Top 10 Best Fuel Transfer Pumps Reviews In 2022

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Fuels are of utmost importance. Without fuel, the economy will standstill. Thus, fuel transfer from a large container to a smaller one or to the tanks of the consumers is of great importance too. The fuel transfer pumps are designed in a special way to serve that purpose. Manufactured from high-quality material, these pumps run smoothly without any hassle.

However, choosing the right one is a bit of a problem with the different options available. Hence, we have prepared the list of fuel transfer pumps down below to help you out. Go give our list a read to make a wise selection.

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Top 10 Best Fuel Transfer Pumps Reviews

10. Fill-Rite FR1210G (57 LPM) Fuel Transfer Pumps

Fill-Rite FR1210G 12V 15 GPM (57 LPM) Fuel Transfer Pump with Discharge Hose, Manual Nozzle, Suction Pipe

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Fill-Rite uses only the best quality materials for making its rugged transfer pumps. FR1210G is one example of the brand’s high-quality pumps with the latest innovation and technology. The housing of this pump is forged out of cast iron. It can take a lot of abuse and withstand even the harshest and toughest environments without any deterioration in performance.

You can use this pump for all kinds of fuel. These include the common diesel and gasoline to biodiesel and methanol or ethanol blends that go up to 15 percent. Filling up even the largest tractor tanks would be quick and easy. The maximum fuel transfer pump flow rate is of 15 gallons each minute.

Key features:

  • Powerful ¼ HP motor works flawlessly for as long as you want.
  • Motor won’t overheat since it is made with protection against thermal overload.
  • Can reach high pressure of 16 pounds for every square inch.

9. Fill-Rite FR1204G 12V Fuel Transfer Pumps

Fill-Rite FR1204G 12V 15GPM (57 LPM) Fuel Transfer Pump

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Fill-Rite has equipped this pump with a powerful ¼ horsepower motor. It can run at 2600 RPM to create a very powerful suction lift that can go as high as 6.5-inches. So you can easily pump up your farming or utility vehicles within the minimum amount of time so that you can maintain a higher run time.

It also has safety measures which don’t let the powerful motor overheat due to wrong or abnormal use. The connection is also quite strong. Therefore, you get one inch of inlet connection that prevents leaks during vibration

Key features:

  • High compatibility with various kinds of fuel. It includes Bio-Diesel, gasoline, diesel and even ethanol or methanol blends.
  • Iron cast fuel transfer pump that will be at your service for a long time.
  • Unlike other pumps, it can draw 20 amps of current when needed.

8. Fill-Rite FR1211G Fuel Transfer Pumps

Fill-Rite FR1211G 12V 15 GPM (57 LPM) Fuel Transfer Pump with Discharge Hose, Manual Nozzle, Suction Pipe, Mechanical Gallon Meter

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Another amazing transfer pump from Fill-Rite that has superior craftsmanship. That’s why will keep all kinds of vehicles properly fueled up in your place of business. It is made from cast iron and has a heavy-duty design. As a result, it can take a lot of abuse and everyday use for year after year. You will be able to use this amazing pump even after you have recovered its cost with the incredible time savings it provides.

To provide you with significant time savings, this pump achieves a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute. In fact, it can fuel up even large vehicles within a short span of time. To show their sincerity behind this, you also get a 2 year warranty period on this product.

Key features:

  • The meter shows highly accurate measurements as long as the fuel flows between 5 to 20 GPM.
  • The heavy-duty fuel transfer pump has certifications from organizations and institutions like ATEX, UL, ANZEx and more.
  • Rotor vane has been made from sintered bronze for high longevity.

7. SuperHandy Transfer Pump Kit

SuperHandy Transfer Pump Kit 10GPM/40LPM Heavy Duty Portable Diesel Fuel ONLY Electric DC 12V Alligator Clamps includes: Aluminum Manual Nozzle, Delivery & Suction Hose w/Filter

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SuperHandy always likes to stay true to its name and deliver you great products. Hence, adds a whole lot of functionality and convenience to your life. They have satisfied millions of customers throughout the world. With this ultra-efficient transfer pump from the brand, you can also join the club.

Compared to other pumps, this one comes in the form of a kit that is compact and portable. With 12 volts of direct current, it can achieve a flow rate of 40 liters each minute. Since it comes in the form of a modular kit you can break it down easily. Thus, carry it wherever you want.

Key features:

  • The fuel transfer pump’s manual nozzle has a high-quality and lightweight aluminum construction. It does not rust or corrode easily.
  • Alligator clamps are super secure and have contoured insulated grips to protect you from shocks.
  • Has a long 13-ft suction hose which makes transferring fuel from container to vehicles’ tank much easier.

6. TERAPUMP 3rd Gen Fuel Transfer Pump

TERAPUMP 3rd Gen - No More Gas Can Lifting/Fuel Transfer Pump Fitting numerous Gas Cans (Advanced Auto-Stop Function and Flexible in and Out Take Hose)

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No need for lifting heavy gas can and wasting the fuel with spills. This transfer pump from Terapump can make your job much easier and hassle-free. The pump is powered by a high capacity battery. It lets you transfer fuel automatically with just the press of a button. This new and improved model has a 10 percent higher flow rate at 3 gallons per minute. That’s why. you can get on with your work without wasting time.

