TOP 10 Best Compact Camera Reviews in 2022

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Compact camera is always recommended for vloggers. However, people who like to come with fashions as well as take quality pictures are also recommended for the compact cameras. Here are the top ten best compact cameras in 2022 with a buying guide.

List Of Top Best Compact Camera Reviews in 2022


Polaroid Snap Touch Portable

POLAROID compact camera is a compact camera with a basic design. Six colors of choices are offered including black, blue, pink, purple, red and white. POLAROID compact camera is offered, by the manufacturer, with three choices of packages such as POLAROID compact camera ONLY, POLAROID compact camera & gift bundle as well as POLAROID compact camera & paper 50 packs. POLAROID compact camera had been designed, by the manufacturer, with three features inside one machine. The three features are pointing, shooting and printing. With POLAROID compact camera’s touchscreen display, you could frame each shut and press single shutter button so as for the printing function to work automatically. Because of the featured Zink Zero & INK piece of technology, POLAROID compact camera could easily print 2×3 inches paper prints with colorful quality. POLAROID compact camera’s manufacturer had also built a mobile application for both Android and iOS. You could upload pictures from the camera to your smartphones via Bluetooth and edit the picture.

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Ricoh GR II Digital Camera

RICOH compact camera had been designed with a style of conventional compact camera. However, because RICOH is offered with a black color, the color gives the compact camera a sleek and modern look. RICOH’s manufacturer offers four different packages including RICOH compact camera ONLY, RICOH compact camera with single 32GB memory card, RICOH compact camera with single battery as well as RICOH compact camera with a case. Per full single charge, RICOH compact camera’s battery allows you to record videos for 45 minutes or take 320 shots of pictures. Besides, RICOH compact camera could offer 16.9-megapixel quality image. Images could come in both DNG RAW and JPG. Moreover, full-HD quality videos could be recorded by RICOH compact camera. Users could transfer pictures and videos from RICOH compact camera to your smartphones through Wi-Fi or NFC connectivity.

RICOH compact camera has an overall weight of 9.6 ounces.

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Sony RX0 II 1

SONY RXO compact camera comes with a box-like design consists of two parts. The one piece features camera’s lens while another part features a LED screen. You could not see the LED screen if you do not rotate the LED-screen part.

SONY RXO is offered, by the manufacturer, with two packages such as SONY RXO compact camera ONLY as well as SONY RXO compact camera with vlogger bundle. SONY RXO compact camera gives users 15.3MP image quality.

Meanwhile, per single charge, SONY RXO could last for 240 shots or 60-minute continuous video recording. Besides, SONY RXO compact camera is featured with image stabilization. As a result, SONY RXO compact camera is highly recommended for people who like to record videos or vloggers. SONY RXO’s package includes items such as single instruction manual, memory card’s protector, wrist strap, USB cable, AC adaptor and single rechargeable battery pack.

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GR III Digital Compact

GR III compact camera is similar in a look with RICOH compact camera. The similar looks also include the shared black color. GR III compact camera is offered with three choices such as GR III compact camera ONLY, GR III compact camera with a soft case as well as GR III compact camera with adapts and lens. GR III compact camera could give you 24MP image quality while high-speed focus is possible with GR III too. The camera features a 3-inch LCD touch screen. Users could connect GR III compact camera with their smartphones through a USB cable.

Moreover, they could watch in real time what GR III camera is recording on their smartphones. The feature is possible because of GR III’s wireless LAN ability. Lastly, total weight of GR III compact camera’s is 9.1 ounces. All three packages come with single Lithium-ion batteries.

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 Panasonic LUMIX

LUMIX had been designed as a digital, fashionable and solid compact camera. There are three choices potential users could get such as the basic 64GB Bundle, the middle-ranged 128GB Bundle as well as the premium 64GB Bundle. LUMIX compact camera could give image quality of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. LUMIX’s image resolution is larger than full-HD image quality by four times. Beside the basic image resolution, LUMIX  compact camera could shoot 4K videos too. 30 frames could be taken per second with LUMIX compact camera, so you could select the few best-quality pictures from those 30 pictures. The main LUMIX compact camera has a 3.4 pounds weight. There is a warranty with LUMIX as well.

