Top 10 Best Toilet Bowl Brushes in 2021 – Reviews and Guides

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What is more annoying than having a toilet bowl brush that holds bad odor, rusts, and always fall down when you store it? As it is one of your household items, the towel bowl brush should not bring you annoyance at all. Thus, it is time to look for the best toilet bowl brush to replace the old one.

In this article, we are going to show you the top 10 best toilet bowl brushes that soar in popularity in 2021. To assist your purchasing, we also provides a list of buying guide that includes a few useful tips for getting a good and money-worth product.

List Of Top 10 Best Toilet Bowl Brushes in 2021

10. mDesign Non-slip Base Toilet Boil Brush

mDesign Compact

mDesign toilet bowl brush is a product that comes with a good grip. This way, it allows users to hold it conveniently without experiencing soreness or blister. It comes together with holder and both of them also feature good storage design. Once you are done with cleaning your toilet, simply put the brush inside the holder and it offers a discreet look.

The holder comes with non slip foam base that ensures higher stability. mDesign also provides a number of color choices which you can see on the list. With this purchase, users will receive two packs of toilet bowl brushes and holders in bronze color.

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9. ToiletTree Product Hand-Off Toilet Bowl Brush

ToiletTree Products

This ToiletTree Product Bowl Brush offers a hand off design which does not get your hands involved at all for the opening and closing. The lid of the brush holder will automatically open up once you remove the brush out. This offers more hygiene to your living and toilet cleaning. The holder construction and brush pole are nicely finished in glossy stainless steel color making it look very eye-catching.

At the same time, the holder comes with a 5.8 inch large base that features rubber foam. This maximizes stability while holding the brush. The total dimension of this product is 5.8 x 5.8 x 11 inches which is compact enough to store right beside your toilet.

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8. TOPSKY High Quality Toilet Bowl Brush

TOPSKY 3 Pack Toilet

TOPSKY is a toilet bowl brush that is made from high quality plastic. If you are the one who always get annoyed by rusting or corrosion, it is time to try using this. It comes with a pack of three toilet brushes and holders. All of them are the products of Polypropylene material which help to increase durability and practicality.

The brush is constructed in so many small and narrow bristles which provides a very deep clean to your toilet bowl. There are also a large number of outside bristles that offers the best scrubbing job to remove stains.

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7. Simplehuman Anti-dripping Toilet Bowl Brush

simplehuman Toilet

This is a sleek design of toilet bowl brush and holder from Simplehuman. The brush head carries out a crescent design that offers very effective cleaning of further reach place. Meanwhile, its outer bristles are made with sturdy materials to ensure the best performance of scrubbing work. Thus, it moves out all stains, dirt, and dust from your toilet bowl and bowl rim.

Alongside with its crescent design, this Simplehuman brush also comes with an anti drip design holder that has a metal rod to hold the brush. Moreover, the holder has a full coverage construction that nicely discreet the whole brush.

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6. Mop-It

Mop-It Bowl Brush

Number 6 highlights product from Mop-It. This pack comes in 4 toilet brushes and they look super duper cute. The design is made to fit both commercial and domestic usage which you should not worry about. The mop head is made of rayon materials which has an ability to rub and scrub the stand from your toilet bowl very well.

The entire brush features a throw away and recycle style which you can use it once or twice and just throw it away. The good thing about Mop-it is each item weighs only 8 ounces which is very lightweight on the hold.

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5. Marbrasse ABS & PP Toilet Bowl Brush

Marbrasse Slim

Marbrasse Toilet Bowl Brush comes in a pack of 2 and features a very compact and slim design. This product offers a very durable and sturdy construction as it is built from ABS and PP materials. Furthermore, its body is very flexible which allows its users to bend it up and down, back and forth. The bristles are thick and narrow enough to remove dirt, and stains from your toilet bowl.

On top of that, it can maintain its shape perfectly. This Marbrasse also comes together with its holder that is made of high quality plastic. The holder has a large 3.8 inch base that provides good stability.

