Top 10 Best Electric Scooters for Adult Reviews In 2022

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Electric scooters are a perfect choice for environmentally-friendly vehicles that serve as a convenient option when commuting. These scooters are battery operated and designed to take minimal space, which means that you can use them to commute through the busiest sections around town.

Given that electric scooters are a better alternative to public transport, you will want to make the right decision before purchasing one. To help you with that, listed below are the 10 best electric scooters for adults. Read on so that you can buy a model that combines performance and sturdiness in a lightweight and portable design.

Top 10 Best Electric Scooters for Adult Reviews

10-RND Electric Scooters for Adults Folding Commuting Scooter

RND Electric Scooter for Adults Folding

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Scoot in style with the help of RND Electric Scooter. Equipped with a 250watt motor, the scooter can climb a slope that is 20degrees steep. Asides that, it is equipped with a 18650 all-core power lithium battery. The battery can last 6-8 Miles after a full charge and last over 500 cycles. The battery is equipped with a BMS battery management system. The system monitors the working status to ensure safety while driving.

Also, there are 6.5″ solid wheels. The wheels feature an advanced high-strength suspension shock absorption feature. The result is the ability to glide through rough terrain smoothly to assure you of a safe and comfortable ride. The scooter features a 9.9kg net weight while it supports a maximum load of 120kgs. Because of the dual brakes comprising an E-ABS brake and disc brake, you can be sure to benefit from double safety while using the commuting scooter.

Key features

  • Patented one-button control guarantees easy folding.
  • High-quality deck material enhances strength.
  • The battery takes 2 to 4 hours to charge.
  • IPS waterproof rating makes it suitable when used in light rain.

9-Adult Electric Scooter Foldable Easy Carry Portable Design

SKRT Electric Scooter Commuter Scooter

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A fun and affordable way to get around town lies in using the SKRT Electric Scooter. It features a 48V 12Ah battery enabling it to offer an 18.6miles range per charge. Asides that, there is a 350watt motor that enables it to move at speeds up to 18miles per hour. The scooter includes a 10″ wheelbase while it weighs 52lbs. It supports a maximum rider weight of up to 220lbs. Because of the folding design, it is a great choice for a portable scooter. Also, there is a front and back hand-disk brake system assuring you of safety when using it.

Key features

  • The loud volume bike horn ensures passenger safety.
  • Front and rear LED lights to offer perfect night visibility.
  • Battery capacity indicator lets you know when it is time to recharge.
  • 5″ air tires offer a smooth glide.

8-Hiboy MAX Adult Electric Scooters

Hiboy MAX Electric Scooters

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A perfect commute companion when looking for a sturdy and portable electric scooter is Hiboy MAX Electric Scooter. It features a reinforced frame to enhance strength. Furthermore, it features a one-step fold design allowing you to collapse it and carry it one-handedly. The scooter is suitable for use by people with larger feet because if the wider foot anti-slip pedal. Asides that, it includes 8.5″ shock-absorbing anti-slip tires to offer a safe and comfortable ride.

Because of the 350watt motor, the scooter can boast a maximum speed of 18.6mph and take you through a 15% steep hill. Better, it packs a long-range 270WH battery. Because of this, it can offer a 17miles range coverage after a single charge. MAX electric scooter connects via Bluetooth to an app on Android or iOS devices so that you can view several riding statics. Asides that, it includes a clear LED screen for relieved riding experience.

Key features

  • Dual headlights for safe night riding.
  • The braking system improves safety during use.
  • The scooter locks in place after folding to enhance convenience and safety.

7-Razor EcoSmart Metro Bamboo Deck Electric Scooter for Adults

Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter For Adults

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Introducing Razor EcoSmart Metro, this is a battery-operated electric scooter for adults. The unit derives its power from a 36V sealed Lead-acid Rechargeable Battery. The battery offers up to 40 minutes of continuous use to reduce the need for frequent recharging. Additionally, the scooter packs a 500-watt torque motor. The motor allows it to move at speeds up to 18mph to make neighborhood transportation fast and efficient.

The scooter features a bamboo deck for emissions-free transportation. Better, it includes a powder-coated frame to assure you of getting an electric bike that is designed to last. Because of the variable speed throttle control, you can stay in charge of the speed to ensure safe gliding on different slopes. Furthermore, the scooter features a rear disc braking system for easy stopping and speed reduction.

The seat is ultra-padded, which means that you can sit on it for hours with an assurance of comfort. Also, there are 16″pneumatic tube tires on spoke wheels for smooth gliding on different terrains. The rear-wheel-drive is another addition for increased traction and control. Moreover, the motor operates quietly to help reduce noise emission. The scooter weighs 67 lbs while it supports a maximum rider weight up to 220lbs.

Key features

  • Removable luggage rack and basket to carry some shopping.
  • The scooter doesn’t release any emissions.
  • Battery weight is balanced on the centerline of the frame to enhance stability.
  • Retractable kickstand for convenient packing.

6-Swagtron Height-Adjustable Kick Scooter for Teens

Swagtron Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults

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The answer to the best electric bike for riders with active lifestyles is Swagtron Commuter Kick Scooter. Featuring a foldable design, you can fold it down in three quick steps so that you can carry it wherever you need it. Better, the scooter weighs under 10 pounds. As a result, you don’t have to worry about unmanageable weight after getting it. Despite the lightweight design, the bike is strong enough to manage a 220pounds weight capacity.

Moreover, it is highly flexible for use on bumpy and uneven pavements. The reason is the extra-large 200mm wheels designed to offer a smooth glide. Each wheel includes ABEC-9 bearings. The bearings are balanced on each of the wheels for precision and stability. The scooter is comfortable to use because of the ergonomic handle grips made using premium EVA material. Better, it is safe to use. The reason is the non-slip grip tape on the broad deck designed to offer a secure footing.

