Best Wooden Shelves in 2021 Reviews

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Enough cannot be said about wood and its positive contribution to your home. Whether you use wood rocking chairs, cabinets and more wood furniture pieces just make any room better. That contribution continues with the top 15 best wooden shelves in 2021.

These shelves bring good looks, charm and a lot of strength to your home. They hold a myriad of objects while upgrading any look you have inside. Plus, these top shelves should last yo for years. Y9oui may even be able to pass them on to your grandchildren.

With top wooden shelves, your house will feel more like home.

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15. Peter’s Goods Rustic Floating Wall Shelves

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A nice and strong metal rail makes sure your little treasures do not fall off this wooden shelf. It’s high enough to keep your knit knacks from tipping over and falling off their perch.

Plus, you get a second one in this set. This one comes with a handy towel rod so you can even make your towels look great. Assembly and installation are not that difficult and they should be on your walls in no time.

A top measurement of just over 16 by 5 by 3 inches approx., means you can place a lot of your items on these shelves and have room for more. Your room should look better than ever with these shelves on your walls.

14. Greenco Set of 3 Floating U Wooden Shelves

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What these three wooden shelves do for you and your home is to provide you with a great theme. You can place them wherever you want and have continuity throughout your home that impresses your visitors.

Each shelf is a different size, giving you lots of placement options. All the needed hardware is included n the package so installing these top shelves won’t be hard at all. Just take your time to get the right locations.

Also, you have two walls to make sure nothing slips off accidentally. The U shape design holds its value and with its walnut finish, your home should not have competing looks. Made from MDF wood products.

13. MyGift Modern Industrial Adjustable Wall Mounted Shelf

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Having an adjustable wooden shelf around is a blessing in disguise. You get to adjust where the shelves sit in order to accommodate those items you want to display. And their great look is not altered when you make those adjustments.

4 pre-drilled holes in the tough and strong metal frame make putting this shelf on your wall super easy. Once in place, you have 7 rungs to place your approx. 24 by 5-inch wood shelves. The shelves can hold lots of books so its weight capacity is quite high.

With its rustic charm, you should have a better-looking room. Plus, these shelves can work in the bathroom if you prefer open shelving.

12. Homemaxs Floating Wooden Shelves

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The wood brings a good look while the metal brings the extra strength. Both materials combine together to give you a functioning and practical set of shelves for your home. With their multiple sizes, you can find good spots for each one.

On top of that, the brackets can be arranged to provide you with 3 different looks. It will be up to your needs and preference which look you use. Once installed where you want them the shelves can hold up to a maximum of 45 pounds.

Their flexibility and versatility allow them to be used in any room in your home. The length of each board varies between 11 and 18 inches and all are 4 inches wide.

11. SUPERJARE Wall Mounted Floating Shelves

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Wooden shelves are some of the easiest shelves to assemble and install. They come with the hardware you need plus the pre-drilled hols make lining everything up very easy. 4 metal brackets are providing the strength to hold your items.

In addition, you get about 20 pounds to work with on each shelf. They measure about 24 by 8 by 4 inches in size providing you with lots of room. The powder-coated brackets work hard to keep rust and corrosion away.

After you find the right location, you can place any item you want on these shelves as long as they remain light enough. Your home can be more organized.

10. BAMFOX Floating Shelves

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They say everything happens in threes. In this set, you get 3 various sized shelves to help handle your decorating needs. Made from bamboo you get very natural looking shelves to enhance your room’s decor.

Plus, you have basic metal brackets that make sure your treasured items do not fall and break. With a depth of 4 inches, there should be enough width on these shelves to sit a lot of items comfortably. The smallest shelf measures about 9 inches long.

On top of that, it should only take a few minutes of your time to place these shelves on the studs and keep them stable. Hardware is included so you do not have to search for the right screws.

9. Mkono Wall Hanging Wooden Shelves

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If you like to keep a simple look at your home, then this top wooden shelf should be on your list for consideration. Each shelf is linked together with a very sturdy and thick decorative rope. A know supports ach shelf and keeps it from sliding down.

Also, you have a U shaped rope top that holds the shelves in place. With their 17 by 8-inch size, your items should have the foundation to sit on top of these shelves with ease. Paulownia wood should be strong and hold lots of weight.

If you want to change the look and distance between shelves, all you have to do is move the knots. You can adjust the shelves at any time.

8. Peter’s Goods 2-Tier Rustic Floating Wooden Shelves

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2 shelves are always better than one. Not only can you get more items on the shelf unit, but you can also keep everything in one place for easy access. You save time and energy by placing everything in one spot.

