TOP 10 Best Budget Laptops in 2021 – Reviews and Guides

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Budget laptops are acceptable to be used for administrative jobs, studying as well as watching movies. Because budget laptops come with many limitations, here are the top ten best budget laptops in 2021 with very few limitations and the review’s buying guide.

List Of Top Best Budget Laptops in 2021


 Jumper EZbook X3 Windows

JUMPER budget laptop is a sleek and modern laptop. The budget laptop had been designed with a similar look to MacBook. JUMPER is offered with Windows 10 while the product is powered by the Intel processor of N3350 Dual Core which delivers stable multifunctioning as well as smooth operation. JUMPER budget laptop comes with IPS HD screen of 13.3 inches too. Besides, a maximum image quality of 1920 x 1080 resolution is delivered, so users are able to enjoy full movie and video experience as well as browse the Internet with colorful screen playing. As mentioned, JUMPER is a compact and sleek budget laptop. JUMPER’s thickness is only 8mm. As a result, JUMPER budget laptop is highly recommended for coffee shop, office or home. Moreover, 64GB ROM as well as 6GB RAM had been manufactured with JUMPER budget laptop. While the 64GB storage is not large for a modern laptop, it is fairly huge for a budget laptop. You could store important data while other data could be stored with cloud services. A one-year warranty is offered with JUMPER.

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Dell Latitude E6430 Laptop

LATITUDE E6430 is a budget laptop with solid build and large size with a weight of 4.6 pounds. LATITUDE E6430 is featured with Core i5 Intel third generation. Meanwhile, the laptop had been installed with Windows 10. Besides, the solid budget laptop has a 128GB hard drive along an 8GB RAM. Users could play DVDs with LATITUDE E6430’s DVD player too. While the budget laptop comes with a webcam, the product’s screen display is 14.1 inches. LATITUDE E6430’s package includes LATITUDE E6430 budget laptop and one Lithium-ion battery. LATITUDE E6430’s manufacturer offers a three-month full-refund or replacement policy for his/her customers.

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8. MSI GF63

 MSI GF63 Thin 9SC

MSI GF63 is not a conventional budget laptop. The budget laptop for gaming had been built solid while the overall product’s design itself is powerful because of the product’s brush aluminum cover. MSI GF63 budget laptop has a screen display of 15.6 inches while the image quality offered is full HD. MSI GF63 laptop machine had been equipped with high-tech chip of Core i5 Intel. The budget laptop for video editing’s memory storage is 512GB. For a full battery, MSI GF63 budget laptop could last for 7 hours. Lastly, although MSI GF63 budget laptop is a solid budget laptop; the product comes with a weight of only 4.10 lbs. MSI GF63 budget laptop’s thickness is only 0.85 inches too. The budget laptop for photo editing is highly recommended for users who play online games or work/study in the fields of graphic design, architecture, engineering and more.

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7. CHUWI Herobook

CHUWI Herobook 14.1 inch

CHUWI Herobook budget laptop is a sleek yet large-sized budget laptop. While CHUWI Herobook is supported by Windows 10, CHUWI Herobook budget laptop is powered by Atom XS-E8000 Intel, so you could enjoy full experience of stable multitasking and smooth operation. CHUWI Herobook had been featured with HD Graphics Intel too. With the image graphics quality, CHUWI Herobook users could play games with full experience, edit photos as well as browse the Internet with relax. Besides, CHUWI Herobook has a webcam. Meanwhile, the product’s screen display comes as a 14.1-inch screen display. Furthermore, CHUWI Herobook budget laptop had been equipped with 64GB ROM as well as 4GB Ram, like some aforementioned budget laptops. The features are not huge in size, but they could accommodate basic operations and storages such as office and/or school works. Lastly, CHUWI Herobook budget laptop is featured with seven ports such as TF card, Micro-SD slot, headphone jack, fast-charge port and more.

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Flagship Dell Inspiron

FLAGSHIP budget laptop is a conventional budget laptop. However, the product has some special features of its owns. FLAGSHIP’s screen display comes in 11.6 inches. The WLED screen is energy-saving. Besides, FLAGSHIP budget laptop is powered by N3060 Intel Dual Core processor. FLAGSHIP laptop is also specified with 4GB SDRAM as well as 16GB Flash Memory. Chrome operation system comes fully equipped with FLAGSHIP laptop. Like some previously mentioned budget laptops, FLAGSHIP is featured with a few ports such as SD reader, combo jack, card reader, USB 3.0 and HDMI. FLAGSHIP has a total weight of 3.09 lbs while covered with a black color.

