Top 10 Best Lantern Pendant Lights Reviews In 2021

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If you are a lover of beautiful spaces, then you must be aware that one of the ingredients in creating that space is a beautiful lighting system. Therefore, as the world is advancing the design that comes with these lighting units are advancing. No more incorporation of the old models and outdated lighting fixtures. Manufactures and décor creators are creating different lighting fixtures to integrate into the spaces. A good example is the lantern pendant lights.

This is in most cases is an infusion of the modern and the ancient to bring a taste of both worlds in our today spaces. Through the combo, there is a various version of light pendants that have been created. Some are classic vintage, luxury with a taste of rustic, modern clean look, the list is endless. Below are some of the best in our market that will not only eliminate darkness but will be the perfect beauty piece into your spaces.

Top 10 Best Lantern Pendant Lights Reviews

10-Paragon Home Hanging Lantern Lighting Fixture Pendant Light

Paragon Home Pendant Light Hanging Lantern Lighting Fixture

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When looking for lighting fixtures for your home, you want something that comes with a great design to go with most of your home décor. This unit comes with nothing short of that. To put it in another way, it is an infusion of both the modern and the ancient design. It has some aspect that makes it the perfect addition for a classic look while on the same note features some vintage appeal for individuals who have incorporated the old-style design into their spaces. It is easy to install a unit that will adapt to various out and indoor spaces.


  • Adjustable chain length.
  • Uses the standard E26 bulb.
  • Strong metal construction that is durable.
  • It has a 120V voltage capacity.

9-Hykolity Metal Lantern Pendant Lighting for Hallway

Metal Lantern Pendant Lighting for Hallway

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The best definition of beauty comes with this pendant light unit. It is a unique light design that has been embossed by the new edition metals case to scream royalty to any room or space that they have been integrated into. Both the candlelight bulbs and the rustic frame finish bring out the vintage look, making this pendant light to be the perfect incorporation to any room in your space. Not only that but feel confident to bring it out into other spaces like restaurants, high-end bars, ballrooms, etc.


  • Strong and sturdy gold frame construction to serve you over a long period of time.
  • Uses up to 4 bulbs.
  • It is a dimmable bulb version.
  • Light in weight construction.

8-SUSUO Industrial Glass Pendant Ceiling Hanging Light

Industrial Glass Pendant Ceiling Hanging Light

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When you want to achieve a unique and beautiful space, one of them to go-to ingredients is investing in a good lighting fixture. A rustic design light pendant that features both the metal holder and a glass cylindrical frame. It is a versatile unit that will comfortably fit in different kinds of bulbs i.e. LED, CFL, Incandescent, and the halogen bulbs. To add on, it is compatible with different bulb sizes, both the E 27 and E26 will fit perfectly. When it comes to installation, this unit is a smooth operation, this lighting pendant is pre-installed from the manufacture thereby needing hardware for installation purposes.


  • Adjustable chain length.
  • Clear and cylindrical glass frame for maximum light illumination.
  • Its construction is a fusion of rustic and modern style design.
  • It comes with a well-sized mounting plate.

7-HUESLITE Farmhouse Chandelier 4 Light Pendant Light for Kitchen Island

4 Light Pendant Light for Kitchen Island

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It can be frustrating purchasing or even liking a pendant light then later finding put that it will not work in the area where you are situated because of a shortage that is related to the voltage capacity. This brand has catered for that problem by incorporating this unit with a dual voltage capacity. This means that this beautiful pendant lighting can be bought, shipped, and used anywhere in the world.


  • It has an adjustable hanging height.
  • Vintage design construction.
  • Uses 4 E12 bulbs.
  • Versatile use i.e. a beautiful design that can be incorporated into any space.

6-VILUXY Vintage Glass Pendant Light

VILUXY Vintage Glass Pendant Light

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A fusion of classic and luxury is what comes with this unit. This is a metal and glass construction that has some of the cleanest looks when it comes to pendant lights. This unit comes incorporated with so much detail. First and foremost, it is a single cage bulb that has been caged inside a cylindrical glass. The glass is a great material, that has a unique design marking on its walls to add some form of décor into the clean look. To point out other not so much considered feature is its ceiling adapter that is a sloping design and will add flavor to most ceiling designs.


