and RF-cards.

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7. HappyBuy


If you look to replace your old smartlock, check out this pick from HappyBuy. This smartlock is made from Aluminum Alloy and weighs 4 kg. Thus, this product dimension is 13.8 inches’ length, 3 inches’ height and 1.3 inches’ width. Moreover, its door thickness is about four to 11 cm. Besides that, there are many different ways to unlock the door of your house beside the password. You can use a remote control, mechanical keys and M1 card to open the door.

Adding to that, there are six to twelve number or digits of password on this smartlock. In addition, the smartlock supports about 100 codes, above 100 remote control and nearly 800 M1 cards. There are many different ways to unlock the door of your house besides the password. You can use a remote control, mechanical keys and M1 card to open the door.

Plus, the door will automatically lock for three minutes if you enter the incorrect passwords five times. Buying this product, HappyBuy will offer you an IC card, keys, user manual, install accessories, and the door lock.

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6. InteTrend


InteTrend is an excellent option for those who want an easy-to-use, heavy duty smartlock. The back and front of this smart lock’s panel are made with a premium zinc alloy. This smartlock is 2.85 pounds, and its color is silver. Hence, it is 7.8 inches’ height, 8 inches’ length and 3.8 inches’ width.

Furthermore, adding this smartlock to your house will secure your house too as you get this lock can connect to your smartphone. You can use this smartlock to unlock your door or check the record videos who entered or exited your house.

Besides that, there are multiple ways to unlock this smartlock which are smartphone, key, Bluetooth and keypad. In addition, if you enter the password incorrectly five-time straight, this smartlock will be locked for five minutes as well.

Plus, you not only can use this in a regular environment, but it also can stand harsh environments as well. It is very easy to install as you only need a screwdriver as you will finish assembling it in a matter of minutes.

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5. Hornbill


One of the best smartlocks on the list is Hornbill. The dimension of this smartlock is 7.9 inches’ height, 8 inches’ length and 3.8 inches’ width. It is 2.85 pounds, and its color is silver. It will keep your house safe and secure by just adding this smartlock. Even if you are not at home, you can still know who had entered or exited your house by looking at the incorrect passwords in the admin account.

In addition, this smartlock is very easy to assemble as you only need a screwdriver. Moreover, when the battery run out of battery, the deadbolt set will get you a sign, warning or alarm, and you can also charge it with a 9V battery temporary. If you are not satisfied with this smartlock within 30 days, you can return the product and Hornbill will refund your money. They also give out a 12-month replacement warranty as well.

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4. Schlage


Similar to Hornbill, Schlage is also one of the most rated products in the market when it comes to smartlocks. This smartlock is 5.5 inches’ length, 3 inches’ height and 2.3 inches’ width. This smart lock has two styles which are century and Camelot. Hence, there are three colors as well, which are Age Bronze, Satin Nickel, and Matte Black. Furthermore, this smartlock is built-in with Wi-Fi which can let you connect to your house directly through Wi-Fi.

Thus, it also does not need any necessary accessories or hubs to make any connection at all. You can also use a key or/and the Schlage home app which makes it easier for you to lock or unlock the door and even able to look through the recorded videos of trusted or uninvited visitors and your house will be safe and secure.

In addition, it is also resistant to fingerprints as you can unlock or open the door with just one touch on the touchscreen of this smartlock.  Adding to that, if your smartlock runs out or is low on battery, it will give you a sign warning, or an alarm to let you know that it is time to replace the battery. Purchasing this smartlock, you will get a lockset, back up key, quick start guide and battery.

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If you need/want a top-rated smartlock, you should consider this pick from ULTRALOQ. The dimensional of this smartlock is 10.5 inches’ length, 5.5 inches’ height and 4.9 inches’ width and 3.08 pounds. There are six different ways to unlock this smartlock which are smartphone, shake to open, auto-unlock, mechanical key, fingerprint and anti-peep keypad.

What’s special about the anti-peep keypad is that in all of the passwords numbers, if you are to type one of the correct number of the password, you will able to open the door. Moreover, this smartlock also locks and unlocks automatically. It will unlock you arrive in front of the door and lock as soon as you leave. Furthermore, it also has dual data encryption that unless you give a permission to open the door, then it will open but if not, then it will not open.

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This is the second best, well-reviewed smartlock on the list that comes from ULTRSOQ. This smartlock is made from Zinc alloy. Its dimension is 12 inches’ length, 8 inches’ height and 5 inches’ width. For this smartlock, there are four colors which are bronze, BT-aged bronze, BT- satin nickel, and satin nickel. You do not need to worry about it will be broken by the water or dust as it is resistant to water and dust.

Moreover, this smartlock is very flexible as you can set up the fingerprints up to 95 persons, three backup key and nearly 100 codes. ULRRALOQ also gives out a lifetime warranty for the mechanical and an 18-month warranty for its electronic.

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1. August


The best smartlock goes to August. The dimension of this smartlock is 3.4 inches’ length, 3.4 inches’ height, and 2.2 inches’ width. This smart lock’s style is August lock, and there are two colors which are silver and dark grey. This smartlock also has a doorsense which it will tell you whether your door is securely locked or not. Thus, you can also access your house no matter where you are.

You can check or monitor your house through your phone whether your door is locked or unlocked. It is also very easy to install as the only equipment that is required is a screwdriver and you will finish setting it up in 10 minutes. When you are purchase this product, the package will include a lock adapter, four AA batteries, smart lock pro, mounting hardware and more. August also gives out a one-year warranty to all buyers, as well.

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After looking through every single smartlock one by one, you must have been more informed about this product and what are the features you’ll need. If you have found a preferred option already, get yours while stocks last.