On top of that, the wooden shelves come knot-free for a purer look and they should not warp. Even when you place a maximum of 50 pounds on top of them. The iron brackets make sure your look is complete as well as durable and strong.

A simple 4 step installation process makes putting these shelves n your wall very easy to do. Overall the shelf unit measures approx. 24 by 7 by 16 inches in size.

7. SRIWATANA Floating Wall Shelves

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Add a rustic touch to your home and make everyone feel relaxed once they walk into your home. These open wooden shelves provide that atmosphere and give off a nice warm welcoming vibe.

With a 40-pound weight capacity, you should be able to find several pieces to place on this decorative shelf unit. The wood measures about 23 by 6 inches and you get an additional 21-inch height when the shelf unit is installed on your wall.

Then you can choose between 3 different colors to make sure the wooden shelves fit right in with your decorating scheme. All the hardware is inside the box for fast installation.

6. Imperative Décor Floating Shelves Rustic Wood Wall Shelf

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Hidden brackets provide the illusion that these wooden shelves are floating on air. All you need is a screwdriver and these wooden shelves are placed where you want them. The T shaped brackets remain out of sight while holding 20 pounds of weight.

In addition to that, the rustic looking wood shelves measure about 24 by 5 1/2 inches and hold a variety of items for you. Once installed the shelves provide your room with a very clean and organized look.

If that isn’t enough, you can locate these shelves together or far apart from each other. You stay in total control of their placement.

5. SODUKU Floating Wooden Shelves

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These floating shelves provide you with some kitchen and bathroom options. The built-in towel rack on the one makes sure your towels get hung up properly and can dry quickly. Then the other shelf can hold supplies or decorative things that make both rooms look great.

The 17 by 6 inch approx. Shelves come with railings to make sure what you put on them stays on them. Simple drywall screws should be strong enough to hold these floating wooden shelves in place.

Also, the wood is made with damp proofing and heat-resisting materials to keep them looking good for along time.

4. Winsome Wood Mission Shelving

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Natural light wood has a way of lightening up and brightening any room it is placed in. This light natural wooden shelf is no exception to that rule. This free-standing shelf unit comes with 3 shelves and a top to help you organize any room you want it in.

Plus, you have 26 by 12 inches per shelf to hold all the items you want off the floor or out of their boxes. Made from solid beechwood, you have a tough shelf unit that should last you for years.

The slat side styling lets air flow freely throughout the shelf unit and makes sure the shelving is easy on your eyes.

3. BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted

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The versatile brackets make sure you can be creative when you hang this 3 pieces wooden shelf set. You can have the same look or mix it up and let each shelf have its own identity. It is up to you how you position those brackets.

Once you made that choice, you have a solid wood shelf that holds those items you hold dear. The Paulownia wood should b strong and durable enough to hold the weight you want to place on it.

6 screws are all it takes to hold the shelf to the brackets and the brackets to the wall. That makes installation only a time matter.

2. Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves

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The curved brackets add a little decorative statement to your home. Once in place, those curved brackets help hold your items safely on the wooden shelf. They are also powder coated to prevent rust, etc., from ruing the look they bring to your home.

All together these shelves should hold about 40 pounds of weight. The smallest shelf measures about 9 inches long while the largest reaches about 17 inches. The Paulownia wood has an interesting wood grain pattern that helps offset your displayed items.

Then the rustic nature to these wooden shelves makes sure they fit in where you need them the most. Easy to use and easy to install makes these handy shelves to use every day.

1. Furinno Turn-N-Tube 4-Tier Multipurpose Shelf

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Freestanding shelves like this painted wooden shelf unit are great to have around the house. They are not stationary so you can move them whenever you like. Plus, this unit comes with 4 shelves to make sure you have the room you need to organize your things.

The open shelf design makes sure you have easy access to your items. Then each shelf holds about 25 pounds to make sure heavier items are not excluded. To assemble these shelves, you just insert the tubes in the holes and turn.

Once tightened, you are free to place this shelf unit wherever you want as well as being free to place whatever item you want on it.

Some final words

Wood is a great construction material to use. It can brighten and lighten a room making it more cheery. These top 15 wooden shelves in 2021 do not disappoint. Not only do they brighten a room, but they also hold a lot of weight keeping your treasured items nice and safe.

On top of that, they look good and should not ruin the look you have going I your home. Their versatility provides you with a lot of placement options making them very useful and handy.