Key features

  • Attention-grabbing bell to ensure pedestrian safety.
  • ASTM F2264 certified to guarantee safety.
  • An adjustable aluminum-alloy stem makes it suitable for users of different heights.
  • Soft foam grips offer comfort and a secure grip.

5-COZYSWAN Foldable Electric Scooters with Super Bright Front

COZYSWAN Electric Kick Scooter

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A perfect combination of style, comfort, and functionality is COZYSWAN Electric Kick Scooter. Built to take a beat, it features a reinforced frame to enhance strength. Asides that, the unit packs a 250watt motor and a 4Ah Battery with a maximum travel range up to 6.8miles. You can fold the scooter using the 1-second foot-actuated folding mechanism to enhance portability. Also, you can use it at night with an assurance of safety because if the included headlights.

The front-wheel features a heavy-coil suspension system that absorbs shock while minimizing bouncing while riding. Asides that, there is an excellent braking system that enables the brake to respond fast and enhance users’ safety. An LCD screen is included in the unit to help you know the speed, time, and battery life. Also, there is a cruise and speed control designed to offer easy control of the ride.

Key features

  • The long-range battery supports a 6.8miles range.
  • Easy-fold design for easy storage.
  • The scooter supports a maximum rider weight of up to 264lbs.

4-Emaxusa Portable Folding Electric Scooters for Adults

Emaxusa Electric Scooter for Adults

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This is a UL certified E-mobility electric scooter. It packs a 300watts motor that supports maximum speeds up to 15.8mph and the ability to tackle hills that are 15% steep. The double brake system comprises E-ABS brakes and disc brakes for double safety. Asides that, there is a 6AH Lithium Polymer battery that utilizes a smart battery system. The battery delivers a maximum range of up to 16 miles based on the road conditions. The scooter includes 8.5″ pneumatic tires that offer a smooth glide on different road conditions. You can get it when looking for a portable model because of the collapsible aluminum frame.

Key features

  • LED lights guarantee safety at night.
  • Brake lights offer a safer ride.
  • Hand-activated brakes offer smooth stopping power.
  • The scooter supports a 264lbs weight capacity.

3-FAST Adjustable Scooter Easy Folding System

Kids/Adult Scooter with 3 Seconds Easy-Folding System

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Next in the review is_ FAST 88 Folding Adjustable Scooter. It features a lightweight frame designed to support a maximum rider weight of up to 220lbs. Additionally, the unit features hi-speed 200mm wheels enabling it to offer a smooth glide. The deck features a low-to-the-ground design allowing it to deliver unmatched stability. Also, there is a foot rear brake that offers smooth stopping power. Because of the patented folding mechanism, the scooter is a perfect choice when looking for a model that is easy to carry. Better, it features an 8.8lbs weight assuring you of getting a lightweight model.

Key features

  • Anti-skid and frosting humanized design enhances comfort and safety.
  • Adjustable height makes it suitable for use by people of different heights.
  • Built-in kickstand for easy packing.

2-Hikole Dual Suspension and Shoulder Strap Scooters for Adults Teens

Hikole Scooters for Adults Teens, Kick Scooter with Adjustable Height

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Designed for urban, city, and sub-urban pavements, Hikole Scooter for Adults, is designed with features that are guaranteed to offer a smooth glide. Among these features is its 200mm big wheels. The wheels incorporate a dual suspension system and ABEC-7 bearings. The result is the ability to reduce impacts to offer a smooth glide in a range of terrains. Asides that, the scooter features a foot rear braking system and a large aluminum brake pedal. Hence, you can expect it to stop fast to guarantee user safety.

The scooter features a durable metal material designed to support a 220lbs weight capacity. Asides that, it features a broad and high-density aluminum-alloy frame deck that offers enough ground clearance for the feet. The adjustable handlebar adjusts to three levels making it suitable for teens, adults, and kids above the age of ten. Also, the handlebar features soft rubber grips so that it can offer comfort and a sure grip. Because of the easy-folding mechanism, the adult kick scooter is a perfect choice for quick storage and transportation.

Key features

  • A retractable kickstand guarantees easy storage.
  • Included carry strips enhance portability.
  • Dual suspension on the front and rear wheels offer a smooth ride.

1-Lascoota Folding Dual Suspension System Scooters for Kids

Lascoota Scooters for Kids 8 Years and up

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Are you a teen or adult looking for a fun way to get around town? Well, I would recommend that you purchase Lascoota Scooter. Designed for kids aged eight years and above, the scooter will never outgrow you. It features a handlebar that adjusts to four height options.  You can modify the handlebar to 35″, 37″ or 39″ depending on the height of the user. Adding to that, the scooter is equipped with 205mm PU cast Hi-rebound wheels.

The wheels are wear-resistant and designed with a shock absorption mechanism so that you can get a smooth experience on different kinds of pavement. Because of the push-up folding mechanism, the scooter is a perfect choice for one that is easy to carry. Better, it comes with a carry strap to enhance portability. The unit includes an aluminum and steel frame to enhance strength. Its handle features a comfortable rubber material, which means that you can be sure to get a comfortable and stable grip.

Key features

  • A broad deck provides a sure footing.
  • Reliable brakes for easy stopping.
  • Front suspension withstands daily use and abuse.
  • The scooter is availed in six fashionable designs.
  • A kickstand holds it in an upright position during storage.


The best electric scooters are a great choice when you want to exercise more when commuting or reduce the carbon footprint.  So, whether you are looking for a model that will help you ride to and away from work or move around town, you can get one of the reviewed products and be sure to get a smooth ride in all cases.

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