Top 10 Best Lift Chairs in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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Many elderlies who have knees or other joint issues will experience difficulties getting up from their sitting position. A lift chair is an incredible asset for alleviating these problems. A lift chair will take the burden and pain off of changing from a sitting position to standing.

Even for those who may not experience such pain yet, it may also prevent them from experience such pain as well when they become older. As such, it benefits pretty much any adult. The lift chair is an indispensable equipment that most if not all households should have.

With that said, our team of experts have scoured the internet looking for the best lift chair currently available. This list below has been curated according to their research with only the best of quality in mind.

List Of Top 10 Best Lift Chairs in 2022

10. Ergoreal Power Lift Chair


This lift chair is designed specifically with the elderlies in mind. It comes with a wired remote control so that the user will not have to reach far to change the position of the chair. This feature is especially useful for the elderlies given that they tend to be less mobile as a result of their age. Adding on to this, the remote control is simple and easy to operate – another bonus for the elderlies.

This lift chair for the elderlies even comes with a massage function operated by 2 motors underneath the chair. For those who are prone to colder temperatures, the chair can even heat up at the lower back area generating warmth and comfort. There is literally nothing this chair cannot do.

Aside its many functions, the chair is made from waterproof fabric and is well cushioned with high-density foam for your ultimate comfort. With so many functions and high-quality cushioning, the Ergoreal lift chair is a strong competitor in its price point.

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9. U-MAX Recliner Lift Chair

U-MAX Recliner Power

The U-MAX recliner power lift chair is an incredible lift chair that will meet all your daily needs. It comes with both vibration and heating functions which can help facilitate healthy blood circulation throughout the user’s body which may also help the user stand up easier. The chair can massage the user in 4 areas: leg, tight, lumbar and back and the massage motor is able to massage in 5 different ways as well: pulse, press, wave, auto and normal. Whatever type of massage you prefer, this lift chair is able to do it.

Additionally, the chair also comes with 2 convenient cup holders as well as 4 storage bags to hold your drinks and miscellaneous items. This is particularly helpful as you would not always have to get up or reach far to get to the things you need. The chair itself is made with premium quality and soft PU leather so it gives a nice and luxurious feel to your room as well.

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8. Domesis Renu Power Lift Chair

Domesis Renu Leather

If you are looking for a lift chair that will also look really great and feel comfortable then the Domesis Renu lift chair is exactly what you need. Not only will it do a good job of lifting you into a standing position, but it is also made out of a customised premium grain leather called ‘Renu’ that looks sleek and stylish. It will no doubt be a strong addition to your living room aesthetics if that is something you are into.

This lift chair, similarly, to the last two, will also come with 2 a button powered controller for ease of use. It has a foot rest and the back can move all the way down simultaneously as well allowing you to pretty much lie horizontally on the chair with ease whilst watching your television. As the back can be positioned in many angles, the chair can be configured to anyone’s preferred position for the best possible comfort.

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7. Homegear Power Lift Chair

Homegear Microfiber

The Homegear lift chair is one of the most stable and sturdiest lift chairs in this list. It is the only lift chair in this list that is constructed with a strong wood and plywood construction which will greatly contribute to a its shelf life as well. On top of this, it has 8 vibrating massage motors allowing it to massage any parts of your body that comes into contact with the chair. It will recline up to 150-degree angle and is padded with thick sponge in the back and armrest for added comfort.

One of the most unique features of this lift chair is it uses microfibre material. This will give it a soft and luscious feel to the user when they sit on it which will provide one of the most unique experience when sitting on it. Similar to the Ergoreal lift chair, the Homegear lift chair also comes with a lumbar heating and different vibrating modes.

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6. Canmov Power Lift Chair

CANMOV Power Lift

The Canmov power lift chair is a chic and modern looking lift chair unlike any other. It manages to blend the contemporary look with a functionality fit for the elderlies or those with limited mobilities. It is most impressive feature is its use of a single heavy-duty motor allowing the chair to smoothly adjust between any positions providing the best lifting experience without much noise.

It is made with comfort in mind as it features an overstuffed design made with high-resilience foam cushions and creating a supple and soft texture to the feel. Furthermore, it is filled with high density sponge which is odour-free.

Other useful features include a generous side pocket that is large enough to store the remote control and things such as books or magazines. Underneath the chair sits a solid metal frame giving the chair a very study and solid feel. This metal frame is also equipped with an antiskid upholstery meaning that you will not have to worry about the chair tilting over.

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5. Giantex Power Lift Chair

Giantex Power Lift

This power lift chair is an incredibly durable and strong chair being able to withstand up to 300 lbs of weigh. It is equipped with high quality iron frame lending to this durability. On top of its great stability, the Giantex power lift chair is also a great chair for those interested in massages. It has 4 motors with 2 in the back and 2 in the waist that can rotate and vibrate to give one of the most fantastic massages you will ever get from a chair.

