Best Makeup Train Cases in 2022

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Put your face on the easy way, Women need to get ready before they go out on an important date. One of the top best makeup train cases in 2022 will help them do just that. These cases have lots of storage room.

Plus, they are compact enough to carry with you anywhere you go. Your makeup will be safe as well as conveniently located all the time. Storing your make up will be easier as well as these train cases provide excellent organizing compartments.

List of Best Makeup Train Cases on in 2022

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15. Makeup Train Case, Pro Aluminum Cosmetic Organizer Box Bag by LUVODI

15. Makeup Train Case, Pro Aluminum Cosmetic Organizer Box Bag With LED & Mirror, Large Capacity Beauty Artist Cosmetic Tools Storage Kit(Rose Gold)

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4 bright LED makeup lights to surround the mirror. These lights give you enough brightness to make sure you do not miss a spot on your face. Then the lights are operated by a simple switch. Just turn the dial left or right to switch these lights on or off.

After you open this train case, the fold-out compartments reveal your make up options. 2 movable trays hold smaller items while the big compartment will hold bottles of perfume and more.

Made from synthetic leather, you can carry your make up in style. Plus, the leather is waterproof and resists cuts, etc. A security lock makes sure no unauthorized person uses your make up when you are not around.

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14. Makeup Train Case 4 in 1 Professional Cosmetics Rolling Organizer by NHSM

14. Makeup Train Case 4 in 1 Professional Cosmetics Rolling Organizer Aluminum Frame and Folding Trays (10.4×13.4×28.7 in,Black)

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When you turn to this train case to hold your makeup, you can store enough beauty secrets to last you a lifetime. Placed on wheels for easy transport, you do not have to be without your make up even on business trips.

Measuring about 28 by 10 by 13 inches in size, y9ou get 5 compartments to stay organized and find your make up fast. 4 locks and 8 latches ensure that your make up will not escape without you there to help it.

While this train case is designed for the professional, you can use it for everyday life or special events. The transparent bottoms are easy to keep clean if you spill anything on them.

13. AW Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Case

13. AW 2in 1 38 Rolling Cosmetic Makeup Train Cases Trolley Professional Artist Train Case Organizer Box Black

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With this 38 inch makeup train case you can be like the Boy Scouts. You will be prepared for any situation with the number of beauty products this case can hold. Plus, you can use this as a single unit or divide it into 2 sections when you do not need a lot of foundation or beauty help.

Made with top-quality aluminum corners, this makeup train case should handle most sudden impacts that come its way. Then the velvet-lined interior helps moderate the temperature to keep your make up nice and cool.

Castor wheels and a telescoping handle helps you transport your new makeup train case with ease. Or just grab the stationary handle for easy lifting.

12. AW 1200D Oxford Pro Black Soft Makeup Train Bag

12. AW 1200D Oxford Pro Black Soft Makeup Train Bag Case Pockets, Artist Cosmetic Organizer Box Travel Outdoor

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Carry your make up with ease. This train case is more like a travel bag to make up for emergencies. Measuring 17 by 12 by 9 inches you can get enough makeup inside to handle your day to day affairs without missing an eyelash.

The oxford fabric keeps the weight down so your shoulders do not get sore carrying this case from place to place. Multiple pockets and dividers keep you rake up well organized and ready for beauty action.

Two easy to grip handles make relocation easy and if your hands get tired a padded adjustable shoulder strap will take the burden to your shoulders. The case only weighs about 6 pounds.

11. Yaheetech Aluminum Cosmetic Case

11. Yaheetech Aluminum Cosmetic Case Rolling Makeup Train Case - 360-Degree Rolling Wheels Barber Salon Lockable Travel Case Trolley

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Sturdy castor wheels make transporting your make up from the car to your hotel room simple and easy. The wheels are designed to handle the weight of your make up without failing.

Plus, the 3 compartments hold enough to make up to style an army platoon. All your beauty needs can be met by using this portable make up train case. Made from strong ABS and aluminum materials, this case should handle the day to day knocks that traveling brings.

2 keys help you gain access to the lockable contents. After you close and lock up the waterproof case takes over and protects your makeup and tools from damage.

