Top 10 Best Salon Shampoo Bowls Reviews In 2021

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The salon is one of the most personalized places for any person. Everyone who goes to a salon likes to lay back, relax and get all the treatment done for them. Before a haircut or hair treatment, it is almost unavoidable to get a good hair wash. Once you get a good shampoo, the styling of hairs becomes easier. If you are willing to make some changes inside the salon and get hold of a dedicated space for shampooing, you need an exclusive basin. Well, if you own salon shampoo bowls, nothing is of more convenience to both the customer as well as the person at work.

Given are the top salon shampoo bowls that will give you that extra space just for shampooing. All of the products come with the trust of good brands and their fine built-quality. You can easily read and buy one for your salon and transform your salon to a top-notch space.

Top 10 Best Salon Shampoo Bowls Reviews

10. Round Polished Stainless Salon Shampoo Bowls

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A stainless-steel salon shampoo bowl is a must-have for any salon. If you do not have the right arrangement for shampooing, it is very likely that your customers will be disappointed. Also, it comes with the best quality of hardware that you will require when you are installing this in your salon. The hot-n-cold faucet, spray hose, gel neck rest among the list of accessories comes in really handy in many purposes.

Your customers will love and appreciate the beautiful shampoo session they are receiving from you. Furthermore, there is an easy-clean hair trap on the bowl. As a result, when someone is getting their shampoo done, they do not lose some important items. Often, people complain about losing valuables, lenses, and jewelry, but the innovative train will protect it from happening.

Key features:

  • Compliant with the Uniform Plumbing Code which is the USA standard of hardware.
  • Scratch-resistant indeed body stays new and attractive always.
  • Constructed using commercial grade 2.0mm thick stainless steel.

9. Portable Height Adjustable Shampoo Basin Hair Treatment Bowl

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Coming directly from the US, this one of the finest qualities of a shampoo bowl that you can rely on always. Also, it comes with a free return policy within 3 months. Therefore, if you are not happy with the product, you can send it back. The capacity is quite large and never puts you or your customers in any sort of discomfort. Although it is big in size, owing to the lightweight construction, one can easily move it from one place to another.

You get the needful accessories and fixtures to make sure you can conveniently work with this. The height-adjustable salon shampoo bowl design makes it suitable for use by almost anyone always. Even better, the bowl is swiveled back and forth. Thus, you can work it out with reclining chairs well. Finally, the whole bowl is easy to maintain its beauty for a long time.

Key features:

  • Premium looking lack coated glass finish looks very appealing and beautiful in any décor.
  • The removable base has a five-foot design for unquestionable durability.
  • Convenient drain aids in easy emptying of the bowl when shampooing is done.

8. Sink Hair Treatment Bowl with Drain Hose

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Make your salon all the more appealing and relaxing for your customers by installing a great salon shampoo basin. From the house of Nova Microdermabrasion, clean the bowl neatly and use it on a regular basis for professional needs. Also, the bowl has a lightweight design, making it even easier for moving from one place to another. For easy fixing and using, the brand supplies all the important accessories and fixtures in the package.

The stainless steel support pipe holds the bowl pretty well and efficiently disposes of the water. On the bowl, the rolled edge assures that your clients will not feel any sprain or pain by leaning on it for a long time. Along with that, as the portable salon shampoo bowl is height adjustable; one can conveniently set it up at the right height.

Key features:

  • Durable ABS composite material is extremely safe and assures heavy-duty applications without any issues.
  • The pedestal base has a chrome metal riser for more stability during the shampoo.
  • The rubber plug stopper allows you to store and stop the water flow as per your needs.

7. Salon Spa Mounting Ability Shampoo Bowl Hair Sink 

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A multi-purpose salon shampoo bowl that is used in places like a salon, spa, barbershop and even at your home. If you own a salon and you do not have a good bowl for giving that extra care, it feels incomplete. It is conveniently mounted on the wall which is an amazing feature in case you have a lack of space. With the T-bar, the assembling on the wall looks effortless and easy. The gel neck rest that comes along with the bowl is for providing that extra bit of comfort and support.

Also, it is waterproof, making it more ideal during shampooing of hairs. Furthermore, there is one hair trap so that you or no one loses any important jewelry while getting a relaxing shampoo session. More area of working as the bowl has a large shape and accommodates the entire head easily.

Key features:

  • Corrosion and damage resistant upgraded PP material construction for assuring the long-life of this amazing product.
  • Bowl is very safe and sturdy as it uses injection-molded plastic for more strength.
  • Is certified by the CUPC Certified Vacuum Breaker for safe usage.

