Top 9 best floor fan Reviews in 2022 – [Buyers’ Guide]

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If you are looking to purchase a high quality floor fan, this article is for you. We will be introducing the top 9 best floor plan that you could ever bought in the market. Keep reading to check out what these brands are.

List Of Top 9 best floor fans in 2022

9. Maxx Air

Maxx Air | Industrial

As the first product in the list, it’s a premium quality floor fan from Maxx Air. What’s special about Maxx Air is that it has the extreme output that is derived from the use of industrial-grade rugged steel which is highly durable, so it can function even with the tough condition. Moreover, the entire steel material is coated with powder to prevent it from getting erosion. Besides, this American quality floor fan also use high standard motor to make sure that the fans can produce not only cool air, but also outstanding performance with energy efficient. Also, with Maxx Air floor fan, it can be tilt 180 degree, so you have flexibility of how you want it to be positioned.

Last but not least, this floor fan is very easy to use because it comes in a package that are ready to use right after you received, so you don’t have to worry have going through all the headache installment process.

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8. B-Air


Moving to the next product is the top 8th best floor fan from B-Air. A famous point about B-Air floor fan is that it can product real powerful air flow without generating any noise, so it’s perfect even you use it at the night time to sleep with. Besides, B-Air is also designed with 3 speeds setting that you can choose, too. On top of this, the wind that’s produced from B-Air is real cool that can easily combat the hot wind during the summer daytime.

At the front side of the fan, there’s small grid spacing design that can safely prevent your fingers or kids’ fingers from getting in, so it’s completely worry-free to use it anywhere; even in your kid’s room. Last but not least, B-Air also comes with leading 1-year warranty that assure the quality and durability of the product, so you don’t have to worry if the money you spend with B-Air will go to waste.

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7. Stanley


What’s great in the top 7th of the best floor fan is definitely a product from Stanley. By simply looking at the appearance of Stanley, you can also get the fun and chill vibe because it comes in yellow color. Such color will also perfectly match to any design theme, so adding this floor plan to your house is like putting another piece of art to your place. Also, Stanley features floor stand base that allows it to be highly portable, so you can move the fan to anywhere you want without having to uninstall; like those mounted fan.

Moreover, because Stanley floor fan is made from high quality metal, you can look to use it for decades without bothering of getting any new fan. Such durability and quality of the fan also comes with 1-year limited warranty, so any Stanley customer can sleep well after purchasing, knowing that they will stand behind their products regardless. Therefore, this floor fan is one of the must-own tool in your place.

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6. Holmes

Holmes 12-Inch Fan

Here at the top 6th, there is another premium quality floor fan from Holmes. Compare to a lot of floor fan brand in the market, Holmes is almost incompatible because no matter if we are talking about its features or functions, Holmes has them all. One of the most obvious point you can see is that where typical floor fan requires users to walk to the fan and control it manually, Holmes is different because all setting can be easily done by using the remote control, so you don’t have to walk to your fan to set any feature.

Besides, because Holmes can be rotating as it’s operating, it can cover very wide area; which is perfect for any room that is ranged up to 500 sq. ft. Also, this floor fan also has the automatic shutoff timer that you can set to power off the fan at any time you want to. For a perfect mode when you sleep, you will definitely have a great night by simply setting the fan to sleep and breeze mode.

Lastly, Holmes also comes with oversize carry handle that allow users to easily carry it around without damaging the fan.

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5. Geek Aire

Geek Aire Fan

On the top 5th best floor flan in the list belongs to a product of Geek Aire. What’s special about Geek Aire is that it is the type of portable outdoor floor fan which you can use without connecting to the cord. With the built-in battery of up to 15600mAh, it’s big enough that allows users to be able to use it up to 24 hours after a full charge. On the same point, Geek Aire’s battery is also very fast to be charged, so unlike others fan that requires at least 6 hours for full charge, this fan takes only 4 hours. Besides, because Geek Aire uses the aerodynamic and brushless DC motor, the fan is powerful enough to product stable, quiet and strong wind. Such quality allows Geek Aire to be perfect for any camping or outdoor gathering although you can also use it indoor.

Similar to other leading floor fan in the market, Geek Aire also offers 2-year warranty on the product’s quality, so if you have problem happening on the fan after purchasing, you can freely contact to the team 24/7 for full support.

