Top 10 Best Cheese Graters Reviews In 2020

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There is nothing called too much cheese. Cheese lovers know how important it is for them to have the right kind of kind and equipment. Grating the cheese properly is necessary to obtain the perfect consistency as well as the melting point. So, top-notch cheese graters will help to grate even the tastiest cheese in just no time. With a nice grip and perfect sharpness, the cheese will slide and grate smoothly. However, what other factors make the best grater for cheese?

Therefore, we have prepared a buying guide on cheese graters that perfectly highlights all the features. It’s what you need for making a wise decision.

Top 10 Best Cheese Graters Reviews

10. BNUNWISH Rotary Cheese Graters

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Bnunwish uses some of the best materials available for manufacturing kitchen tools in the market. You get a total of 3 drums with super sharp incisions of various shapes for grating cheese in various textures. These drums are made out of stainless steel which has high carbon content and is highly durable. Rest of the components have high quality and reinforced ABS plastic construction.

In fact, it does not have harmful materials like BPA that causes several problems. So in terms of durability, this product is unmatched and won’t break down that easily. You can interchange the sharp drum blades quite easily depending on the choice of your food. It is not just limited to grating cheese either. You can shred veggies like cabbage, potatoes and more or even break down cookies and nuts in a fine or coarse texture.

Key features:

  • This grater gives you immense savings in terms of both time and labor. The one loop of the drum blade can equate to 12 times of cutting with a knife.
  • The rotating cheese grater design has a large handle so that you don’t hurt your hands.
  • Components are detached easily for cleaning.

9. ZYLISS Rotary Cheese Grater

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Zyliss’s innovative classic cheese grater that is used with either your left hand or right hand. No need for custom modifications or buying an extra unit. Just pull out the rotating lever and shredding drum and put it back on the other side. It’s that simple.

Micro serrated blades have rust-resistant stainless steel construction and are ultra-sharp. You can use this product for years and count on its reliable performance

Key features:

  • With certification from NFS, you know it has met strict standards
  • Small grater allows you to just insert cheese and grate it directly over pizzas, lasagnas and more
  • Easy use as one can grate cheese both with the left as well as the right hand.

8. K BASIX Cheese Grater

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In terms of sturdiness, this cheese grater won’t lose out to anyone due to the superior craftsmanship that has gone behind the product. It has a body made from stainless steel that is ultra-durable and very sharp. At the top, you get a large round handle that helps with has sufficient space for a solid grip and with the rubber covering, the grip is further improved.

The base has a rubber covering as well on all sides so that it can make a non-slippery contact with your smooth kitchen top. So even without applying a lot of force, the grater would hold its place on the kitchen counter and won’t slip out of your hands making a mess or leading to an injury.

The four-walled cheese grater design is used properly as well to provide you with 4 amazing graters in one. One side has slicer while the others have different levels of texture from fine to coarse.

Key features:

  • The high-quality steel won’t suffer from corrosion or rusting.
  • Cleaning is easy since it is safe for dishwasher use.
  • Makes even the lengthiest recipes shorter.

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7. Spring Chef Box Grater

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Your love for cheesy dishes and fresh salads with sliced veggies or fruits would be fulfilled by this box grater from Spring Chef. Next, you get four different graters in one single product.

You can grate your cheese in fine, coarse or medium texture. Also, take out flavourful zests from your favorite citrusy fruit. It also has a slicer that takes out the effort from chopping thin and even slices of vegetables with knives.

Key features:

  • You can use it right after unboxing, no need for additional sharpening.
  • Rubber bottom at the base keeps the grater ultra-stable and safe.
  • The cheese box grater is pretty large and of 10-inches.

6. Utopia Kitchen Cheese Grater

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If you want to declutter your kitchen and need a multi-purpose tool then this cheese grater from Utopia is the best product you can get. It has 6 faces, each serving their own purpose and made from 430 stainless steel, one of the best quality food grade steels available. Having a compact design, it allows one-handed grip for easy and effortless operation.