6. Wall Mount Salon & Spa Shampoo Bowl

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Install this bowl in your salon or spa and make your customers come back to you for your service. It is shaped and finished in such a way that everyone will feel ultimate relaxation while getting their hairs done. The ease of installation and assembly is one of the major talking points.

It comes in a package where you will get all the necessary hardware and instructions for quick hassle-free installation. Moreover, the other amazing and useful features include a spray hose and vacuum breaker for more easy usage. It has a bowl tilt arc of 6-inches for more convenience and comfort.

Key features:

  • The oversized finish makes it suitable for everyone and their needs.
  • The package also includes a comfort gel neck-rest so that no one feels discomfort while using it.
  • Complementary 6 black salon-quality towels make it an amazing deal choose.

5. Portable Adjustable Height Salon Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain

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Saloniture is a reliable name when it comes to designing and manufacturing of salon furniture. This specific bowl comes with the benefits of portability. That’s why; you can easily change the interior orientation and décor always.

If you do not like where it is sitting any want to put it somewhere else, the large capacity basin is easily moved. Lastly, as the entire basin has a composite ABS material construction. As a matter of fact, you can never go wrong with the quality either.

Key features:

  • Height is adjustable to match the needs of different people.
  • Put together with any seating arrangement as the bowl will tilt as well.
  • The salon shampoo bowl’s pedestal base on the bottom keeps it stable at the right place.

4. Stainless Drainage Accessories Sink Basin Shampoo Bowl

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The vacuum breaker on this bowl for shampooing is certified by CUPC against safety. It rewards the users with the reliability of a sanitized plumbing system that they can use anytime. Also, you can enjoy a good 3-year of warranty on the bowl, in case something goes wrong.

Having a durable acrylic fiber construction, the bowl is pretty tough and strong to handle everyday utilities. Also, it features a stainless-steel drain and filter screen for avoiding scenes of clogging. All the connections and fixtures will stay at their best state even when used regularly. The easy-clean hair trap ensures no valuables and small items are lost.

Key features:

  • The long 3-inches hose is heat resisted on the inside with specialized materials.
  • Stainless steel faucet means rusting will not be an issue.
  • Comes along with a gel neck rest for unmatched comfort and support.

3. Adjustable Height Portable Salon Deep Basin Shampoo Sink with Drain

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Dress up your salon and parlor in an amazing fashion with this portable and very user-friendly shampoo bowl. Shampoo means more than just cleaning the hairs, it also helps your clients relax and soothe before getting a hair treatment.

This portable and durable shampoo bowl will make that easy for you and your clients. Constructed using durable ABS composite material, it comes with the promise of long years of serviceability. The large capacity rewards you with impressive working area always.

Key Features:

  • The innovatively shaped strong pedestal base has 5 legs for more stability and support.
  • Height of the bowl is changeable from 39-inches to 55-inches in accordance with the need.
  • Bowl is tilted to ensure total comfort to the person receiving the shampoo.

2. Fully Tilting and Wall-Mounted Ceramic Shampoo Bowl

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If you have a dedicated chair for shampooing, this bowl will easily attach itself to the same and make it easier for you. Having a ceramic bowl, this is a wall-mounted bowl is capable of tilting for unquestionable comfort in all situations. Also, when you buy this, you get a gel neck rest that understands your need for comfort during the shampoo.

Without any hassles or hold-ups, the bowl is adjusted to the shampoo chair. Therefore, one can use it almost instantaneously. Furthermore, the basin has an easy to clean surface, ensuring more efficiency on shampooing and less time consumption on cleaning.

Key features:

  • Innovative backwash styling for at par excellent comfort.
  • Package includes necessary accessories like a vacuum breaker and spray hose,
  • Fixtures and plumbing are ASSE/UPC/CSA compliant for more safety and dependability.

1. ZENY Adjustable Height Deep Portable Shampoo Basin Sink 

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Buy this extraordinary shampoo bowl and transform your regular salon into a comfortable zone for your customers. They will enjoy even more and would love to come back for a relaxing shampoo. It is extremely easy to install and assemble, you will face zero challenges while setting it up. Along with that, the portable shape and design make it even more convenient to carry it around.

You will have your peace of mind when it comes to better space management. The water is emptied out by the drain hose attached to the bowl. Also, if you want to hold water, the plug will make sure now water leaves the bowl.

Key features:

  • Very easy to clean and maintain, the bowl remains new and shining always.
  • Height is adjustable, making it well suited for everyone.
  • Angling ability, capable of front and back swiveling if needed.

Your business needs the best-quality equipment that can impress your customers. And the commercial salon shampoo bowls will provide them with comfort without even moving from their chair.

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