  • Compatibility with different bulb types i.e. LED, CFL, Edison, and Candelabra.
  • This is a single voltage unit i.e. has 120 V voltage capacity.
  • Uses the E26 bulbs.
  • Its structure features the dimmable switch function.

5-Pauwer Industrial Wire Cage Pendant Light

Pauwer Industrial Wire Cage Pendant Light Plug in Vintage Pendant Light

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Lighten the darkness of your space with this unit. Unlike other pendant lights, this brand features some of the most unique construction especially when it comes to the frames. Its frame comes incorporated with the rose gold color, a warm flavor that easily incorporates into different décor design. To add on, the frames feature some of the most quality metal construction that does not easily corrode, stress, or rust especially when they come in contact with different forms of moisture.


  • It comes with a 14 ft adjustable connection cord.
  • Structured with an on and off switch.
  • It is compatible with the E26 bulb.
  • Constructed with the 120-v voltage capacity.

4-Jazava Exterior Pendant Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern

Jazava Exterior Pendant Light Outdoor Hanging Lantern

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If you want a rich lighting experience, you have no other choice than to turn to this pendant light boasts some of the most unique and special construction that will not only come with light but will act as the perfect décor accessory added to your space. Its exterior frames feature some of the most quality metal constructions that are strong to withstand adverse weather conditions when this unit is incorporated in an outdoor space. For the purpose of installation, this unit has been equipped with a pictures instruction manual to guide you through the step by the step installation process. Furthermore, all the hardware tools are included in the package, hence you will not have to spend any extra cost when it comes to the installation.


  • Its mountable unit is compatible with different ceiling types.
  • Adjustable chain height.
  • Requires the use of E26 bulbs.
  • Hardwired exterior for maximum performance.

3-Kira Home Modern Farmhouse Lantern Pendant Light

Kira Home Bellevue 15.5" 4-Light Modern Farmhouse Lantern Pendant Light

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This is the mother of beauty when it comes to pendant lights. It is a sleek and clean finish unit that will easily incorporate into various spaces whether professional or casual. Its construction features one of the most quality and heavy-duty metal frames that have been designed to hold 4 candlelight bulbs. The frames are a smooth black color integration that perfectly fits both sides of the word i.e. the modern classic and luxurious finish while on the other end will also go hand in hand with the rustic and add a vintage flavor.


  • Adjustable hanging height.
  • 48 inches down rod.
  • Structured with dimmer switch function.
  • Sloping mountable unit to suit the needs of a sloping ceiling.

2-New Galaxy 4-Light Hanging Lantern Iron Frame Pendant Chandelier

New Galaxy Lighting Antique Black Finish 4-Light Hanging Lantern Iron Frame Pedant Chandelier

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Another pendant lighting unit that comes with great design. The manufactures of this lighting unit have combined both the modern feel and the ancient era lantern design into this fixture. On its modern side, it comes embossed with the latest edition metalwork that is well furnished and curved to bring out the great design and a rich and classic black finish. When it comes to the lighting, it features 4 lighting bulbs that will illuminate enough light and brighten up any space.


  • Adjustable hanging length.
  • Compatible with the E 12 bulb size.
  • Quality metal frame for strength and durability.
  • Structured with a dimmable switch function.

1-LNC A03408 Faux-Wood Pendant Lighting Farmhouse Hanging Fixture

LNC A03408 Faux-Wood Pendant Lighting Farmhouse Hanging Fixture

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State of the art craftsmanship is what comes with this unit. It is a beautiful design the is unique in how it looks and even the material incorporated. Unlike its peers that we have seen above come embossed with metal frames, these units have been crafted with some of the best quality wood and a cylindrical glass. Contrary to people’s opinion on doubting the durability of this unit as it features wood construction, the faux wood material is one of the best woods in the market and comes with strength and maximum durability.


  • Adjustable hanging height.
  • It is a fusion of contemporary and rustic design
  • High-quality frames that are strong and durable.
  • Compatible with the E26 bulb size.


Say no to dark spaces or rooms in your home or work area. With this lantern pendant lights, you will not only get light but get a great piece and accessory to add to your space. These lights will ensure that you get the best kind of brightness unlike any other that you have managed to get before.

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