Best Body Lotions for Women in 2022

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The Body Lotions for Women is quite essential for the woman’s skin as women are very caring about their skin and want their skin to feel soft. The body lotion acts as a skin moisturizer, and it rehydrates the dry skin and brings back the skin tone and skin cells to life. Regularly using the body lotion prevents fast aging on the skin, and therefore, it delays the signs of aging.

Check Out Best Body Lotions for Women on in 2022

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12. Lubriderm Hydrating Unscented Body Lotions

12. Lubriderm Daily Moisture Hydrating Unscented Body Lotion with Vitamin B5 for Normal to Dry Skin,

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This body lotion for women is ideal for normal, dry, and super dry skins. The dermatologist-recommended product is also able to retain the moisture of your skin for a longer time. Moreover, this scent-free cream does not make anyone feel uncomfortable after applying it. The non-greasy lotion does not make your skin oily. This lotion contains Vitamin E to rejuvenate your skin cells from the core.

The lotion also lasts for almost 24-hours. Furthermore, the essential moisturizing ingredients help you to hydrate your skin for a longer time. The lotion makes your skin soft, smooth, and shiny all day long. This skin-care product is the ideal moisturizer for dry skin. The protected barrier created by this lotion stays for a really long time.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  The goodness of Vitamin B5 for intense moisturization.
  •  Perfect for everyday use.
  •  Non-greasy formula and suitable for dry skin.

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11. Natural Body Lotions  by DANI Naturals

11.Natural Hand & Body Lotion by DANI Naturals - Warm Sandalwood Vanilla Scented Aromatherapy - Moisturizing Shea Butter & Aloe - wit

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All-natural ingredients of this body lotion cure your skin to the core to make your skin look radiant and lustrous. This skin-care product also contains Shea-butter, aloe-Vera, and other organic ingredients to retain the natural moisture of your skin. Moreover, this lotion comes with natural sandalwood and vanilla scent to retain the freshness for a longer time. You can use this cream like your regular moisturizing lotion.

The vegan-friendly lotion is also free of Paraben, phthalates, toxins, gluten, and other harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the eco-friendly cream comes with aromatherapeutic essence to make you feel fresh and comfortable. This lotion helps your skin to maintain its natural pH balance. This skin-care product is suitable for both men and women.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Aloe vera and vitamin E for better nourishment.
  •  Sandalwood scent and gender-neutral.
  •  Free from harsh chemicals.

10. Love Beauty And Planet Body Lotions for Women

10.Love Beauty And Planet Body Lotion Argan Oil and Lavender 13.5 oz

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Filled with pure Argan oil, this body lotion for women comes with a gentle and refreshing scent of lavender. This skin-care product with all-natural ingredients not only moisturizes your skin but also calms the irritation on the skin. Moreover, the skin-care product does not contain Paraben, silicone, dye, and other harmful chemicals. You can keep your skin in a well-hydrated condition for almost 24-hours.

Argan oil also helps the lotion to absorb in your skin faster. Furthermore, the alluring smell of lavender makes you feel refreshed all day long. The vegan-friendly skin-care product is free of cruelty. The leave-in cream stays for a longer time, and you can easily include it in your regular fitness routine.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Quality ingredients for high performance.
  •  Silicon free and goodness of argan oil.
  •  Moisturizes for 24 hours.

9. Olay Quench Body Lotions for Women

9.Olay Quench Body Lotion Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter and Vitamins E and B3, 20.2 oz (Pack of 2)

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Enriched with Vitamin E, this body lotion for women is ideal for restoring your damaged skin cells. You can also use this skin-care product as a daily moisturizer. Moreover, from normal to dry skin, the lotion is able to retain the natural oil balancing of any skin. This cream contains Shea-butter to work as a natural skin conditioner to hydrate your skin.

The lotion also retains the lustrous moisture on your skin for more or less a day. Furthermore, the Vitamin B3 complex vitalizes your skin to make you look younger. By regularly conditioning your skin, the lotion builds up the natural resistance of your skin. The ingredients are able to cure your dull, damaged, and dry skins within a few weeks.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Pack of two and moisture lock.
  •  Suitable for dry skin.
  •  Soft and smooth skin with better nourishment.

8. Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotions

8.Burt’s Bees Milk & Honey Body Lotion, Normal to Dry Skin – 12 Ounce (Packaging May Vary)

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This body lotion for women is suitable for people with different skin types. The skin-care product also offers exceptional moisture to your skin. Moreover, by applying this lotion on a regular basis, you can get soft and smooth skin at home. The cream contains blended milk, honey, grape-seed, and coconut oils. This dermatologist-recommended skin-care product comes along with vitamin E to nourish your skin from the core.

The highly-active moisturizing properties of the lotion also can retain moisture of your skin almost for a day. Furthermore, the organically hydrating lotion does not contain Paraben, phthalates, SLS, or petrolatum. The milk and honey are ideal ingredients to cure dry skin problems. The fast-absorbing skin-care product does not feel greasy on your skin.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Contain all-natural ingredients.
  •  Soothes dry skin in a natural way.
  •  Fast absorbing and non-greasy formula.

7. O’Keeffe’s Skin Repair Body Lotions

7.O'Keeffe's Skin Repair Body Lotion and Dry Skin Moisturizer, Pump Bottle, 12 ounce

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Ideal for any diabetic patient, this body lotion for women helps you to restore the moisture of your skin. The moisture provided by this lotion also lasts for 48-hours more or less. Moreover, this skin-care product is suitable for people with excessively itchy skin. The calming properties of the lotion instantly stop skin irritation. The protective barrier this lotion creates on your skin to decrease the rate of evaporation.

The lotion also easily absorbs in your skin and does not make your skin greasy. Furthermore, the hypoallergenic product is suitable for people with sensitive skin. The un-scented skin-care product does not make anyone feel uncomfortable. This lotion contains Shea-butter which works a natural ingredient to condition your skin.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Repairs skin for a fresh feeling.
  •  Suitable for dry and itchy skin.
  •  Protects from dryness for two days.

6. NIVEA Enriched Body Lotions

6.NIVEA Essentially Enriched Body Lotion - 48 Hour Moisture For Dry to Very Dry Skin - 16.9 fl. oz. Pump Bottle

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Suitable for people with dry skin, this body lotion for women makes your skin properly hydrated while maintaining proper moisture. The pump applicator also helps you to apply this cream with ease. Moreover, if you have very dry or damaged skin then this skin-care product works like magic. The active formula of the body lotion can keep your skin hydrated up to 48-hours.

The deep nourishing serum of this lotion also makes your skin feel as soft and smooth as silk. Furthermore, this skin-care product contains almond oil to let the cream absorb faster. The cream does not leave any sticky residues after the application. You can noticeably feel the change on your skin only after just one application.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Almond oil for deep moisture.
  •  It can be perfect for dry skin.
  •  Pump bottle for easy dispensing.

5. Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer

5.Hempz Pomegranate Herbal Body Moisturizer 17 oz. - Paraben-Free Lotion and Moisturizing Cream for All Skin Types, Anti-Aging Hemp Skin Car

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Filled with essential fatty acids, this body lotion for women is a natural conditioner for your skin. With the triple-moisture properties, the skin-care product also retains the moisture for a longer time. Moreover, the lotion contains authentic hemp seed oil and pomegranate extracts to work as the natural properties to make your skin soothing. This cream is free of sulfates, Paraben, gluten, and other harsh chemicals.

The antioxidants of this lotion also work as anti-aging properties to rejuvenate your dried and damaged skin cells. Furthermore, this cream contains vitamins A, C, and E to gently make your skin healthy and radiant. This skin-care product keeps your skin protected from harmful UV rays, sunlight, and tanning.

Reasons To Buy

  •  It does not contain harsh chemicals.
  •  Hydrating formula and key amino acids.
  •  It helps to fight wrinkles and signs of aging.

