Top 9 Best Neck Traction Devices in 2021 – [Buyers’ Guide]

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Are you looking for a neck traction device? This article is about for you. Neck Tractions may come in different types and forms. It can be pillow, hammock or harness.

List Of Top 9 Best Neck Traction Devices in 2021

9. Allsett Health: cervical neck traction device

Posture Neck Exercising

Coming off to the very first product of the review which is a Cervical traction that is made by Allsett Health. Allsett Health privdes a hydrating pumping style as the method in relieving your spine and neck pain easily. Not to mention that, it is highly recommended to use it daily with only a few minutes of pumping.

Moreover, this plays a vital role in alleviating your neck, spine pains as well as helping with the blood pressure, making your spine stays in the right place, treating and flattering the bulging and herniated disks as well. Moving on to the body of this neck traction, it comes with a turquoise color and black band, valves, pipe and soft squeezing bulb. It is easy to use and saves you a lot time and energy.

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8. Nypot: air traction neck device

Pinched Nerve Neck

If you are looking for a different style besides the hydrating pumping, this one is for you. Nypot is perfect for you. It comes with a really compact design but looks timeless with the black color that everybody loves. Moreover, this is a hammock style neck traction with is foldable and easy to set-up by just hanging it and you’re ready on the go. On top of that, just like the previous one, it helps a lot in restoring the uneven spine line as well as hurting neck, making it going great together in one line.

In addition to this, Nypot it helps alleviating your muscles pain, that you are experiencing from a bad sleep or a long day of work. Not to mention that, the main made material of this neck traction is made out of pure cotton, not making your skin irritated or uncomfortable when using it. It is soft and foamy with a really quick set up less than a minute. There is an eye mask provided for you and a pouch to put it back in and take it anywhere you want to, since it doesn’t bite up your space with the foldable material.

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7. Cotify: neck traction pillow

Cervical Neck Traction

Cotify consists of premium-quality materials attach with the scientific function, helping you relieve all of your pains and stress away with this one product. This is another neck traction type which comes in a form of like a pillow, but a smart one. It comes in 4 height selections for you to adjust due to your preference.

It is easy to use and there is no set-up for this guy, it doesn’t have to be inflated or deflated and the material of this neck traction is made out of a sleek and soft material with a detachable middle pad for you to take it off and wash it whenever you feel like washing.

There is a mini support for 4 sides of the pillow making it stay sturdy but soft at the same time. It is highly recommended to use it twice a day for around 10-20 minutes each time. Not to mention that, this is the best therapy for those who are having a neck, spine, shoulder pains, pinch nerves in your head and bad posture during your beauty sleep.

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6. NeckFix: inflatable neck traction

Cervical Neck Traction

Moving on to the next product of the review which is a neck traction that comes in a smart but ergonomic design that comes in a form like the first product which is a pumping method. Even though it comes in a pumping method but still the design is completely different, that Neckfix comes in like 3-layer neck pillow and the first one, is like a whole face wrapping with support on the neck.

Moreover, Neckfix is made out of a high-quality fabric that doesn’t harm or irritate your skin nor inflation included. It comes in 2 sizes for you to choose, that plays an important role in helping and healing your neck posture into a proper mode, shoulder and spine pains, as well as pinch nerves and migraine. Not to mention that, it is highly recommended to use twice daily for around 10-15 minutes each to have a good night sleep and doing your work enthusiastically with pain free.

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5. Oacis Life: neck flex head harness

Neck Relief

If you are looking for a portable neck traction, where you can carry anywhere you want to with its feather weight, Oacis Life is perfect for you. This is an updated version of an Oacis Life neck traction that comes with many special features. Not to mention that, there type of this neck traction is the hammock over the door type. This is great for those who are experiencing with a severe crippling pain, arthritis and muscles pain on the neck, shoulder and spine.

Moreover, Oacis Life is made out of extreme quality materials, that is soft, foamy and breathable for you to rest your neck on it and let it does the magic for you. It is a good idea to use it daily at the length of 10 minutes to get more effective results. Pleases note that, this hammock neck traction is hand washable, so if you feel like this thing gets dirty you can handwash the product whenever you want to.

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4. Soulern:

Cervical Traction

Soulern is specifically made for those, who have been seeking for over the door neck traction that is seemingly like a hammock version but this thing comes with an Inox bar for you to directly attach the hammock with the durable and strong hook. It is equipped with high-quality fabric that is being sewn by professionals (hand sew). It is washable and easy to use and assemble in less than 10 seconds.

Moreover, this is a whole-body pain reliever, especially around the neck, shoulder and spine area. It pulls and lifts the spine gap effectively, alleviating all the pressures and pains that you are having in only 15 minutes of using it. Additionally, it also does an efficient job in relieving the pinch nerves, migraine, blood circulation and muscles pain after a long day of work, studying, standing as well as playing sports.

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3. Zooron: neck hammock

 genmine Over The Door

Zoonron is designed perfectly to suit those who are looking for a hammock design that is ergonomic and compact. Zooron consists of high-quality materials that the fabric is being cut and sewn neatly as well as the breathable and foamy pad that doesn’t irritate your skin. Not to mention that, the straps are adjustable and the hook is sturdy and durable too.

Zooron is the best remedy for those who are having a severe neck and back pain, from a long day of work and wrong sleep postures. It is foldable, light weight making feel at ease in carrying it to anywhere you want to. It saves you a lot of time, money and energy and it is recommended to use 10 minutes daily for better results. Additionally, it comes with a pouch for you to store the neck traction, an instruction and a reminder card. You can either hand the hammock at the doorknob or rail, the choice is yours.

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2. Opome: neck traction device

Deluxe Home

Welcome to the top products of the review, we are introducing you into a neck traction that is made by Opome. This neck traction is specifically made for those who are seeking for a cervical treatment that is made functionally and technically to relieve your stress, pains and sores by this high-tech design neck traction. Opome consists of what we called 4 in 1 design that serves you well with the neck message with 4 different functions.

The 4 functions include, low frequency pulse, heating sensor, photomagnetic effect and the double layer airbags to help relieve all of the pains, stress and muscles sores that you get from a long day of work, after surgeries or playing sports. It increases the performance of blood circulation as well as making your sleep postures going safe and comfortable.

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1. Siwei: air neck therapy

Inflatable Cervical Neck

Are you looking for a standard size of a neck traction pillow to help you relieve you pain? Siwei is here for you to solve all of your worries. Just like the NeckFix brand this also comes with 3-layer neck pillow to alleviate all of your pain and stress by using the pumping method.

Siwei is different from Neckfix by the fact that this product is inflatable easing your way in carrying around to long distant places and it is foldable too. Moreover, it is made out of a high-quality fabric that does not irritate our skin or make you feel itchy. Say goodbye to the severe pains you are having by just using Siwei.

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What to consider when buying a Neck traction Device for physical therapy for neck pain: 

Device Types: this is a good idea to know which type of device you are finding, over the door, pneumatic or pump to satisfy you needs.

Weight: it is highly recommended to find the ones with a lighter weight but looking thick and strong.

Set-up: find the ones with the least complex set-up base on device types.

Portability: it is a good idea to find a neck traction that you can carry with easily, whenever you want to.

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