You get a slicer that can grate veggies like carrots, radish or various kinds of cheese. One face even allows you to cut out ribbons of various vegetables used in salads. For texture, you have three faces that give you traditional results including, fine, coarse and ultra coarse.

Finally, you have a unique side which can grate your parmesan or chocolate into fluffy granules. This ingenious space-saving design of the grater saves time. However, it also keeps your countertop mess-free since everything is contained within the boxed structure.

Key features:

  • The base is rubberized. As a result, no risks of slipping on a surface.
  • At 250 grams, this lightweight cheese grater does not create any stress on your hands.
  • The rubber sheet handle has a comfortable grip.

5. Vivaant Professional-Grade Rotary Grater

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Vivaant has made this product with your convenience as their top priority. This grater has superior quality construction from stainless steel and plastic components. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t rust or corrode from exposure to the acids present in your food.

You get a total of 2 drums that are super sharp and can coarsely grate soft ingredients like cheese or fine grate firm and hard ingredients like nuts.

Key features:

  • Build quality that would last you for a lifetime and make this product your reliable kitchen partner.
  • You get a pair of serving containers that have caps to keep grated ingredients fresh.

4. K Basix Cheese Graters & Shredder

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K Basix brings to you a cheese grater with an ergonomic design that helps you in shredding or grating your ingredients more efficiently without leaving a dirty kitchen or several dirty bowls.

You can simply pick up the grater, keep it over any dish and grate away cheese, vegetables or zest out some lemons. The stainless steel blades are razor-sharp and don’t require you to use too much force. You can use it for years to come without any issues

Key features:

  • Features a hole at the end of the handle lets you hang it on the wall.
  • The steel blades are also sturdy enough to not deform or lose sharpness over time.

3. Progressive International 2-Way Grate & Measure

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This two-way grater lets you grate cheese and also measure it at the same time. It has a see-through container with marked levels that indicate the amount that is grated.

No need for spoons and special beakers. Just grate up to the measure you want it to be and use it in your dishes. It’s simple and easy. Since it doesn’t have any electronic components, you don’t have to worry about any wires or batteries.

Key features:

  • Stylish design looks great on your countertop and also has high functionality.
  • At just over 12 ounces, it is light and compact enough to be portable.

2. Deiss PRO Citrus Zester & Cheese Graters

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This zester and grater from Deiss can handle all kinds of ingredients without any loss in nutrition due to its amazing design. Everything from hard and firm chocolate to soft parmesan cheese. It has numerous sharp blades on the surface to get the job done with minimal effort.

Well, it is an evolution from box-shaped gritters due to its small size. Plus, the effective design does the same job even better with less space. Its round stainless steel edges protect your hand from getting injured. It also doesn’t allow scratches with other utensils or products in your kitchen.

Due to the sturdy food-grade stainless steel construction, it wouldn’t be affected by elements of nature like water. It has a high resistance to rusting and will maintain its lustrous appearance even after years of use.

Key features:

  • Comes with a protective cover made from plastic that keeps curious little hands safe.
  • For cleaning, you can just throw it inside the dishwasher with the rest of your dishes.
  • The handle has dotted texture for better grip even in wet conditions.

1.Presto 02970 Professional  Electric Slicer/Shredder

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Presto professional salad shooter, electric slicer and shredder are the easy way to slice and shred everything from vegetables to fruits and cheese. Just put in the cheese or vegetables of your choice, press the button and then point and shoot wherever you want.

No need to mess up extra utensils or bowl for cleaning. It has a funnel guide and a few cones. Now, interchange it for making different kinds of slices and shredding.

Key features:

  • No need for any complicated assembly, the parts slip right inside with minimal force.
  • Food chamber is large enough to even contain whole potatoes.
  • Powerful motor takes out any labor from the equation so that even large meals can be prepped effortlessly.

For every cheese lover, the finest cheese graters machines will aid you to generously spread cheese over every food. So, just enjoy your cheesy twist!

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