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4. Vornado

Vornado VFAN

Coming to the top 4th best floor fan in the list, here we have this nice looking fan from Vornado. While a lot of floor fans introduced previously are mostly in black color, Vornado is more interesting because it comes with many vintage colors that you can freely choose. A great point of having these colors is that it can add the liveliness of your space by simply using it. Moreover, every part of the fan is made from high quality metal, so the product is highly versatile despite the using time. Besides, Vornado features its signature Vortex airflow that can set the circulation to flow to multi-directions. Everything about Vornado is definitely safe to use because it has been tested and certified has the safe product to meet the state’s requirement.

Last but definitely not least, Vornado is also accompanied with 5-year satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy with the product; even after years you purchased, you can still contact the team back to claim the compensation.

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3. Lasko 2264MQ

Lasko 2264QM

Moving onto the top 3th, another powerful floor fan belongs to a famous brand called Lasko; with a model name 2264MQ. Thousands of users have actually claim that this fan is perfect to use anywhere from your house, office, shop or even garage because it can produce really powerful cooling breeze that is perfect to use in hot summer days especially. Moreover, Lasko 2264MQ also has the pivoting head that can be directed to let the air to flow to any directions. On top of this, when purchase this Lasko model, you don’t only get the floor fan, but this fan can also be easily installed on the wall mount, so it’s like 2 functions in just a product.

It would totally depend on how you want to use this fan. In terms of quality if it’s customer’s main concern, Lasko 2264MQ uses metal as the main material, so no matter how long you use it, it will still remain strong and functional. Besides, this fan is highly effortless to assemble, too. Once you get the product, there will be instruction included in the package and by following the assembling instruction, you will get this premium quality fan in just a few minute.

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2. Lasko 3300

Lasko 3300 20

Another high performance floor fan in the list also belongs to Lasko, this time the model is known as 3300. Similar to the previous fan from Lasko, this Lasko 3300 is no exception in terms of the quality and functions. With the setting of speed that you can use from 1 to 3, Lasko 3300 is one of the must-have fan in any household. What everyone praises about this fan is that it features with highly powerful yet quiet operation motor that always provide a cooling breeze to a wide space coverage while producing no noise that can annoys your relaxing or working time.

Moreover, Lasko is constructed with up to 5 metal blade that can circulate a cool air without speeding up the electric bills, so it’s both energy and economic efficient. Another great point about Lasko 3300 is that it’s designed with a durable built-in carry handle that allows uses to freely move the fan from one location to another without worrying if it can damage the fan. Last but not least, Lasko 3300 comes with fully assembled ready in the package, so once you receive the product, you can use it a second later.

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1. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics Air

Finally, onto the last product in the list which is the most recommended floor fan in the market; it is no doubt a product from AmazonBasics. As always, AmazonBasics is known to be the best supplier of any household products in the modern day, and AmazonBasics gives no exception to producing the most premium quality floor fan. Measured at 14-inch, this floor fan can strongly produce a cooling breeze that satisfy anyone in the room. Moreover, you can also select up to 3 speed levels, so it depends on how strong you want the wind to flow, you can always switch to set it. On the same note, even if the wind flows very strongly from the fan, it unbelievable generates no noise; which is perfect to use for day and night.

Talking about energy consuming by this floor fan, you must not believe that it only takes 120 volt / 55 watt, so it’s safe to say that the fan is highly energy-efficient. Last but not least, one of the best feature about this floor fan is that it can be tilted up to 90-degree, so by deploying this fan anywhere, it can still cover wide area.

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Buying Guide:

To buy the best floor fan, knowing only the top brands of floor fan alone is not enough yet; you still need to know some tips of how to look for the right one. Here we prepare a few short tips that you can also take along when choosing the right floor fan. First of all, it’s important that you look for the features of the fan and that includes from whether the head of the fan can be tilt for multi-directional air flow and the option to choose variety of air speed. The reasons of why these are useful to have in the fan is because then you can have more freedom and flexibility as you use it. The other thing that you need to look for is to see how much energy will the fan consume and usually you can find this information in the product description.

What you want to look for is a fan that doesn’t consume much energy but still highly perform by producing cool and powerful air. Besides, the other thing that is properly less important but also great if you know in advance is whether the fan comes with fully-assembled. It’s especially for those who are lazy or has little time to work on it. Then, looking for the one that’s ready-to-use is highly easy, too.

With this information in hands, you should now be confident to purchase the best floor fan for yourself or as a gift to anyone without any concern.

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