Top 10 Best Waterproof Smart Watches for Kids Reviews In 2022

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Kid’s smart watches are the best option when parents don’t want to buy smart mobile phones for their kids. Some of the features a parent should consider when looking for the best kid smartwatch are waterproof material and GPS+LBS for tracking purposes with additional features like WIFI connectivity and microchip sim card. Although this feature varies from one kid smartwatch to another, their functions are always the same.

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Top 10 Best Smart Watches for Kids Reviews

10-Smart Watches for Kids-Boys and Girls

Smart Watch for Kids - Boys Girls Smartwatch Phone with Waterproof GPS Tracker Voice Chat SOS Call Camera Games Alarm Clock Anti Lost Games

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A high definition waterproof touch screen kid smart watches equipped with LBS and GPS tracking system used for safety measures and WIFI used for data transmission and a remote control monitor that allows parents and kids to communicate through voice and text chat.

If you find a smartwatch for kids out of stock, I do recommend Kids smartwatch 4G with sim card as your option .they have the same features except for a face to face video calling features and availability of a 4G Simcard included in kids smartwatch4G with Simcard.

Key Features

  • Waterproof touch screen
  • GPS and LBS tracker with a Wi-Fi
  • SOS emergency call system and an alarm clock
  • Automatic voice monitor
  • Remote voice controller
  • The high definition of waterproof touch screen
  • Easy to operate
  • Durable

9-Zqtech Kid Smart Watches

Zqtech Kids Smartwatch - GPS Tracker Smartwatches Wrist Digital Watch Phone SOS Alarm Clock Camera Phone Watch for Children Age 3-12 Boys Girls

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A perfect kid smartwatch with amazing functions that allow a child to learn, two-way call, LBS positioning, SOS emergency call system, waterproof, dustproof, camera, remote voice monitor, flashlight, voice chat, and parent control system and math games. It has a strap that is very comfortable on the child’s wrist.

An alternative for Zqtech kid smartwatch, we prefer Kid smartwatch phone that is compatible with GPS positioning, camera function, SOS emergency system, voice chat, clock, puzzle games, parental control, and remote voice monitoring system.

Key Features

  • LBS positioning based on cell tower station
  • Remote monitoring used to monitor real-time kid location
  • Built-in camera
  • SOS emergency alarm used for emergency
  • Flashlight for kid safety especially at night
  • Two-way voice and text chat
  • SOS alarm tracking system for emergency purpose
  • Two-way calling
  • Waterproof
  • Dustproof

8-GPS Children Watches Phone

GPS Children's Watches Phone, Sports Smart Watches for 4-15y Boys and Girls, HD Touch Screen Smartwatch Phone Real-time Positioning with Call Remote Camera SOS Alarm Voice Messages for Students

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A two-way conversation smart kid watch with GPS and LBS tracking system that allows a parent to monitor all the kid locations and activities and offer immediate protection if need be. It has additional features that include more than ten learning games, calendar, camera, and alarm clock, SOS emergency, recording system, 1.5 full touch screens, multiple languages, and a timing function that allows a kid to have a total-time fan.

The best kid smartwatch to purchase if you can’t find GPS children watch phone kid smartwatch. It is a watch that has WIFI, GPS and LBS positioning, camera, two-way conversation, alarm clock, and learning games that only support 2 GSM micro sim with 2G compatible network.

Key Features

  • GPS and LBS tracking system
  • Learning games
  • Calendar
  • SOS emergency call clock system and alarm clock
  • Full 1.5 touch screen
  • Camera
  • Two-way conversation
  • Offer multiple languages
  • Full touch screen 1.5 inches for the best experience

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7-SZXBXD Kid Waterproof Smart Watches

SZBXD Kids Waterproof Smart Watch, GPS Tracker Phone SOS Anti-Lost Alarm Sim Card Slot Touch Screen Voice Chat Smartwatch Birthday for Children Girls Boys

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A kid smartwatch for both boys and girls designed with advance and durable IP68 waterproof material, two-way conversation function, AGPS, and LBS tracker protection. It has a sleekly design with a strap that is easy to wear on a child’s wrist.

