Top 10 best floor carpets in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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For many centuries, floor carpet has always been used as one of the most important part of space decoration because with just a piece of nice and beautifully looked floor carpet can easily complete the look for any space. For this reasons, floor carpet has been designed to offers million varieties of options that a customer can find to match all their preferences no matter if it is about the colors, the patterns, the size or the material of carpets. For anyone who would like to get the great quality floor carpet but you didn’t not have experience to buy it, you know you have come to the right place. In this article, we helps you with choosing the best floor carpet by comprising all the top best 10 floor carpets in 2022; reviewed by real consumers. Do not miss it. Keep reading to find out what these brands are.

List Of Top 10 best floor carpets in 2022

10. BlueSnail

 BlueSnail Super

As the first product in the list, the top 10th best floor carpet is from BlueSnail. What makes BlueSnail ranges number 10 among millions option out there is because this carpet is made of synthetic material which is widely known for its ultra-softness that can offers you absolute comfort as you lay your feet on it. Besides, BlueSnail comes with as a blank color that is very elegant and classic. Such design will not make you feel repetitive as you use it for a long time.

Besides, it also offers different colors options that you can choose, so what colors is your decoration theme, this BlueSnail carpet can still go along well. As long as its size is concern, this floor carpet is measured at 4 feet * 5.3 feet, so it can fit most of the room size. BlueSnail carpet is also effortless to install, use and clean. Hence, with BlueSnail, there is nothing you would have to worry about.

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Moving onto the top 9th, another high quality floor carpet is a product of PAGISOFE. What makes PAGISOFE uniquely outstanding compares to others available products in the market is it is made of premium grade faux fur that is beyond classic and superior. Moreover, it feels highly comfortable as you touch the fur which length is up to 1.2 inches long, so you would feel incredibly great when owning this. When it comes to cleaning, this floor carpet can be easily washed by using had or by wiping it with cold water; then you can try it naturally. By doing that, your carpet is always hygienic and fresh all the time. Talking about the size, this carpet is measured at 120*160 cm, so it’s not too big nor too small to fit perfectly in any space. In term of shape and color, PAGISOFE offers a big variety of option to choose; counting from round to rectangular shape with more than two dozen of colors.

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8. Ninja

Ninja Brand Gripper

Next onto the top 8th, we have this high quality top brand floor carpet from Ninja. By just a glance looking at the carpet, you can already tell how premium quality this carpet is. A lot of people use and love Ninja because it’s designed with very cute and elegant look pattern. Such pattern allows it to go very well anywhere from living room to bedroom or office decoration. Besides, it is also lightweight as it’s constructed with high quality materials. On top of this, because it uses open wave design as the pattern, it makes the carpet very easy to be clean by simply using vacuum machine, so there won’t be such things as odors or mold sticking to your carpet.  Now when it comes to size, this carpet is highly customizable because with any size you want it to be; you can simply cut and trim it with the scissor. This rug is be perfect to use with any pad lying underneath. What’s also special is that Ninja floor carpet also comes with 10 years money back guarantee right after you purchase the product. If you are unhappy about the product, you can return it back to the company with no single question asked.

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7. Sweet Home Stores

Sweet Home Stores

What’s special here at the top 7th is the high quality floor carpet from Sweet Home Stores. The reason that this product is highly rated is because it uses polypropylene as the material as this input is known to have a premium lavishly texture that’s both soft and comfy. Besides, this carpet is also backed with sturdy jute in order to protect the carpet from getting spoiled easily by water or mold; hence, makes it serviced with longer lifespan. On top of that, because this carpet is also come with non-shedding and anti-stain pile, you can sit back and relax knowing that you don’t have to worry about maintaining it. Last but not least, the floor carpet also offers hassle-free return policy after you purchase this rug, so if you are not completely satisfied with the product, you can contact them back anytime.

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6. DoubleCheck Products

Heavy Duty Carpet

Moving onto the top 6th, you can find one of the best floor carpet in the market in DoubleCheck Products. What’s special about this compares to other products so far in the list is that this floor mat is made specially for office chair because it is super high duty and thick at the same time, so the surface is sturdy enough to support the chair without letting the wheels to sink into the products. Moreover, it’s made with transparent finish, so you can easily use it with any type of surface without concerning if the two would match. On top of that, it’s also powerful when it comes to gripping to the surface, so not only it can keep your mat remains firmly in a place, but it can also protect your floor from getting scratches. Last but not least, with this DoubleCheck Products chair mat, it’s also highly beneficial to the environment because it’s free from any bad chemical substance like phthalate or volatile, so by using this, you are contributing to the green environment.

