TOP 10 Best Solar Garden Lights in 2021 – Buying Guide

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Are you looking for ways to save energy in your garden at night? Let’s us recommend some solar-powered garden lights. Adding a solar-powered garden light outdoor is one of the greatest ways to illuminate your pathway or to decorate your garden to complement the whole look.

This article is going to help you with that concern by reviewing 10 best solar garden lights and list some factors as a buying guide at the end.

List Of Top 10 Best Solar Garden Lights in 2021

10. GardenBliss

GardenBliss Best Solar

Made with premium-quality Polycrystalline solar panels that charge normally even on snowy or cloudy days, this light lamp is built to last for a long time. The LED lights are guaranteed to last 30,000 hours with the large lights providing extra brightness. This solar lights set comes with 10 lighting lamps that are perfect for a garden path. Each one features two adjustable heights between 8 inch and 12 inch with an easy-to-use stake that can be pushed into the ground directly to install without any additional tools to assemble. The lights are  solar-powered that light up automatically once the sun goes down so that you would always come home to a beautifully lit pathway of your garden. They are built with double-waterproof seals to endure all weather conditions. The lights design is very simple yet attractive and suitable for any kind of garden design.

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 PAMAPIC Solar Ground

This solar ground light from the PAMAPIC is designed and equipped with 8 LED lights that produce brighter light for your path way which is better than some other solar lights on the market that usually contain only 4 LED lights. Each solar disk light normally operates for 8 to 10 hours after 4 to 6 hours charging. The lights are built with stainless steel lamp shells that are durable to withstand the harshest weather conditions. The solar disks are designed to be installed flushed into the ground so there is no need to worry they would get tripped over or get tangled on dog leash. The lights are featured with automatic on and off mode that turn on automatically in the dark and turn off automatically in daylight. It allows a perfect amount of lights needed to illuminate your courtyard or pathway.

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 INCX Solar Lights Outdoor

If you are looking for solar lights for the main purpose as decoration pieces, this solar LED globe garden light from the INCX is an ideal option. The design is minimal and simple yet will give your garden a more bright and lively look. The lamp shade is made of high quality plastic in white color with a silver skewer. The size of the lamp shade ball is 10cm in diameter with the 2 x 14cm holder.

The LED lights are built with high efficiency poly-crystalline solar panels and the dusk-to-dawn light sensors that allow them to operate up to 6-8 hours after a full charge for about 8 hours under the sunlight. This globe LED light gives off a warm and gentle light in an atmospheric ambience rather than a very bright light like other solar lights.

The solar module and battery are installed inside the sphere protected from all weather conditions by the IP44 protection class. This globe LED light is also easy to install with just a screw and plug connection to mount the ball with the stick. If you are not fond of sophisticated design and prefer a plain minimal design style that can easily fit into your garden, this ball style light is an ideal option.

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 GIGALUMI 6 Pcs Solar

For those who are a fan of elegant and vintage design, an ideal option of solar garden light for you would be this bronze finished lamp from GIGALUMI. The solar light is designed with bronze finished metal for an elegant look and provides stronger durability than those made with stainless steel or plastic. The glass lense also reflects more light providing clear bright light better than the typical plastic light lamp. It is fully waterproof and able to withstand sunny, rainy or small snowy weather days. This solar garden light operates up to 8 hours normally after fully charged. Installation is made easy with this GIGALUMI light with no wiring or additional tools required.

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SURSUN Solar Lights

SURSUN solar garden lights come in a set of 16 small pieces (size 1.96”x1.96”x13.78”) per pack. They are great decoration pieces to brighten your flower bed or sidewalk in the garden. These lights do not use wirings or electricity for installation, they are fully powered on solar and can be installed directly by pushing the spike into the ground. When fully charged, they are able to operate up to 8-10 hours with automatic dusk-to-dawn on and off function. The material is made of plastic and corrosion-resistant stainless steel for strong and long-lasting durability. They have the waterproof rating of IP44 and are guaranteed safe for outdoor use with no worries of being affected by bad weather conditions.

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5. Solpex Solar Lamps

Solpex Solar Pathway

This solar garden light outdoor from Solpex is a great decoration piece for the lawn or pathway in your garden. They give off a delightful warm glow to brighten up your garden in the dark. The lamps function fully by sunlight and operate up to 8 hours after fully charged for 4-6 hours. They are built weather-resistant to be safely used for outdoor decoration and illumination. There’s no additional tool or wiring needed for the installation, simply push the stake into the ground where they can receive maximum amount of sunlight directly to be effectively charged. The package includes 6 pieces of solar lights.

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4. OxyLED

OxyLED Solar Garden

For a more sophisticated garden decoration, colored lights are the best option. These color-changing LED solar garden light outdoor are perfect for special occasion decorations such as Christmas, Halloween or a birthday party. The unique design of colorful balls light gives a very cheerful vibe to your garden. Aside from their delightful look, the quality is also top-notch. They are built with quality material to offer a waterproof rating of IP65 for strong durability under harsh weather. After a full 8 hours charge by direct sunlight, these solar lights can illuminate up to 8 hours. The package included 4x light balls and stakes that can be installed in a minute without additional tools.

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LITOM 12 LEDs Solar

If you’re looking for the brightness solar garden light for outdoor driveway, this LED wall-light will be an ideal option for you. It is equipped with 12 LEDs with 600 lumen for bright light perfect for landscape spotlights outdoors. There are 2 brightness lighting functions that can be adjusted automatically with an automatic on-off mode detected by the change of brightness. With a waterproof rating of IP67 and built-in heat-resistant technology, it is able to withstand the harshest weather effectively. With 2 installation options, you can either install it on the ground with the stake or mount it on the wall using the screw included.

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2. TomCare

 TomCare Solar Lights

A unique flaming torch design can be a great decoration to your garden too. With a built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery, this light can operate for up to 12 hours in summer time after fully charged for 8 hours under the sunlight. The waterproof rating IP65 allows durability to withstand all weather conditions and is safe to be installed outdoors in your garden, pathway, driveway or backyard with no worries about raining, snowing and frosting. The package includes 4 solar torch lights, 4 plastic ground spikes with extended pipe along with a manual for installation.

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1. Wohome

 Wohome Outdoor Solar

If you find plain-design white light lamps are boring, why not spice up your garden decoration with these solar garden light flowers shaped with color-changing light? They come in a pack of 3 lily flowers design lights. The material is made of ABS with stainless steel for the stems. They are resistant to water and function normally even under harsh weather. This artificial flower light set is a good option if you are looking for solar lights to decorate your garden.

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Buying Guide: Solar lights for Garden

When choosing a solar garden light, the main thing to keep in mind is which area you want to decorate and how you want to do it. There are different types of the garden lights and each of them serves different purposes. These features are what you will want to look for when making a purchase for solar garden lights.

  • Types of Lights: The different types of solar garden lights are path lights, decorative lights, accent solar lights. To choose the right ones to buy, you will need to decide how you want to decorate your garden and consider the style.
  • Charging Ability: This is an important feature you need to check since they are solar-powered. Does the light need to be fully exposed to sunlight or is it able to charge with minimum sunlight exposure in case of bad weather days or areas where there is not much sunlight available.
  • Operating Time: Similar to the previous point, this is also important. You may want to check how many hours the light can operate to brighten your yard.


Solar garden lights are energy-saving and cost-saving. Not only do they act as decorative pieces for your garden but they are also functional as well, after all, the main purpose of the light lamp is to offer light in the darkness. If lights decoration is what your garden is lacking right now, there is no more time for hesitation.

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