10. Relavel 3 layer Multi -Functional Professional Makeup Train Case

10. Relavel 3 layer MultiFunctional Professional Makeup Train Case Super Large Makeup Bag Organizer for Brush Hair Curler Salon Nail Beauty Tool

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This versatile makeup train case has can turn itself into a makeup table or a makeup storage facility and even a trolley to make transporting a lot easier. Measuring 18 by 13 by 6 inches in size approx., you get a lot of options when you use this makeup train case.

Plus, the built-in mirror makes sure you apply your make up just right. Individual compartments inside let you organize your make up so you can reach what you need without delay. There are even pockets for your curling iron and other beauty accessories. When you need to change locations, just zip it all up, put a lock through the zippers, and extend the telescoping handle.

9. HOMFA Professional Large PU Leather Cosmetic Box

9. HOMFA Professional Large Removable PU Leather Cosmetic Makeup Vanity Box Jewelry Saloon Case Bag (Black)

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Set the fashion example by turning to this makeup train case to handle your cosmetics. Its red and black color design upholds your fashion sense and your fashion reputation. Made from PU leather for style and durability.

After you open this case up you will find 3 layers of makeup storage compartments. 7 slots help you place your needed items in the right spot for easy access. Plus, you have room for jewelry and your beauty tools. The case measures approx. 12 by 9 by 10 inches in total size. Also, the case is easy to keep clean. Only about 1 minute is needed to remove any dirt or grime that has found its way on top of your case.

8. Ollieroo Makeup Train Cases

8. Ollieroo Makeup Train Case Rose-Pink Lockable PU Artist Makeup Cosmetic Train Case with 4 Removable Rolling Wheels and 4 Keys

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If bright pink is your color then do we have a makeup train case for you. Layered in hot pink this makeup train case will organize all your beauty products with ease. Plus, it will handle jewelry and other accessories without batting an eye.

6 shelves hold everything you need with you and a bottom compartment can hold your beauty tools. You can meet any makeup situation without worry. The cosmetics you need to put your best face on will always be there for you.

Then to make transportation easy, 4 heavy duty castor wheels roll your case to your next destination. A built-in mirror lets you watch your movements so you do not make a mistake.

7. AW 2in1 Black Oxford Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Train Cases

7. AW 2in1 Black Oxford Soft Sided Rolling Makeup Case Cosmetic Stroage Trolley, Train Bag Makeup Luggage

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Having flexibility is a good thing. This makeup case divides itself into two separate bags when a little makeup is all you need. Then it goes back together again when it is time to move to another location.

Made from water-resistant nylon you get some protection in case it rains while you are walking along the street. A telescoping handle makes that move more comfortable and easier to do.

On top of those features, you get a lot of organizational space inside this makeup train case. 8 removable trays are just the start to all of its organizational capabilities. You got to see it believe it.

6. Mefeir 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Cases

6. Mefeir 4-in-1 Rolling Makeup Train Case Lift Handle,4 Removable Wheels Lockable Keys,Aluminum Cosmetic Trolley Beauty Stylist Artist Organizer Box

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Pink is the girl’s color. It tells everyone that the person using this makeup train case is someone special. Plus, the pink exterior looks good and blends in with your fashion style. You can keep your make thoroughly organized with this model.

Also, you get a telescoping handle and 4 sturdy caster wheels let you move the case without straining your back. The lockable case comes with 5 main compartments to store all your valuable makeup.

Measuring approx. 13 by 29 by 10 inches in size, you can get a lot of makeup and beauty treatments inside. Reinforced corners protect your contents and the case.

5. Yaheetech Professional Pink Rolling Makeup Artist Case

5. Yaheetech Professional Rolling Makeup Artist Travel Case - Portable Travel Makeup Trolley Cosmetic Case Beauty Train Case Cosmetic Organizer

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You can look like a professional makeup artist when you purchase this pink make up train case. It is large enough to handle all your make up needs and it rolls along nicely when you need to travel.

Plus, with aluminum reinforced corners, day to day travel bangs and bumps should not hurt the case or the makeup inside. 2 locking latches keep your make up away from disobedient little hands when you are away.

After you open this case up, you get 8 movable trays to select your make up for the day. This is convenience at its finest and it does not take up a lot of room.

4. VASKER 3 Layers Waterproof Makeup Bag

4. VASKER 3 Layers Waterproof Makeup Bag Travel Cosmetic Case Professional Portable Makeup Train Cases Organizer Brush Holder

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Carrying this makeup train case has its options. First, you can use the built-in handle to carry it by hand. Second, you can use the comfortable shoulder strap, and third, you can carry it like a backpack. Flexibility helps you out all the time.