4. Neutrogena Moisturizing Body Oil Lotion

4.Neutrogena Moisturizing Sheer Body Oil-Lotion, Lightweight & Fast-Absorbing Sesame Oil Formula, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

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Ideal for regular use, this body lotion for women absorbs faster and does not make your skin greasy. The sesame oil of the moisturizing lotion also deeply nourishes your skin to rejuvenate the dead skin cells. Moreover, the lightweight cream easily absorbs to your skin and locks the moisture for a longer time. You can get the best result by applying this skin-care product right after taking a shower.

Recommended by dermatologists, this lotion also makes your skin feel soft, bouncy, and smooth. Furthermore, by using this cream on a regular basis, you can get radiant skin. The sesame oil makes this lotion absorb to your skin faster and effective way. This skin-care product does not block the pores.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Travel-friendly pack for user advantage.
  •  Absorbs instantly and non-comedogenic.
  •  Healthier looking skin with better radiance.

3. Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotions

3.Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion with Soothing Oat and Rich Emollients to Nourish Dry Skin, Fragran

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The fragrance-free lotion for women feels smooth and soft to any type of skin. Mostly recommended by dermatologists, the moisturizing lotion is also perfect to use on dry skin. Moreover, the cream retains the natural moisture of the skin for 24-hours. The lotion contains soothing oatmeal to retain moisture for a long time.

This skin-care product also makes the dry skin glowing, soft, and hydrated. Furthermore, the lotion easily blends on your skin and leaves no sticky residue. This cream is non-comedogenic and does not cause any irritation to the skin. The colloidal oatmeal extract of the lotion maintains the natural pH balance of the individual’s skin. You can visibly notice the change in your skin quality day by day.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Free from fragrance and gentle performance.
  •  The oatmeal formula for quick absorbing.
  •  Maximum moisturization and easy dispensing.

2. Hempz Natural Hemp Seed Oil Body Moisturizer

2.Original, Natural Hemp Seed Oil Body Moisturizer with Shea Butter and Ginseng, 17 Fl Oz - Pure Herbal Skin Lotion for Dryness

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Infused with pure hemp seed oil, this body lotion for women protects everyone’s skin from getting dehydrated. The lotion also contains essential fatty acids, like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Moreover, this vegan product with organic extracts gently soothes your skin irritation. You can use this lotion to heal your atopic dermatitis. This herbal moisturizer contains the extracts of floral ingredients and banana fruits.

The natural and mild scent also leaves a fresh filling right after application. Furthermore, the chemical-free lotion contains vitamins A, C, and E to rejuvenate the dead skin cells. You can apply this cream on your flaky, dry, and damaged skin to moisturize the skin cells from the core. The Shea-butter and ginseng effectively lessen the redness on your skin.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Hemp seed oil for soothing inflammation.
  •  Protects skin with the goodness of vitamins.
  •  Better hydration and no harsh chemicals.

1. NIVEA Shea Daily Moisture Body Lotions

1.NIVEA Shea Daily Moisture Body Lotion - 48 Hour Moisture For Dry Skin - 16.9 fl. oz. Pump Bottle

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This body lotion for women offers 24-hours of hydration to keep your skin fresh and glowing. The skin-care product is also suitable for ladies with normal, dry, and sensitive skin. Moreover, the non-greasy and lightweight formula of this lotion brings back the natural skin-barrier to retain the natural moisture of the skin. This daily moisturizer contains the essential ceramides to take care of your skin.

The high-quality lotion is also free of fragrance and oil. Furthermore, the hyaluronic acid of the skin-care product rejuvenates the natural moisture of your skin. This hypoallergenic lotion makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin. The ingredients of the product are non-irritating and non-comedogenic. Most dermatologists recommend this lotion for regular moisturizing.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Long-lasting moisturization for a soft feeling.
  •  Do no clogs pores.
  •  Hyaluronic acid for better hydration.


The dry skin makes the skin vulnerable to various skin issues, and the fluctuating level of hormones in women makes the skin prone to various issues. The body lotion is designed to hydrate the skin and prevent those issues to a larger extent. Different people need different types of body lotions depending on the skin type and the ingredients. We have tried to accommodate the different types for your consideration.

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