TOP 10 Best Dog Diapers in 2022 – Reviews and Guides

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People say dog is man’s best friend. This saying holds the truth till today since many times they have proved us that they love us more than themselves. Not only do they protect us from danger, but also they always stay with us. No matter how hard the situation could be, they would never leave their owners. As they grow old, some dog owners may find that their dogs need to wear a diaper because similar to humans, elder dogs may also lose their function control such as urination as well. In this article, we will recommend you ten dog diapers that are best use for your senior dogs. Moreover, just in case you cannot decide which one you should buy, you will also find a helpful buying guide at the end of the article as well.

List Of Top 10 Best Dog Diapers in 2022

10. Vet’s Best

Vet's Best Comfort Fit Dog

First of all, we would like to introduce you to a product from Vet’s Best which guarantees comfortability for your dogs. This is a disposable dog diapers that can be used for many occasions such as when the female dogs are in heat, when your dogs are having urinary problems, and even when you want to go out with your dogs. This diaper could fit the medium size dogs whose waist ranges from 19.5 to 27.5 inches. A full package of this product contains 30 diapers, which are the best in preventing leak and mess. Moreover, it is easy to know when you need to change this diaper for your dogs because of the wetness indicator. With this diaper, your senior dogs will enjoy its experience!

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9. Simple Solution

Simple Solution Disposable

This is another great product from Simple Solution. Thirty disposable diapers that come along this full package are specially made for dogs with an 18-to-27-inch waist. They all come with adjustable fit sizes, making your dogs feel more comfortable. However, we recommend you measure your dog’s waist before making purchase in order to ensure a perfect fit size. Each diaper is a leak-proof and super absorbent fabric, protecting from any accidents in your home. In addition, it is safe and very easy to use this one as it will not stubbornly stick to the fur. There is also a wetness indicator that will tell you when the best time is to change.

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8. Four Paws Wee-Wee

Wee-Wee Disposable Diapers

The next product is Four Paws, which is also best-known for its leak-proof system. It absorbs the moisture so well and a single diaper could use up to 12 hours. Wee-Wee has two different packages that you could choose – 12 or 36 diapers. It has a stretchable waistband that could fit the dog’s body. Beside having a wetness indicator, this diaper also has a foam-fit hole for your dog’s tail. Wee-Wee disposable diapers are the best solution in dog’s waste management and could be used in almost every occasion such as during dog training, or when your pet dogs are incontinent. Using Four Paws Wee-Wee diapers will lessen the challenge in cleaning up the mess of your pets!

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7. OUT!

OUT! Disposable Male Dog Diapers

This product is specifically designed for male dogs. OUT! comes with two sizes: XS/S for a 13-18-inch waist and M/L for 18-25-inch waist. Besides having a stretchable and fur-safe wrap, the diaper itself is very comfortable to use as it also has leak-proof barriers that prevent from any accidents. What’s more is that it also comes with an indicator that will tell you about the level of wetness. OUT! will secure that there will be no inconvenience in cleaning, and it will keep your place clean from your dog’s waste. The full package contains 32 disposable wraps that could be used for up to 5-7 days depending on your dogs. OUT! will definitely be worth your money!

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6. Dr. Judy Morgan’s Naturally Healthy Pets

Dr. Judy Morgan's Naturally

Coming up next, we would like to introduce you to an environmentally friendly product which is a reusable female dog diaper. Is this a really good one to use? Yes, it is and in fact, we strongly recommend everyone to use this as it could help our environment too. This diaper is washable, and it could just be put into a washing machine. Pet owners will have to hang or just lay it flat to dry. Not to mention the fact that it has various cute designs, this diaper can also be used with your other pets like cats. The package of this product comes with three different sizes of diapers: small (8-9-inch waist), medium (10-14-inch waist), and large (18-27-inch waist). Therefore, you may need to measure the waist before the purchase.

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5. Pet Parents

Pet Parents Washable Dog

Our top fifth is the washable diaper from Pet Parents which comes with three different colors per package including black, gray, and brown. It has five different sizes of waist: XS, S, M, L, and XL. Plus, this product could save you a lot of money as you could reuse it for multiple times for both male and female dogs. The diaper could hold up lots of moisture inside a waterproof outer layer and makes your dog feel comfortable throughout the day. Besides its stylish look and high-quality design, you will find out that it is very convenient to use this diaper as it will also not stick to your dog’s fur. From now on, your family will be free from having to clean up the floor and the sofas.

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4. Teamoy

Teamoy Reusable Female Dog

The list would not be complete without Teamoy, which is another high-quality brand of female dog diaper. Designed to save the environment, this reusable diaper is made of soft and great-quality fabric that would not suffocate your dog and is good at absorbing and very permeable. It also has waterproof outer layer that helps prevent any leakage or spill. Moreover, the belly band is made of long elastic tapes, making it easier to adjust and wear for your little girls. What’s more interesting is that it also has a hole for your dog’s tail making her feel more relaxed and enjoy the experience more. In a single package, you will get four pieces with four beautiful colors – light green, purple, pink, and black.

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3. Philodogs

Philodogs Dog Diapers

Next is one of the most recommended diapers. Philodogs offers attractive and good-quality design of dog diapers which is leak-proof and super absorbent. The adjustable wraps are there to make your dog feel more fit and comfortable. Inside the diaper, your dog will feel even more cozy due to the soft and non-abrasive fabric. It also has a tail hole and is very easy to use. This washable diaper is best used for puppies, when your female dogs are in heat, or having incontinence. Your dogs are going to love this!

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LUXJA Reusable Female Dog

Luxja offers 4 pieces of washable female dog diapers with four extra pads in a package. There are four colors: rose red, green, purple, and gray. Similar to other diapers, this one is ensured with its comfortability as it has water-resistant outer layer and absorbent layers inside. The extra detachable pads are there for a reason as they are often used for nighttime. Each diaper has elastic edges and a tail hole. It almost takes no effort to use this one! Luxja comes with five sizes in which you should choose. You may need to measure the waist of your dogs according to the instruction of the product as the size might be different from other brands.

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1. Pet Soft

Pet Soft Disposable Male Wrap

Pet Soft supplies disposable diapers that are of great use with male dogs that have urination problems or have incontinence. There are 48 wraps per pack. With waterproof outer layer, the diaper is good at preventing leaks. It also has super absorbent core which can absorb the moisture very quickly. Inside the diaper is non-woven and soft, providing cozy feeling for your dogs. With this diaper, you will have a peace of mind and will enjoy travelling with your adult dogs more freely.

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Buying Guide

Buying a diaper for babies could be stressful for parents sometimes. This is also a similar case compared to buying a diaper for your pet dogs. Nevertheless, after you read this buying guide, you may feel more decisive.

  • Male or female diapers: There are many kinds of dog diapers available on the market. Some are for male, while some are for female dogs. Some could be used for both male and female pets. We highly recommend you choose a diaper that is multi-functional, meaning that you can use it for both male and female dogs or cats in various occasions.
  • Size should also be prioritized before buying. You need to measure your dogs’ waist beforehand in order to buy a diaper that is fit and comfortable-to-use for your beloved dogs.
  • Disposable or Washable: Both types of diapers are very popular and convenient to use. But if you want to save more money, try using washable diapers! Moreover, we also strongly recommend you use environmentally friendly products too!


In summary, we have introduced you ten most recommended dog diapers in which some of them are disposable and some are reusable. All of these products are very excellent to use, and they have all been proved by countless users already. Therefore, we highly recommend you buy one of these for your pet dogs. We hope you enjoy our review and make a good decision. However, if you haven’t decided yet, you may need to read some tips in the buying guide below.


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