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4. OXO Auto Lid Opening Caddy Toilet Bowl Brush

OXO Good Grips

Then, this is a single toilet bowl brush and caddy from OXO. If you have not known about OXO product yet, it is a good time to know about this brand. This product features an automatic lid opening caddy that requires no hand use at all. Once the user lift the brush up, the lid of its caddy will open itself. When you need to store it, you can simply push down the lid. Coming with a tapered Brush head alongside with its firm blue bristles, the product can rub and scrub the toilet bowl as well as its rim and offers back a shiny look.

If you have a very limited space around your toilet, OXO toilet bowl brush set is perfect for you. This is because it comes with a compact constructed and footprint that is small enough to get into anywhere.

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3. IXO 360 Angle Toilet Bowl Brush

IXO Toilet Brush

This is one of the best budget toilet bowl brush and holder that you can find on the market. IXO comes in a package of 2 packs that is made of stainless steel and nicely finished in a glossy look. The head of the brush feature soft and bendable bristles which is efficient to clean up the toilet bowl and area around the toilet rim. Users can turn it up to 360° angle for a deep cleaning too.

In the middle of the brush handle, you will notice a flat circle metal that help to seal up once the brush is stored inside its holder. This way, it prevents dripping and corrosion.

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2. Glendan 360 Angle Toilet Bowl Brush

Glendan Toilet

Glendan will offer a completely different experience for toilet bowl cleaning. It comes with kinsky strong bristles that is able to remove stains and dirt from your toilet bowl.

As the bristles are bendable, this allows the brush to go and clean difficult-to-reach area easily. The brush comes with a round head which allows users to turn the brush to 360° angle for convenient cleaning.

The handle and the holder are made of good plastic materials which is sturdy and anti rusting. More to that, it comes with a stable gray flooring that will not collapse during holding.

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1. HOMTOYOU Set of 2 Toilet Bowl Brushes

 Toilet Brush And Holder

HOMTOYOU offers you a set of 2 toilet bowl brushes. One of them is white, and the other one is black. It comes with a very convenient storage mechanism as it has a metal circle plate in the middle of the handle. Therefore, once you put the brush down inside the holder, it nicely seals and dicreets the brush.

HOMTOYOU comes with a round brush, so you can swift it 360° angle for cleaning. Because the bristles are sturdy enough, you can rub and scrub the toilet bowl with strong strength.

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Buying Guide of Toilet Bowl Brushes

Type of Toilet Bowl Brush: there are many types of toilet bowl brush. Some are best budget products, some are electric products, and some come in combo set of brush and holder. If you want to save more on spending, going with budget product is the best choice. Normally, budget products offer packages that come with 2 to 3 packs of toilet bowl brush which are cheaper compared to buying a single brush. Moreover, if you are really into technology and think that you do not always have time for cleaning, getting an electric ones can help save a lot of your time and energy. Still, the most common type is the products that arrive with combo set. You might not want to spend time looking for a brush, and some other time looking for its holder. You save time by getting a combo set.

Construction: when choosing a toilet bowl brush and holder, the next thing to consider is its construction. It is time for you to decide whether you want a plastic one or a stainless steel one. The plastic one might not bring you rusting at all. However, some may not be designed with anti odor which is not convenient to use. The stainless steel brush and holder may be sturdy for storage and might not collapse easily. But, it may cause rusting or corrosion. The products we highlighted above, both plastic and stainless steel, are nicely designed to eliminate all of these problems. They features good base that helps to maintain its stability while storing. All of them come with an anti-odor, anti-slipping, and anti-dripping design that makes your toilet floor clean without wet dripping water.

Sturdy Holder: you should look at the design of sturdy holder too when you want to purchase toilet bowl brush. Some toilet brush holders come with crescent design and feature metal rod to hold the brush nicely. At the same time, some just come with a simple round holder that totally discreet the brush. It is up to you to choose the one that looks suitable to your toilet area. But one thing you should know regarding of any type, you should always choose the one that has a very stable flooring so that it will not always fall down.


Do not buy toilet bowl brush just for the sake of buying and cleaning, you need to make sure that it is convenient to use, to store, and also look great with your toilet area. All of the products we showcased above come with good features and designs that assist your toilet bowl cleaning at anytime.

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