Top 10 Best Car Jack Stands Reviews In 2020

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Jack stands are a vital piece of machinery for any car owner. You know how important they are in case of emergency or during routine maintenance at your home garage. However, choosing the right set of car jack stands, especially the right quality, is not an easy task. For your benefit, we have featured 10 best car jack stands here in this article so that you can make a comparison of the special features of each set.

All of them are high-quality products with adequate safety standards. They represent a wide range of lift capacity stretching from 3 ton to 10 ton and diverse make and design so that you can find a set that just suits your needs. Please, bear in mind that a timely investment in a pair of car jack stands can mean a lot of peace of mind for you when you are on the road with your vehicle.

Here is our list of 10 best car jack stands:

Top 10 Best Car Jack Stands Reviews

Preview Product
515xle94uel-_sl160_-4937233 TONDA Steel Jack Stands, 2 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair Buy on Amazon
511zpqavthl-_sl160_-1809233 BIG RED T43202 Torin Steel Jack Stands: 3 Ton (6,000 lb) Capacity, Red, 1 Pair Buy on Amazon
41ml0hv4rvl-_sl160_-6365635 Pro-LifT T-6906D Double Pin Jack Stand — 6 Ton, 1 Pack Buy on Amazon
41dy4papb2l-_sl160_-2779294 AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands, 3 Ton Capacity, 1 Pair Buy on Amazon
51eniiotvbl-_sl160_-4756557 CARTMAN 3 Ton Jack Stands (Sold in Pairs) Buy on Amazon
41kzgno8u8l-_sl160_-7964897 OTC 5372 Stinger 3-Ton Jack Stands — Pair Buy on Amazon
41nj75296ml-_sl160_-9251310 ESCO 10498 Jack Stands, 3 Ton Capacity, Pair of 2 Stands (Pack of 2) Buy on Amazon
41etr-xzx5l-_sl160_-8796427 Sunex 1410 10-Ton, High Height, Pin Type, Jack Stands, Pair Buy on Amazon
4183w2-p1bl-_sl160_-3604670 NOS NAJS3T 3-Ton Aluminum Jack Stand Ratchet Style, 2-Pack Buy on Amazon
OEM TOOLS 24852 3 Ton Capacity Jack Stands (Pair) | Self-Locking Ratcheting Design for Quick… Buy on Amazon

10- TONDA Self Locking Jack Stands


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TONDA Jack Stands are made of forged iron with a self-locking ratchet bar that means a great deal of ease of use as there is a need for a locking key. You can freely adjust the ratchet to any height after lifting the handle. To lock it, you just need to bring the handle down.


  • 1 pair, 2-ton capacity each Lift range: 10.7 to 17 inches
  • Large foot base of 7.68 x 7.68 inches
  • Works alright on the soft ground too
  • Durable, with rustproof coating Limited one-year manufacturer warranty

9- Torin Big Red Lightweight Car Jack Stands


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Torin Big Red Jack Stands is made with high-grade forged steel. It is highly durable thanks to the welded frame design. It can handle small cars, SUVs, as well as light-duty trucks. It’s a lightweight jack stand that is used to support the vehicle after lifting it with a jack. It has got a wide foot-base that provides adequate support and strength.


  • 1 pair, each 3 ton (6,000 lb) capacity
  • Height range: 11-1/4 to 16-3/4 inches Multi-position ratchet bar with a sawtooth design
  • Quick height adjustments

8- Pro-LifT Double-Pin Jack Stands


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Pro-LifT Double-Pin Jack Stands are high-quality products made with sturdy stamped steel. It has got a high-quality ratchet bar made with cast ductile iron. It comes with a double-lock mechanism smooth adjustment mechanism. These jack stands are good for the automobile as well as other usages such as at home, farm or shop.