Plus, once you open this case, you get 3 layers of beauty storage. All your products have a place to go when not in use. Stay organized and find your beauty treatments quickly b=when you use this makeup train case.

The case also is quite compact measuring only 13 by 4 by 9 inches approx. Hidden pockets provide you with a little privacy.

3. Yaheetech Professional Artist Aluminum Makeup Train Cases

3. Yaheetech 3 in 1 Professional Artist Rolling Trolley Makeup Train Case, Aluminum Cosmetic Organizer Makeup Case 360-degreed Wheels For Beauty Chains

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Roll your beauty products to where you want to apply your make up and sit back and relax. It only takes a second or two to put this case in place. Then when you are done, you just roll it back out of the way. It is that simple to get access to your beauty products.

Inside, you will see that you get lots of storage trays and compartments. Each spot can hold its share of makeup until you have stored all your cosmetics away. Lockable latches keep the contents safe till you need to use them again.

Also, this train case can hold up to 66 pounds of cosmetics with ease. Velvet lining makes sure everything remains nice and cool.

2. FLYMEI Professional Makeup Train Cases

2. FLYMEI Professional Makeup Case 3 Layer Large Capacity Makeup Train Case, Makeup Artist organizer case with Shoulder Strap and Adjustable Divider

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The bright pin coloring ensures that you will not lose your make up the case on the airplane terminal’s baggage carousel. After you retrieve it from the carousel, you can either use the built-in handle or the adjustable shoulder strap to carry it to your taxi or car.

Measuring about 16 by 11 by 5 1/2 inches in size, you can get a lot of makeup inside this professional train case. Also, padded compartments protect your cosmetics while you keep them organized for easy use.

Then the oxford fabric construction material keeps the weight of this case down. There is plenty of room inside for all your beauty supplies.

1. Joligrace Makeup Train Cases

1. Makeup Train Case Professional Adjustable - 6 Trays Cosmetic Cases Makeup Storage Organizer Box with Lock and Compartments- Makeup Train Cases

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Once you undo the latches and open this case up you will find 6 trays to hold your cosmetics. Plus, a bottom storage compartment to handle bigger beauty items. Each tray has separate compartments to organize your cosmetics and beauty tools.

With 14 by 11 by 9 inch approx. Dimensions, you know your makeup will fit inside with ease. The bottom tray has removable dividers allowing you to store hairdryers etc.

A safe lock makes sure your cosmetics do not wander away on their own. An easy to hold handle makes carrying this bag easy. The aluminum frame and reinforced corners do not damage very easily.

Buying Guides To Choose For Makeup Train Cases


The construction has to be strong so that you can use it for a long time. Go for the one that is composed of high-quality materials, and you will also have to see if it does not come with sharp edges. To have easy carrying, you will have to go for the one that comes in a lightweight design.


For easy portability, you will have to see if it includes smooth-rolling wheels. If it comes with detachable wheels, then you can have easy storage. You will also have to see if it includes a convenient handle, and some can also come with a shoulder strap so that there can be custom carrying.

Number of Compartments

Getting the appropriate number of compartments is always a user preference. It must let you have an easy organization and ensure there will be a clean look. You will also have to see if it allows you to remove or adjust the compartments so that there will be custom storage. This will also give you the advantage of having easy cleaning.


The one that comes with safety locks will be a perfect buy. It allows you to have better security and includes multiple keys.


See if it comes with a mirror that allows you to have hassle-free makeup. It must come in an attractive design, and you must see if it includes shake-proof construction that helps to keep your items safely. In addition to this, you will have to see if it comes in a multifunctional design.


If you are a professional makeup artist, you must be having the best possible makeup train case to carry all the different makeup products in the most organized way.  Therefore, without a second, though, you should go through the entire list of the best makeup train cases available and select the perfect one for you. We have tried to accommodate all the different types to satisfy your needs and preferences.

Always be at your best, beauty-wise, when you travel by one of the top best makeup train cases in 2022. These cosmetic cases are designed to hold all your make up and keep you covered when a makeup emergency takes place. They are built strong, and versatile so you can meet all your needs without worry. They look good as well.

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