LDB Direct Kids Smart Watch is the best alternative to go for when SZXBXD Waterproof Smartwatch is out of stock. They have similar features from waterproof smartwatch material, two-way voice, and text chat to a tracker that uses AGPS and LBS. They both have no sim card

Key Features

  • Advance IP68 waterproof material
  • GPS and LBS location tracking system
  • Presence of flashlight
  • Two-way calling function
  • Installed mathematical games
  • SOS emergency alarm system
  • Camera
  • Inbuilt phonebook
  • Accurate positioning
  • designed with waterproof, durable material
  • It has SOS emergency alarm

6-V Tech Kid zoom Smart watch DX2 Pink

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

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This is a kid smartwatch for young photographers designed with both digital and analog time features, a monster game catcher with a lot of learning games, a parental control system that limits and disable kid games, and dual camera for taking and customizing pictures.

It comes with other multi-functional features like waterproof touch screen, pedometer for counting, time APP, motion sensor for active play, splash-proof for games, and voice changer system recommended for kids at the age of 4-12 years.

V tech kid zooms smartwatch DX-royal blue is the better kid smartwatch that can replace V tech kid zoom smartwatch DX-pink when out of stock. It is durable with a lot of memory space to store more pictures, motion sensor, calendar, calculator, micro USB cable, and a rechargeable battery.

Key Features

  • Dual cameras for taking videos and photos
  • Parental control setting to limit playtime
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Splash proof for playing games
  • Pedometer for counting steps and sound effects
  • Micro USB photo for uploading pictures and videos
  • Motion App equipped with a sensor for active play challenges
  • Educational games
  • 55 watch faces with digital and analog reading
  • Easy to operate
  • Touch screen sensitivity
  • High-quality dual camera

5-Tik Talk 3 Universal Kid Smart Watch

TickTalk 3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker, Combines Video, Voice and Wi-Fi Calling, Messaging, Camera, IP67 Water Resistant & SOS

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Tik Talk 3 universal kid smartwatch gives that the best performance with 4G/LTE unlock features. It enables two-way video calling and text messaging and tracking features all in one device.

It has in-built 7 frequency bands, durable IP67waterproof technology, and a 4G receptive with 50% faster and accurate GPS locator. Also, have an additional app that enables parents to know their children’s exact location.

Incase Tik talk 3 universal is not available, then Duiwoim is the best kid smartwatch to buy. All their features are related. It uses IP67 advanced waterproof system, GPS+AGPS+LBS for location, SOS emergency call system for emergency purposes, and remote voice monitor to help parents to hear their kids secretly.

Key Features

  • Two way faces talk video call feature, Wi-Fi call and 53 preset text messages that help kids interact with their parents
  • 4G reception real-time locator that is 50% faster than other models
  • IP67 waterproof technology
  • 2MP camera feature
  • Durable waterproof material
  • Faster 4G internet technology
  • Comes with a replaceable wrist band

4-Kid Smart Watch Phone 4G with Sim card

Kids Smartwatch Phone 4G with Sim Card, Anti-Lost WiFi LBS GPS Tracker Game Watch Waterproof

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The watch is a two-way calling kid smartwatch that has the 4G network and Speed talk micro Simcard and designed with unique features such as the remote monitor, SOS emergency alarm and GPS, LBS tracking system with WI-FI to ensure child safety.

Key Features

  • It has a remote monitoring system that helps parents to hear their kids without reminding them.
  • Two-way face calling and voice chat via the phone APP
  • This kid smartwatch is equipped with a sim card to help avoid sim card loss
  • LBS and GPS tracking system equipped with an SOS emergency alarm to check the real-time location of a kid and history activity.
  • Four ways video calling system designed with anti-blue light to protect a child from damaging eyes.
  • 1.44 HD touch screen that offers the full experience for the kid.
  • Anti-blue light from protecting the eyes
  • It has a compatible micro sim card
  • 1.44 HD touch screen

3-Ameiqa Kids Smart Watch, Kids LBS Tracker Watch Color Touch Screen 

Ameiqa Kids Smart Watch, Kids LBS Tracker Watch Color Touch Screen Smartwatch with Camera Flashlight Smartwatch for Kids

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It is a multi-function kid smartwatch with LBS tracking for protection, a voice chat, SOS emergency alarm, two-way calling system, remote camera, and an ordinary camera for pictures and recording, mute monitor, and low battery notification. It also has a three rank game for kids learning and entertainment.