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Canon PowerShot

CANON POWERSHOT had been manufactured as an extra-compact camera. CANON POWERSHOT is offered with three choices including the black CANON POWERSHOT compact camera, the purple CANON POWERSHOT compact camera as well as the silver CANON POWERSHOT compact camera. CANON POWERSHOT camera offers a 20.2 MP image quality. With DIGIC 4+ Processor, excellent image quality could easily be delivered by the compact camera. Moreover, you could zoom 12 times to capture detailed images. Features build inside CANON POWERSHOT compact camera give you ease and flexibility. Taking pictures or videos at night or in a fast speed remains high quality with CANON POWERSHOT compact camera as CANON POWERSHOT itself gives you stability and automatic correction. The auto-correction as well as stable shots are possible due to the built-in innovative intelligence system. Furthermore, 1080P video quality could be captured by CANON POWERSHOT compact camera as well. Lastly, the product’s weight is 4.6 ounces.

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Panasonic Lumix

LUMIX LX100 II compact camera is a sleek and modern compact camera. The product has three styles including DC-LX100M2, DMC-LX100K as well as DMC-LX100S. Moreover, LUMIX LX100 II compact camera has two offers such as LUMIX LX100 II compact camera ONLY as well as LUMIX LX100 II camera with a travel pack. 17MP image quality is a basic feature with LUMIX LX100 II. Nonetheless, LUMIX LX100 II could capture images and videos with 4K quality too. Users are able to capture 30 frames per single second. For camera-phone connectivity, there are two choices users could get including Bluetooth 4.2 or Wi-Fi. Users could transfer or connect between LUMIX LX100 II and your smartphones real-time with Bluetooth. For a Wi-Fi connectivity, camera users are required to download a Panasonic application on your iOS/Android operation system.

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3. ELPH 180

 Canon PowerShot

ELPH 180 camera has two colors such as red and silver. There are two choices for potential users as well. The one choice is ELPH 180 compact camera ONLY as well as ELPH 180 compact camera with a 32GB card. To capture detailed images, users could zoom 8 times with featured stabilizer piece of technology. The camera could shoot for 20MP image quality. Moreover, HD video quality of 720p could be guaranteed with ELPH 180 too. More special than some aforementioned compact cameras, the built-in Smart Automatic Intelligence system could give the right settings for particular landscapes because the system itself pre-analyze the surrounding environment when you are switching on the product.

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Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark

CANON G9 X compact camera combines both classic and modern vibes. Parts where your hands need to hold CANON G9 X compact camera is covered with leather while CANON G9 X compact camera’s flashlight is loading from the mentioned camera. By small and large, CANON G9 X compact camera looks modern. However, there is a vibe of classic cameras in the 1980s with the product itself. Canon offers two colors to be chosen from, including silver and black. CANON G9 X compact camera has a 20.1 MP shooting capability too. Moreover, with CANON G9 X compact camera’s touch screen LED, you could control various settings of CANON G9 X’s with your fingertips.

CANON G9 X has a total weight of 7.2 ounces. Lastly, the compact camera is special for its pocket size, lightweight and ultra-slim features.

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1. RX100 VII

Sony RX100 VII Premium

RX100 VII compact camera is a modern camera because of its modern outlook. Three customized options are offered to people including RX100 VII compact camera ONLY, RX100 VII compact camera with grip kit as well as RX100 VII compact camera with jacket case. RX100 VII is a 20.1MP quality camera. Images could be captured in 0.02 second. Because of the built-in AI, the compact camera could track for movies and stills in real time. Furthermore, 4K videos could easily be taken by RX100 VII. The product has a weight of 9.8 ounces.

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Buying Guide: Compact Cameras

Image Resolutions: Potential compact camera users are expected to consider only compact cameras with high resolutions. Nowadays, smartphones’ cameras are catching up with the traditional cameras. Please consider only the qualities and features cameras of smartphones’ could not replace.

Compact Size: All the mentioned compact cameras are compact. However, each product has a different compact size. Meanwhile, those sizes are varied. Extra-compact cameras might come with limited qualities, but this is not always the case.


Compact cameras are recommended for people who like to take videos or have a side job as vloggers. Please consider features such as image resolutions and compact size to get the right products.

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