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Are you looking for raw honey? When talking about honey, there are many things that you can think of. From an ingredient in food and drink recipes to natural treatment remedies and to a surprising never-expired food, honey has always been essentially useful to mankind and is still going to be very useful because of the previously-mentioned reasons. However, because of the increasing demand of honey, a lot of honey production companies try to commercialize the process to make it last longer for export and use.

However, to maximize the most of honey’s benefits, using the raw honey is highly important because it is not gone through any process; hence, it retains all the amazing substance that truly serves the usage of it. To find the best raw honey, there are top 10 brands in the market that you can trust your money with. Keep reading to find out these products.

List Of Top 10 Best Raw Honey in 2020

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10. Cox’s Honey

The first raw honey brand in the list is from Cox’s Honey. Being famous for its raw and truly natural honey, Cox’s Honey is made from natural honeycombs that’s taken from a high mountain clover, so it’s super pure and taste very deliciously. Such pure product allows honey from Cox’s Honey to retain all the useful vitamins and enzyme that you would need to keep your nutrition right on tracks.

It’s also worth noting that Cox’s Honey does not include any other ingredient to add the taste, to improve the look or even to increase the amount of honey on top of the natural amount at all, so you can rest assured knowing that the product you bought from Cox’s Honey is highly safe and natural.

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9. Sleeping Bear Farms

Moving onto the next product in the list is the raw honey from Sleeping Bear Farms. Sleeping Bear Farms is known to be the leading company that’s based in Northern Michigan. By owning personal bee farms, Sleeping Bear Farms can regularly produce high quality honey. Similarly, because of the demand of the non-processed honey, Sleeping Bear Farms ensures its customer with the unprocessed and unheated honey that is pure right from the honeycomb.

A jug of this Sleeping Bear Farm honey is measured at 12 pounds; which is perfect for any household to use all year long.

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8. Fladora

Here at the top 8th, we have another high quality natural honey from Fladora. With zero processing on its substance, honey from Fladora has always been rated as one of the finest white honey in the industry; all the to the finest blossom that is found in the Canadian Prairies. To make sure that the product is highly qualified for customer, Fladora’s honey is always regularly tested on its quality and purity, so you don’t have to worry about anything when grabbing honey from this brand.

Such natural substance allows you to increase enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants and many other important nutrients by simply taking a little sip of it.

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7. Really Raw

Moving to the next raw honey brand in the list is this creamy and smooth texture product from Really Raw. By simply looking at the name of this honey, you might give up doubting already if the honey is raw. Really Raw package its honey in the 5-pound jar that contains the non-process and non-mix raw honey that people should not miss. The spreadable texture of Really Raw’s honey allows consumer to easily spread it or mix it in any recipes with ease.

Last but not least, even Really Raw doesn’t contain any added ingredient, it tastes super good that it won the flavor winning-award. Don’t bother to look for the best honey because you can now get one with Really Raw.

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6. Stakich

Moving to the top 6th in the list is another natural raw honey from Stakich. What’s great about Stakich that every consumer should be excited for is that its product comes all the way from beehive to the package and to the store. However, during the packaging process, there’s no involvement heating, filtering or processing at all.

What gains your confident even more with this is that Stakich also has the CERTIFIED KHOSER which is the grade recognized by the U.S. This raw honey from Stakich consists of high natural enzymes, pollens, amino acids and other useful substances that boosts your energy and increase your nutrients.

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5. Crocket Honey Co.

The next raw honey you are recommended to buy if you are looking for one is a product from Crocket Honey Co. With the originality of wildflower in Arizona, the bees there can produce very high quality raw honey that tests very nicely while maintaining its healthy property. This raw honey from Crocket Honey Co. contains no fat nor other substances, so no don’t have to worry if it would cause any problem to your health if you over-consume it.

Another great point about this raw honey is in terms of its affordability that everyone can comfortably pay for. The packaging comes in a bottle that weighs 3 pounds. It’s perfect amount to serves a family for couple of month, indeed.

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4. Y.S Eco Bee Farm

Following by the top 4th best raw honey in the market is the product of Y.S Eco Bee Farm. Selling in a jar measured at 3-pound each, this US-Grade raw honey is famously known for its distraction from natural heathy bee farms that are situated in different regions.

Once the honey is harvested, it does directly to the packaging, so it skips being pasteurized or filtered that can make the product lose its nature. With Y.S Eco Bee Farm, you don’t have to worry if the product is safe to use because it also has the KOSHER Certified on the product.

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3. Natural Nate’s

Moving onto the top 3rd, here we have the product of Natural Nate’s; which is another well-known raw honey supplier in the market. Known for its 100% pure and unfiltered honey. Natural Nate’s raw honey is so good that it was received both Gluten Free and OU Kosher certified. All thanks to the pollen, vitamin, antioxidant, fiber and other countless nutrients that consists in the honey. It’s perfect to use for dessert, marinate or to mix with drinks.

The natural vitamin and enzyme in this will keep you and your family as healthy and happy every day. Natural Nate’s raw honey comes in many different capacities in its pack, ranging from 12 ounces to 40 ounces. It’s perfect for those who doesn’t like to buy a big jug of honey to store at home, so you can choose how much you want based on your actual demand with these options from Natural Nate’s.

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2. Meluka Honey

Coming on to the top 2nd in the list of the best raw honey in the market is a product of Meluka Honey. What makes this natural sweetener special is that it comes all the way from The Bungwalbyn Valley in Australia where the beehive is extracted. With the presence of naturally sweet blossom, the beehive from this place is known for the pristine, clean and healthy environment, so the honey that’s produced is no doubt also quite nutritious to consume.

Meluka keeps their honey raw and unpasteurized in order to make sure that all it natural substance remains strong in the bee, so whether consumers are going to make it into ingredient in any recipe or they want to use it independently as home remedies, the honey still remains highly useful. No matter if we are talking about the quality or the taste of the honey, Meluka is barely beatable by honey from other brands. The natural sweetness in it will always make you want to start a fresh day with it all the time.

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1. Beekeeper’s Naturals

Finally, we’ve come to the last brand that supplies raw honey; which is not only typical raw honey but it’s the best raw honey in the market, and it is a product of Beekeeper’s Naturals. Everything about this product is natural because Beekeeper’s Naturals honey is taken from the beehive that’s produced by bees absorbing the wildflower. Then, once it’s extract, as you expected, it didn’t go through any processing, so this honey is 100% raw and unfiltered.

Moreover, although thousands of people can’t go a day without consuming honey from Beekeeper’s Naturals, the honey doesn’t contain any additives or other substance to improve the taste of the look. Also, it’s important to note that this honey does not consist of any refined sugars, so no matter how much you want to consume, it still bring no concern. So, looking for the best raw honey, Beekeeper’s Naturals is surely your Number 1 choice.

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With all these top 10 brands, no matter which one you choose, it’s still the best supplier that produce the best raw honey, and by consuming it, you will get all the benefits you expect from it.