Top 10 Best Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirrors Reviews In 2020

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Mirrors can do a lot for your room and your face. If you have an unclean mirror and low light in your room, you might not get the foundation right on your face, or the eye-liner may just miss the mark. In order to avoid such unfortunate mishaps, it’s only wise that you invest in lighted vanity mirrors. First things first, it helps you to spot the blemishes and fix it accordingly. Next, the lights help to give you an idea that how your face might look under extreme light and sunlight. Besides, it looks gorgeous and elevates the look of your room.

Some products are travel-friendly while other is suited for a more professional setup. So, to understand which one fits your needs, check the lighted vanity mirrors’ recommendations. It’s exquisite and a thing to look out for.

Top 10 Best Lighted Vanity Mirrors Reviews

Preview Product
Rebel Poppy Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights — Lighted Cosmetic Vanity Mirror with Phone Holder, 3… Buy on Amazon
Nitin Lighted Vanity Mirror with Touch Control Design, Hollywood Makeup Mirrors with Lights,… Buy on Amazon
4114yrsuk6l-_sl160_-8849675 Conair Reflections Double-Sided Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror, 1x/7x magnification, Polished Chrome Buy on Amazon
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31fzdivk84l-_sl160_-4990189 Waneway Lighted Vanity Mirror with 12 x 3W Dimmable LED Bulbs and Touch Control Design, Hollywood… Buy on Amazon
41z9qx83lhl-_sl160_-6886969 BESTOPE Makeup Mirror with Lights 21 Led Vanity Mirror with 2X/3X Magnification,Touch Screen… Buy on Amazon
Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit with 10 Dimmable Light Bulbs For Makeup Dressing Table… Buy on Amazon
310gsrb7yol-_sl160_-8504101 Absolutely Luvly Trifold Vanity Mirror with Lights | LED Makeup Mirror with Lights and Touch Screen… Buy on Amazon
41xwmrlswwl-_sl160_-7923235 Makeup Mirror Vanity Mirror with Lights — 3 Color Lighting Modes 72 LED Trifold Mirror, Touch… Buy on Amazon
GeekHouse Lighted Vanity Mirror Hollywood Style Makeup Tabletops, Large Cosmetic Mirror with 12 x 3W… Buy on Amazon

 10. Rebel Poppy Vanity Mirrors with Lights

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Mirrors are important pieces of accessories in our daily lives. Every time we pass a mirror, we steal a glance at ourselves. This is the ultimate truth. Also, a mirror can completely transform the look of a dull space. Rebel Poppy’s Vanity mirror is the ideal mirror for you if you are traveling.

You can also set it up in your home. The best part about it? It lights up. Thus you can focus on your face and get your glam on perfectly, every time. Just plug it into a wall socket or use a USB to get the ultimate Hollywood illumination. It even includes a phone mount on the base. As a result, allows you to watch videos on your phone while putting on make-up. Taking references was never easier. Finally, you can certainly adjust lighted vanity mirror angles to have better viewing. And one also gets the support of a 10-USB power cord.

Key Features:

  • This vanity mirror is ideal for traveling as it is a portable piece. You can turn any desk or table into a make-up station.
  • Featuring a Hollywood style, it is swiveled to a full 360-degrees.
  • You can adjust the illumination from the 12 LED light bulbs. 3 separate settings allow you to increase or decrease power.

9. Nitin Lighted Wall Mounted Vanity Mirrors

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Say hello to the boss of Vanity Mirrors, the Nitin Mirror is a chic and smart beauty which will make any corner of your house glow. It is a lighted mirror with 14 LED bulbs. These bulbs give off a warm color which makes your face shine. Even at night, you can easily put on your make-up without any trouble. The mirror gives you a clean and cutting-edge view of your face so that you can apply your make-up flawlessly.

Furthermore, it is a smart one as you only need to touch the sensor switch on the screen to switch it on and off. You can also adjust the power of illumination by a long press on the panel.

Key Features:

  • All the electric components of this product have a lifetime guarantee of free replacement.
  • The mirror’s screen is 30.75-inches large. Therefore, can easily mirror your face perfectly. It is used for make-up, dressing, and even grooming.
  • The touch control lighted vanity mirror has a memory function that remembers all the last done settings of the light.

8. Conair Makeup Mirror|Double-Sided Lighted Makeup Vanity Mirrors

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The Conair Lighted Mirror is a double-sided one. This means you can use both sides of the product to see your reflection. Get your hands on this beauty as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, it has a chrome finish which gives it the sheen, unlike any other mirror. The mirror is lined with a strap of the light source. This source gives off soft illumination so that you look radiant without the light damaging your eyes.

Besides, the mirror is swung around 360 degrees for full viewing. There’s also a switch to turn the light on and off. Just plug the cord into a wall socket and you are good to go.

Key Features:

  • The double-sided lighted vanity mirror features a mirror of 8.5-inches that has an oval shape.
  • 7x magnification is indeed obtained.
  • Weight 2.6 pounds to keep it lightweight.

7. Funtouch Light Up Makeup Mirror with 35 LED Lights Large Lighted Makeup Mirror

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Funtouch Mirror can make all your dreams of getting the perfectly made-up face come true. Just put it on your dressing table or a normal desk, you will not be able to resist stealing a glance of yourself in this mirror. This product is huge when compared to other similar products. It is 14.56 inches long and 8.97 inches wide. It can fit almost half of your upper body within itself.