Unlike the older generation model, this one has a rugged cover that has high water resistance. It means you can fuel up your vehicle irrespective of the weather conditions. No need to hold up heavy tanks during fuel transfer either. The long 39-inch outtake hose gives easy access and reach. Moreover, with the 18-inch intake hose, you can reach the bottom of tanks with large capacity. You also get complimentary can adapters that fit most standard North American plastic cans

Key features:

  • No need to be concerned about safety since it has certification from CSA under United States standards.
  • Handy in nature! The portable fuel transfer pump used to fuel up your emergency generators, utility vehicles, and yard or lawn machinery.
  • Powered by just 4 AA batteries that are easily replaceable.

5. Fill-Rite RD812NH Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite RD812NH 8 GPM 12V Portable Fuel Transfer Pump with Manual Nozzle, Discharge Hose, Suction Hose, and Power Cord

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Fill-Rite brings to you a unique product that stands apart from the rest and is far ahead of the competition. This pump from the RD series is one of the few DC pumps. Fuel transfer was never easier since you can use the pump in handheld position, bump mounted or even foot mounted. For changing the hose orientation, you need to just remove two bolts. Now, rotate the flange to fit your configuration needs. You can connect the power cable to its DC power source without the need for any extra tools.

Key features:

  • Lightweight aluminum construction keeps the weight of this product under 8 pounds.
  • Can fill up your ATV, water ski jet, tractor or any other vehicle at 8 gallons per minute.
  • It has certification from Underwriters Laboratories and safe for transferring highly volatile gasoline.

4. TERAPUMP Transfer Battery Pump

TERAPUMP Portable Power Water/Fuel Transfer Battery Pump with AutoStop - 2.5GPM

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Now you don’t need to do heavy weight lifting for fuelling up your vehicle or leave a spilt mess along the side of your car with this. It has a rugged switch which lets you start the pumping process with just a flip. In fact, it is very convenient. You can fuel up your car, generator, lawnmower or any vehicle or machinery without being present during the pumping process.

With the automatic sensor, the pumping is stopped as soon as fuel reaches the nozzle outlet. This enables you to save even more time and does other work without worrying about spills.

Key features:

  • Makes a sound alert after auto pumping is stopped.
  • It can transfer fuel at a generous flow rate of 3 gallons each minute.
  • Easy access battery slot that is as easy to open or close as your TV remote.

3. Fill-Rite FR4204G Fuel Transfer Pump

Fill-Rite FR4204G 12V 20 GPM Fuel Transfer Pump

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This pump from Fill-Rite belongs to the 4200 series group. It has one of the highest flow rates you can find on the market. With 20 GPM, filling up even the largest construction or agricultural equipment with huge tanks doesn’t take long.

This gets its power from its UL listed ¼ HP motor that drives an iron rotor and centered bronze vanes. You don’t need to worry about its standard or safety since it also carries certifications from other regulatory organizations. These include ATEX and CE, a trusted name.

Key features:

  • Made to be explosion-proof and can run even with a closed nozzle.
  • With a 30-minute duty cycle, you get to pump around 600 gallons at a time.

2. GasTapper Gasoline Transfer Pump

GasTapper 12V Gasoline Transfer Pump/Siphon UTV's, Boats, Equipment, Vehicles, Gas, Diesel - Click at top of This Page for Full Store

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Gastapper brings to you a fuel transfer pump which is designed to be super affordable and has built-in screen filter to block out contaminants. You can easily transfer both water-based and petroleum-based fuel with this pump.

It even has the switch wired at a moderately safe distance from the box for safety. The LED power indicator gives you all the hints as needed.

Key features:

  • Comes with a protective hard case for easy carrying.
  • A minimal weight of 4.32 pounds is pretty light.
  • Easily connects to the 12V outlet on your car for power.

1.TeraPump A-TREP01-001 Fuel Transfer Pump

TeraPump A-TREP01-001 TREP01 Multi-Purpose Battery Powered Fuel Transfer Pump - 2D Battery, 2.5 GPM

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Transferring fuel would be really easy if there was a pump that allowed minimal installation. Plus, will always be ready to be used at any time. TeraPump has answered that thought with this innovative pump. No need for adapters, hooking clamps to your car battery or search for a power source while fuelling. It is battery powered and is activated with a simple flick of the switch.

The powerful suction force generated by the pump fills up the tank of any vehicle at around 2.4 gallons per minute. In fact, it even allows you to adjust the flow. You can easily switch from partial stream to full stream depending on your requirements at that moment.

Key features:

  • No spills or leaks that leave your hand greasy.
  • With just two D batteries you would be able to power up this efficient and portable pump.
  • Batteries can last you for transferring up to 290 gallons of fuel.

Make the job of fuel transferring easy and hassle-free. Take the benefits of the fuel transfer pump and complete this task in the simplest way.

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