The chair also comes with a remote control that, not only allows you to change the position of the chair, but will also allow you to control the different areas of massage and what type of massages you are getting – this is a feature not many other lift chair has.

Furthermore, the chair comes with a completely retractable footrest and backrest that can be configured to stay at any angle to suit your preferences. The Giantex power lift chair is the ultimate companion for any elderlies looking to lie down and relax.

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4. Ashley Furniture Signature Yandel Power Lift

Signature Design

The Signature Design power lift chair by Ashley Furniture oozes class and sophistication through its design and look. Despite being made out of a thick poly fibre to give a cosy and feel-good touch, its saddle brown upholstery makes it look as if it is made out of leather.

This makes the chair very attractive from both a design and functionality standpoint. As such, this chair is the perfect lifting chair for those who are looking for a more traditional and classier chair rather than a contemporary one. The chair is also quite large with 20’’ height and 69’’ when fully reclined to allow for maximum comfort and relaxation.

The chair is reinforced with a metal frame providing a sturdy and firm design giving you the ease of mind no matter the way you sit on it.

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3. ANJ Power Lift Chair

ANJ Power Lift

Unlike many other lift chairs on this list, the ANJ power lift chair provides an extra function to assist the elderlies in getting up from their sitting position. Once the chair itself lifts up, it also slightly tilts forwards to give a gentle nudge for the user to get up with complete ease without putting any burden on their back or knees. While a small addition, it will no doubt go a long way to protect the user from any knee damage in the long term.

On top of this, the chair is equipped with stuffed pillow top for its armrest for extra comfort when watching tv or reading a book. While the material is crafted with a soft fabric as the top layer for ease of cleaning. The chair sports a combination of an in-house wood and steel frame that has withstood the toughest of durability tests ensuring safety when weight is put on the chair.

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2. Furgle Power Lift Chair

Furgle Power Lift

This is probably one of the best power lift chair you could find in this price point as it comes with many different functions and this chair does it all really well. First of all, it has to be mentioned this chair comes with an 8-point massage system – the most number of massage points that a lift chair has compared to any other lift chair on this lift. From this, you know that this chair will give you the most luxurious and relaxing massage possible. If you are looking for the best massage a lift chair could offer, then this lift chair is exactly what you need.

Similar to the previous lift chair, it is also made with a wood and metal frame construction. However, this chair’s frame construction has an anti-back-tipping design increasing safety for any user. Some extra features for convenience include big side pockets on both sides of the chair and 2 cup holders on each armrest to meet all your needs during relaxation. For an outstanding experience, the chair is stuffed with high-density sponge for a soft and odourless material.

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1. Homall Electric Power Lift Chair

Homall Electric

The Homall lift chair is crafted with exquisite style and comfort in mind. It comes in a sleek black or a chic brown in a rugged and modern design that will fit into any living room design. It is incredibly comfortable and good-looking being made with premium leather. It is also held up by a strong solid wood frame giving it a solid and firm root to the ground ensuring that the chair cannot be easily tipped over in any position. It is a great a beautiful looking lift chair and will comfortably aid people with mobility problems. It has a wide armrest for extra comfort and has thick padded seat and back as well. Even the footrest is double thick padded.

Similar to many of the previous lift chairs, it also come with the basic features such as side pockets and remote controls. However, it is important to note that it cannot give massages. It is the ideal lift chair to be lounging around and assist the elderlies in standing up especially for those who do not want any extra functions such massaging.

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Lift Chair Buying Guide

When buying any lift chairs, it is important to consider a few features that is essential for any lifting chair experience. We have rounded up a few things you will definitely want to think about before deciding on a lifting chair to buy.

Padding and Material: This is probably one of the most important things to consider when buying your lift chair as it will define how comfortable you will feel when sitting on it. Some may prefer a soft and light padding while others may prefer a sturdier padding. It is highly a personal preference and so you should definitely look at what type of padding and material the lift chair is made of.

Frame material: The framing and upholstery is another important feature to think about. A lift chair’s stability will be highly dependent on how the frame is constructed and what type of material the frame is made of.

Remote control: Many if not all lift chair will come with its own remote controller in order to change the position whenever the user wants it to be. For this feature, you will want to look at how easy to use the remote controller is, its functions and whether or not its wireless.

Special functions: Some lift chairs will have extra small basic features that you may want to consider having. For example, some lift chairs will have large extra pockets on the side or even cup holders while some may choose to sacrifice these features altogether for a better build quality. Most lift chairs will even have a massage function and you may want to opt for this feature if you value massages whereas those who do not may want to opt for a chair that cannot massage as it will cost less.


With all of that said, we hope that we have helped you decide on which lift chair to buy with this tremendously detailed guide and review. Each lift chair has its own unique functions and priorities that will suit different people’s tastes and so it is extremely important that you know what you are looking for.

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