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5. 2021 HP

HP 14, 14" HD Thin

Despite being on the production line since 2021 and having a look of conventional budget laptops, 2021 HP budget laptop comes with some interesting features. 2021 HP budget laptop is offered with two packages such as the 14-inch non-touch 2021 HP budget laptop as well as the 10th Generation i3 2021 HP budget laptop. 128GB SSD as well as 4GB RAM had been featured with the budget laptop. Besides, 2021 HP uses Windows 10 operating system. While 2021 HP budget laptop could be connected with other devices through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, the product is enabled with its few ports such as USB3 Type A and USB3.1 Type C. The mentioned budget laptop has two speakers.

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4. VivoBook

 ASUS VivoBook

VivoBook budget laptop is a sleek and modern budget laptop. The product is offered, by the manufacturer, with three different packages such as VivoBook Core i5 & 256GB SSD, VivoBook Core i3 & 128GB SSD as well as VivoBook & 20$ off from Microsoft Office 365. Besides, customers could choose between VivoBook budget laptop ONLY and VivoBook budget laptop with a mouse. VivoBook comes with a 15.6-inch screen while the screen display quality is full HD. 128GB SSD and 8GB RAM had been equipped, by the manufacturer, in VivoBook budget laptop. Like most of the previously mentioned budget laptops, VivoBook budget laptop is installed with Windows 10. Moreover, the keyboard design is the Exclusive Ergolift which improves your typing position. You could connect other devices with VivoBook budget laptop through the budget laptop’s many ports including HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.1 (Type A & Type C).

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3. Aspire 5

Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop

Aspire 5 budget laptop has a basic outlook design of an ordinary budget laptop’s. Aspire 5 budget laptop is a notebook-styled laptop. There are three choices of packages with Aspire 5 including Aspire 5 budget laptop ONLY, Aspire 5 budget laptop & a mouse as well as Aspire 5 budget laptop & a backpack. Aspire 5 budget laptop’s screen is 15.6 inches while the display comes in full HD. The size of screen and image quality of display belonged to Aspire 5 budget laptop are excellent for potential users who want to use the laptops to watch movies with full experience. Besides, the keyboard is backlit which allows you to work at night without lightbulbs. Aspire 5 had been equipped with Windows 10. Per single charge, Aspire 5 budget laptop could last for 7.5 hours.

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2. EZbook

Jumper Windows 10 Laptop

EZbook is another sleek and compact-sized budget laptop. 180GB ROM and 8GB RAM are featured with EZbook budget laptop. While the processing power is fairly huge with a budget laptop, EZbook budget laptop’s storage capacity is limited. Users are encouraged to only use EZbook budget laptops for fundamental tasks like administrative works and/or school works. However, EZbook budget laptop accepts the supports from external memory drives such as 256GB card as well as SSD 1TB. Furthermore, EZbook budget laptop comes with Windows 10. The mentioned budget laptop is powered by Gemini N41000 Core Intel processor which is fairly stable and smooth for both multitasking and basic operations. With a 13.3-inch IPS screen, EZbook is featured with 1920 x 1080 resolution. As a result, the product is good for browsing the Internet and watching videos. EZbook budget laptop’s manufacturer has 22 years of experience in the budget laptop industry. Meanwhile, a one-year warranty is offered with EZbook as well.

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Lenovo Chromebook

CHROMEBOOK C340 is yet another modern budget laptop. CHROMEBOOK C340 budget laptop is offered, by the manufacturer, with two different colors such as Mineral Grey and Sand Pink. Besides, there are three choices for CHROMEBOOK C340 budget laptop’s detailed features including the Pentium-Gold CHROMEBOOK C340 budget laptop with 32GB SSD & 4GB RAM, the i3/4 CHROMEBOOK C340 budget laptop with 64GB SSD as well as the Celeron N4000 CHROMEBOOK C340 budget laptop with 64GB SSD & 4GB RAM. More unique than all the mentioned budget laptops, CHROMEBOOK C340 could be flipped between the keyboard side and display screen side for 360 degrees. With a full charge, CHROMEBOOK C340 budget laptop could last for 10 hours. The laptop is also recommended to watch movies with full experience.

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Buying Guide: What makes the most affordable laptop?

Processing Chip: Although, you are looking for budget laptops; potential users are highly encouraged to only consider budget laptops with powerful processing chips. While the Core i3 is acceptable, you should find at least the Core i5 processing chip.

Styles: Laptops should come with styles, so you could prove your professionalism. While each style is your personal preference, a stylish budget laptop should be sleek and compact.

Keyboard: Keyboard should have been designed, so it is easy for users to type.


Laptops such as MacBook or Microsoft Surface Pro are excellent. However, it comes with a big trade-off of the deal itself. If you are looking for budget laptops, please consider features in the product’s buying guide.

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