Fediman kid smartwatch has the same features as the Ameiq kid smartwatch. If you buy any of them, you will have the same experience. Fediman has a lot of functions that are very easy to operate. It comes with an IP67 waterproof for protection in water surfaces, dustproof protection, tracking system, silent monitor, SOS emergency call, remote camera for full videos and photos, low battery notification, and math games. It also has a high-quality silicone strap that is soft and comfortable.

Key Features

  • Electronic fencing that helps a parent to understand child condition
  • The class mode that enables parents to disable watch especially during class time
  • SOS emergency system-a kid can long-press SOS if in need for help
  • Camera function to take and record pictures
  • 1.33 touch screens to give kids the best experience
  • GPS and LBS tracking system for safety measures
  • Voice micro chat that helps in what sup and group chat
  • Two-way calling system for accessible communication
  • It is a multi-function purpose
  • 1.44-inch full-color touch screen for a beautiful experience
  • Allow kids to directly share happiness with friend and families through voice micro chat link like what sup-best for entertainment
  • A high-quality camera that takes and record kids wonderful moments
  • Help kids to learn by using the three rank math games.
  • It supports the SOS system

2-4G GPS Smart Watch Phone

4G GPS Kids Smartwatch Phone - Boys Girls Waterproof Watch with GPS

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It is a fully functional digital watch with the same features as a mobile phone, the perfect option for parents who don’t want to buy a Smartphone for their children.

It is a multi-functional digital watch with GPS positioning and SOS function, support voice calling and video chatting, step counting, weather checking, flashlight, camera and album with additional features like an alarm clock, class scheduling, adjustable screen brightness and contacting friend.

Key Features

  • It is a two-way voice and video call that allows kids and parents to communicate.
  • 4G WIFI connection will enable kids to video call or send messages.
  • SOS emergency call by just long pressing any button on the kid smartwatch, parents will automatically know when kids are in danger.
  • It has IP65 waterproof to protect underwater damages but not hot water.
  • This kid smartwatch has GBS, LBS, and WIFI positioning that help to check the location and history activity of your child.
  • It has a remote camera for recording high-quality pictures.
  • 4G kids’ smartwatch is an alternative for the 4G GPS smartwatch. It comes with a speed talk card that has a guarantee. Has a remote monitor that allows parents to supervise kid’s activities, LBS/GPS used for tracking down the location of the kid.
  • Its screen has an anti-blue light that protects the eyes from damage
  • Global network support
  • Made of high-quality material that makes it durable.

1-Theomoemoe Kids Smart Watch

Themoemoe Kids Smartwatch, Smart Watch for Kids for 3-12 Year Old GPS/LBS Tracker

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This is a kid smartwatch with versatile features such as LBS tracker, voice monitor, camera flashlight, and remote camera designed to entertain kids and also allow them to learn.

Waterproof smart watches as an alternative has an IP67 certification so that the kid does not have to remove it when handling water, it has a remote monitor that allows the parent to monitor the kids’ activities, has SOS key that is used during an emergency to alert the family.

Key Features

  • Built-in phonebook
  • Built-in tracking LBS tracking activities
  • Go fencing features used for locating the kids
  • Two way call support feature
  • Waterproof technology
  • Camera
  • Flashlight o lighten the phone on darkness
  • also supports camera, math game, clock and LBS position
  • Built-in SOS emergency button
  • Multiple color options available
  • Simple to use

A digital game that helps the child to have skills that will develop their thinking and also supports camera, math game, clock, and LBS position.

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