  • Smooth height adjustment
  • Sturdy construction with stamped steel
  • 1 pair with each 6-ton capacity Weight: 26.4 pounds

7- AmazonBasics Steel Jack Auto Stands


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This is another lightweight jack stands that can work as an ideal accessory for all your weightlifting needs for automobiles, or at home, shop or farm. It weighs a little less than 12 pounds and has a capacity of 3 tons for the pair. The height of the stand can be adjusted to get the right height for your work.


  • Lightweight and highly functional
  • 1 Pair with a 3-ton capacity (together)Self-locking ratchet
  • No locking key required Durable steel frame Rustproof coating

6- CARTMAN 3 Ton Stands (Sold in Pairs)


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Cartman jack stands are two lightweight but heavy-duty jack stands that can work reliably as an accessory for your car or other lightweight automobiles. They are made with superior quality still and equipped with standard safety mechanisms. It has a smooth height adjustment mechanism that promises a great deal of ease of use.


  • Lightweight (12 pounds) yet sturdy
  • Self-locking mechanism Made with high-quality steel and welded iron
  • Smooth height adjustment from 278mm to 415mm
  • 1 pair with 3 tons of capacity (together)Ductile ratchet bar

5- OTC Stinger Jack Stands


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OTC Stinger jack stands are a great piece of equipment for your automobile as well as other needs. It has a capacity of 3 tons for each piece of machinery. Equipped with a self-locking ratchet, it has a strong base thanks to the use of welded steel. It comes with a welded foot-base that does not sink easily in soft ground or asphalt.


  • Lightweight (16.5 pounds) and durable
  • Made with high-quality steel Self-locking ratchet Strong & stable base
  • 1 pair each piece of 3 tons capacity

4- ESCO Stands Pair of 2 Stands


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These jack stands are professional-grade equipment, ideal for your garage, home or shop. It has a unique design with a flat top and removable rubber saddle. This protects the vehicle’s frames better than curved-axle post jacks stands. Its circular base ensures maximum safety and stability. Stands rust-proof, thanks to powder coating.


  • 1 pair, 3-ton capacity (each piece)10 height positions
  • Rust-proof powder coating Base size: 12 in. x 12 inches
  • Height range 13.2 to 21.5 inches

3- Sunex Jack Stands


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Sunex jack stands are heavy-duty and high-height equipment which can turn out to be a precious possession. Made with heavy schedule pipe, It can lift up to 10 tons. This would be ideal for the maintenance of SUVs, cars, and lightweight commercial vehicles. This is super sturdy and efficient, and you will enjoy working with it.


  • 10-Ton capacity High height
  • Four-leg steel base
  • Made with heavy schedule pipe Easy height adjustment
  • Large saddle V-shaped saddle Max Height 46.5 inches

2- NOS Aluminum Jack Stand


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This is yet another set of ultra-lightweight jack stands that can qualify to be a favorite accessory tool in your car or at home, shop or farm. This weighs 11 pounds and together they can lift up 3 tons. The body is made of high-quality aluminum. Architecture and construction are flawless. Its height range is 11.5 to 16.5 inches.


  • Ratchet Style
  • Lift capacity: 3 tons (together)Height range: 11.5 to 16.5 inches
  • Ultra-lightweight Super durable aluminum frame Wide A-frame base

1- OEMTOOLS Stands Quick Adjustments


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This set of jack stands is a great piece of machinery that is just ideal for any garage, home or shop. This pair of 3 tons lift capacity (together 6 tons) stands is made with high-quality steel and welded iron. It’s equipped with a self-locking mechanism that makes it entirely safe to work with.


  • 6 Ton Pair
  • Height range: 12 to 17-3/4 inches Secure placement due to recessed saddle
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Self Locking ratchet

Final Thought

Here we have featured jack stands from 3 ton to 10-ton capacity. If you are looking to add one pair of jack stands to your arsenal of tools, you can pick any one of them. They are all from reputed brands and come with an adequate warranty. Depending on the lift capacity that will serve you the best, you can take your pick.