Also, the size of the mirror allows you to get a high-clarity and wide-angle view of your face. Therefore, you can put on make-up perfectly every time.

Key Features:

  • 35 built-in LEDs lights up the room and your face completely.
  • A detachable magnifying mirror is also part of the package. It magnifies by 10 times so that you can pinpoint every part of your face.
  • The mirror is moved vertically by 90-degrees and sideways by 360-degrees. The light can be switched on and off with a flick of a button.

6. Hollywood Vanity Mirror Makeup Mirror with Light

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A smart alternative to the lousy common mirror, Waneway Vanity Mirror will give you an experience like never before. This compact lighted vanity mirror has 12 powerful LED bulbs attached to it. These bulbs illuminate the space it exists in and beyond by giving off a warm light.

Whether its day or night, make-up is done anytime, anywhere with this handy lighted mirror. For a clean and sharp reflection of yourself, get your hands on this product right now. The memory function of the mirror makes it a unique one. It remembers the light setting you had set during the previous usage. Thus when you switch it on again, it goes back to the same setting.

Key Features:

  • With a flick of a button, you can switch the light on and off.
  • Also, an additional feature of light setting allows you to change the power of the illumination as you want to.
  • The metal frames make the mirror sturdy and strong.

5. BESTOPE Makeup Vanity Mirror Lights|Led Lighted Mirror with Touch Screen

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A beautiful alternative for the normal, boring mirror in your room, the BRSTOPE Vanity Mirror will not fail to please you. It is a folding mirror which has a stand as well. It gives a clear and bright reflection of your face which you may not get in any other product.

The high-quality coating is what does the work. It is certified by FCC, ROHS, and CE. Just attach the mirror to the socket and you are good to go. The detachable feature makes it perfect for traveling. You can also move the top by 180-degrees.

Key Features:

  • It has 3 magnifying panels with which you can focus highly on your facial features. The perfect companion for you when you’re applying make-up.
  • The mirror has 21 LED bulbs. These bulbs are switched on with a touch on the sensor panel.
  • A foldable lighted vanity mirror that is easily stored safely whenever needed.

4. LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit with 10 Dimmable Light Bulbs For Makeup Dressing Table

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You will not feel less than a Hollywood diva when putting on make-up in front of this mirror. The mirror is lined with 10 LED bulbs that emit soft light without giving off extra heat. Hence the light is not harsh on your face either. The product is durable because of its sturdy base and powerful lights.

Interestingly, the light is dimmable and you can easily set the mood by adjusting the force of the illumination. Moreover, it’s safe to use anywhere and the bulbs work at a voltage of 12V.

Key Features:

  • Assembling this product is a cakewalk. There are no dangling wires and you do not need to drill holes for installation. Just stick it to a wall or put it on a desk.
  • The smart touch panel on the mirror allows you to switch on the lights with a simple touch.
  • The glossy bulbs do all the magic.

3. Absolutely Luvly Trifold Vanity Mirrors with Lights | LED Makeup Mirror with Lights | Great Vanity with Lights Mirror

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Move away from the boring, old dressing mirrors and delve into the realm of a magical mirror. This mirror is perfect for applying makeup as it has magnifying features as well. A sensitive touch panel on the bottom of the mirror allows you to operate it swiftly. The company will also replace the product if you are not fully satisfied with the results.

As a matter of fact, it has two flaps on either side which have magnifying features. You can focus on all the special areas to get the perfect makeup. Finally, the light which lines the mirror mimics natural daylight.

Key Features:

  • It uses AAA battery for operation.
  • This is completely cordless and hassle-free to use.
  • The face of the mirror can swivel 180-degrees.

2. Portable High Definition Cosmetic Mirror with LED Lights

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Say hello to the brand new AriExpect Vanity Mirror, which is here to put up a difficult fight for its competitors. The quilted design of the product makes it look classy and sleek at the same time. The white color does the product justice as it gives off the timeless feel.

The entire mirror is lined with 72 LED bulbs which are adjusted as required. However, the light is not too harsh on your eyes, as only soft light comes from the bulbs. In a way, it gently uplifts your facial features.

Key Features:

  • The mirror is battery operated (4 AA batteries), which gives way for problem-free usage. No wire or drilling is required.
  • Features a tri-fold design holds magnifying glasses within itself. Thus, you can focus on the features you wish to highlight.
  • With a touch on the smart panel, you can operate the mirror. The bulbs emit light of three colors- white, yellow, and a mixture of both.

1.GeekHouse Lighted Vanity Mirror Hollywood Mirror with lights

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If you are one to live for aesthetics but are not willing to sacrifice quality in the process, then you have the right product for you. The GeekHouse Vanity Mirror is one of a kind because of its sturdy body and thick, strong glass. It is large enough (20 inches) to reflect your entire face.

Apart from all these, the mirror is lined with 12 LED bulbs that have a lengthy lifespan. These will work for 50,000 hours without failing. The anti-slip mat under the base keeps it steady and wobble-free.

Key Features:

  • A magnifying mirror with suction features with 10x power for getting the best views.
  • The bulbs can emit 3 types of lights – warm yellow, white and natural light.
  • Swivel the mirror in 360-degrees for a better view.

A makeup enthusiast or any individual who loves to set-up their vanity beautifully, a tabletop lighted vanity mirrors always remains in the list. It is fully lighted and helps to flawlessly finish your makeup without leaving a spot behind.

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