In the 1800s, a mysterious figure known as the Jamboy emerged in colonial areas. According to an internet myth, these young men would follow golfers from 20-30 meters away while covered in jam. The purpose of this was to attract flies and bees for a more pleasant golfing experience.

This video work is both a reenactment and investigation into this curious myth surrounding the Jamboy. It looks at how myths are created by adding new layers and disruptions that challenge our current realities – something that continues today with modern urban legends like Slenderman or Momo Challenge.

The film explores questions about why certain stories become popularized over others, what it means when people choose to believe them despite evidence suggesting otherwise, and whether we can use these tales as tools for understanding broader cultural issues such as colonialism or racial dynamics during different historical periods? By looking at various interpretations of this particular story through interviews with historians from diverse backgrounds alongside staged scenes featuring actors playing out key moments from its history – viewers gain insight into how myths can shape our collective imaginations even if their original truth remains elusive.

Through its exploration of an old legend about the Jamboy – this fascinating video work encourages us all to think critically about where stories come from , who benefits most by their circulation ,and ultimately what they tell us about ourselves.

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