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YJ.GWL Super Soft

Moving onto the top 5th, another top best floor carpet in the list belongs to YJ.GWL. A great point about this product is that it’s made with ultra-superior faux fur which is highly elastic and super soft texture. Moreover, this floor carpet is also made to be hypoallergenic, so any users with sensitive skin can freely use it any concern. This carpet is also designed with non-slip suede backing, so it can stay in a place without moving or causing slippery to consumers as they walk on. This type of floor carpet has been widely used and posted by many people on social media because of its elegance and quality. You can also use it at many different whether because in winter; especially, this rug can also keep you warm against the cold floor. For maintaining, you can easily wash this carpet in the laundry machine and dry it up naturally.

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4. SoftLife

 Softlife Fluffy Faux

Another product that stands strongly as the top 4th best floor carpet is from SoftLife. If you can’t tell by the brand name of the product, this carpet is made from high density fluffy faux rabbit fur, so when it comes to softness, other products would be it hard to beat what SoftLife floor carpet can gives. With the size measured at 3 x 5 feet, this premium carpet can go along with every spaces; even kids or elders loves the softness of it. At the bottom part of the carpet, there is the non-slip and wear resistant leather lining that is to prevent the carpet from moving away from its marked area. On top of this, SoftLife floor carpet can also be cleaned in the washing machine by simply putting it in the laundry bag and dried in the ventilated area. Every time you make a purchase of this carpet, you would also get a free return or replacement of the product if you find it unsatisfied enough to use.

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3. AmazonBasics

 AmazonBasics Polycarbonate

Moving onto the top 3rd, the best floor carpet in this rank belongs to AmazonBasics product. As you may already know how famously high quality AmazonBasics products are, this floor carpet is no exception. What makes this outstanding is it’s the type of chair mat that is made of superior polycarbonate input; which is not only long lasting but it also doesn’t produce any bad smell as you use. This floor mat is perfect to protect your beautiful floor surface from getting any damage as you roll your chair around. Moreover, with the mat that doesn’t slip or slide aside, it can stay secure without consuming your effort to move it to the right place again. This mat is measured at 47×35 inhes, so it’s right a perfect size as the office chair mat. Last but definitely not least, AmazonBasic chair mat is also backed by leading AmazonBasics’ 1-year warranty to make sure you’re completely comfortable with purchasing and using the mat.

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2. Unique Loom

Unique Loom 3134028

At the top 2nd best floor carpet in 2022 list is another superior quality carpet from Unique Loom. What’s special about Unique Loom is that because the carpet is made to be strong against any invasion of mold, water, mildew or stain, it’s perfect to use in any area where there is high traffic of people; such as in living room or waiting room, because its quality allows this mat to stay durably last long despite any intense use. Moreover, it’s very easy to clean, too. A lot of people can get rid of all the bad spot after using this carpet by simply vacuuming or cleaning it with carpet shampoo, so the carpet remains surprisingly fresh and new. There are many great color selections you can choose, too. The most purchased carpet from Unique Loom is in Gray color, anyway. Besides, this mat size is perfectly enough to use anywhere as it’s measured at 4 x 6 feet, so no it can go with wherever you wish to place it.

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1. Safavieh

 Safavieh Madison

Moving to the last product which is the best floor carpet ever made and sold on the market in 2022 is this product from Safavieh. Without any first introduction of the product, by a mere look of it, you can easily tell that the product is surely elegant because it gives the amazing vibe that reflects the superior of your taste. For almost a century already that this carpet has been everyone’s favorite to features as a part of space decoration because it can go perfect whether your concept is bohemian, modern, vintage, contemporary or classic. Moreover, this kind of abstract pattern can go along very well with any type of floors; regardless if your flooring is made of tile, marble, or even wooden floor. Also because it has the pattern on it, it can helps hiding any highly visible stain on it, too. On top of that, because Safavieh carpet is made of polypropylene fibers, so it’s no doubt very easy to take care of when it comes to cleaning or washing. This carpet can cover the area up to 38.12 square feet, so it’s perfect to use in living room or bedroom. There are many color options to choose, too. So you can look for any color you prefer.

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Buying Guide: Floor Carpet

When buying the floor carpet, there are a few tips you should take along. First of all, it’s important that you look for the match size of the carpet as compares to your space size. It’s always perfect that the carpet is not too big or too small. Let’s say if you are going to use it in the living room, the best carpet should at least cover the sofa area and it should go beyond or is smaller than that. Besides, it’s also useful to choose the type of material that’s used for the carpet. In other word, you may check if it’s made with faux fur, polypropylene or any synthetic material because then you can decide how and where you should use it. For example, if you prefer the faux fur type, the carpet should be put in a private space like bedroom instead of the high traffic area like living. Last but not least, you can also check the colors option. It’s highly recommended that you purchase any color of carpet that would match your decoration theme, so it looks perfectly matched.

To conclude, for anyone who are interesting in purchasing the best floor carpet, this article is a perfect source of information that you can rely on.

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