Best Wooden Crates in 2020 Reviews

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It happens from time to time when Getting that old boxed. And it may make you an incredible feeling, and you also feel like you turn to the past generation especially when you are using one of the top 12 best wooden crates in 2020. These wood crates can take you back to the good old days where everything was beautiful and simple.

Also, they serve a very decorative as well as a practical purpose. You can store a variety of items inside of them to keep them safe until you need them again. Also, these top wood crates help make your home look like it came from the old west.

A look that implies honesty, sincerity and old fashioned values.

List Of Our Best Wooden Crates Review On Amazon.Com

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Rustic Nesting Wood Crates Set of 5 Made in the USA Buy on Amazon
Livememory Foldable Storage Bin Storage Box with Lid and Handles for Office, Bedroom, Closet, Toys… Buy on Amazon
MPI WOOD Large Crate, Natural, 18″ x 12.5″ x 9.5″ Buy on Amazon
MyGift 16 x 12 Inch Nesting Rustic Brown Wood Storage & Accent Crates, Set of 3 Buy on Amazon
41jgabarvbl-_sl160_-2838497 Admired By Nature Distressed Decorative Set of 3 Rectangle Storage Gift Wood Crates, A. Rustic White Buy on Amazon
2 pc White Vintage Wood Nesting Shelf Baskets/Shabby Chic Organizer Storage Crates w/Chalk Board… Buy on Amazon
At Home on Main Handmade Rustic Crates (Medium) (Black) Buy on Amazon
MyGift Farmhouse Style Barnwood Gray Wood Nesting Crates, Rustic Open Top Storage Pallet Boxes, Set… Buy on Amazon
Darla’Studio 66 Vintage Stained Rustic Wood Crate Buy on Amazon
MyGift Rustic Brown Wood Nesting Storage Crates with Chalkboard Front Panel and Cutout Handles, Set… Buy on Amazon
410qt4gxkfl-_sl160_-1315397 Houseworks 67140 18″ Lx12.5 Wx9.5 H Large Crates & Pallet Wood Crate Buy on Amazon
5160jejfzl-_sl160_-5037130 Sorbus Foldable Storage Cube Basket Bin, Rustic Wood Grain Print, 4-Pack (Rustic Bin — Brown) Buy on Amazon

12. Mowoodwork Rustic Nesting Wooden Crates

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Stained via a 100-year-old staining process, these 5 wooden crates bring a rustic look to your home. They are perfect for decorating your home in a vintage scene. Also, the 5 crates come in 2 different sizes.

One size is 17 by 12 by six, and the other is 15 by 10 by 5 1/2 inches in total size. Those measurements make sure you can use these crates to store valuable items and keep them from harm.

The crates are made strong, using pine to make sure they get that great rustic look. They should last for years and give you great service.

11. Livememory Foldable Storage Bin

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The rope handles turn this storage box into a vintage object of beauty. They also create a simple look that is hard to beat. While it has a wood look to it, this box is made from fabric, not wood.

Even though it is made out of fabric, you can still stack these boxes up without fear of the bottom one collapsing. The lid keeps dust and other contaminants and small animals away from your treasured memories.

Measuring approx. 16 1/2 by 12 by 8 inches in size, there should be enough room to hold a variety of items you hold dear.

10. MPI WOOD Large Wooden Crate Box

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There was a time when just about everything was stored in a Wooden Crates. That is because if treated right, the crates are durable, strong and provide top quality protective services. Two cut out handles make relocation very simple.

They also make storage easier as you do not have to make allowances for exterior handles. You can just put the boxes side by side, saving on needed storage space. The pinewood crates come without finishing. That lets you be creative and provide the look you want the boxes to have.

Slates on this approx. 18 by 12 by 9-inch wooden crate lets air flow freely through it.

9. MyGift Nesting Rustic Brown Wood Storage & Accent Crates

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One thing stained wood crates are good for is creating an excellent display for your goods and products. These crates can be set up in a variety of ways making sure your products are given the best look possible.

Recessed cut-out handles make maneuvering these crates to the right position straightforward and easy to do. Then with three different sizes, one for each box, you can highlight essential products.

What you put on them or in them is up to you, but one thing is for sure, these are tough crates that know how to do their job well. They hold a lot of items as well.

8. Admired By Nature Distressed Decorative Set Storage Wooden Crates

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The distressed white color does not send the message that you are in some trouble. Instead, it is a look that brings back the days when antiques were new. This set has three boxes and three different sizes to help you store or decorate your shop.

Plus, there is no assembly required. You can use them right out of the box and make sure those items you treasure are safe for many years to come. Cut out handles make lifting and moving these crates, whether full or empty, simple and easy to do.

The hold between 10 and 20 pounds each depending on their size.

7. MyGift 2 pc White Vintage Wooden Crate Nesting Shelf Baskets

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It is hard to say what it is, but wooden crates make a variety of items look better. In this case, this pair of wood crates help flowers look their best and add to their glory. Each crate comes in its size to give you a little variety in design methods.

Also, a blackboard side is added so you can write a great message to your family or customers. The blackboard is erasable, so you can change what is on them daily. Rounded handles make moving these whitewashed wooden crates safe and comfortable.

Made from solid wood for durability and good looks.

6. At Home on Main Handmade Rustic Crates

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The good thing about this handy wood crate is that it comes in 3 different sizes and colors. You get to choose which size of color suits your needs best. The large size is about 14 by 10 by 6 inches overall and it holds a lot of items for you.

The 3/4 inch slates are stabled into the wood interior legs to make sure they last you a long time. The slates should not come off even after years of regular use. In addition to those highlights, this crate can add a real decorative touch to your kitchen or patio.

They are also very sturdy and should be a nice addition to any home.

5. MyGift Farmhouse Style Barnwood Gray Wood Nesting Crates

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These top wooden crates look like the ones that carried soda pop bottles to the store. They have that look and feel of old fashion service and durability. This set of 3 includes three different sized distressed wooden crates to provide you with decorative alternatives.

They can hold a myriad of items and with their recessed cut out handles, can be rearranged very quickly. When you want a rustic look to your home, these top wooden crates will help you achieve that objective.

They are sturdy, good looking and will do any task you assign them without complaint.

4. Darla’Studio 66 Vintage Stained Rustic Wooden Crates

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This approx. 17 by 14 by 10-inch crate may surprise you by how much it can hold at one time. Just do not put too much weight inside as even wood crates have their limits. Then no assembly is required.

You can use this wooden crate right out of the box and get your things organized fast. Its made from top quality wood, this crate should be able to last you for years and provide you with an heirloom to pass on to your grandkids.

It is not meant to be stood on. It uses me for storing items within reasonable weight limits.

3. MyGift Rustic Brown Wood Nesting Storage Crates

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Send a daily warm greeting to your loved ones. This set of 3 wooden crates comes with erasable chalkboards that allow you to remove and add a new message every day. One chalkboard per box.

Also, you can place these wooden crates anywhere you need them throughout your house. The three different sizes provide you with lots of content options and location possibilities. The largest one measures about 14 by five by 8 inches in size.

Send your family off with words of love and wisdom while making your house feel like a home. These crates will help you do that.

2. Houseworks Large Crates & Pallet Wooden Crates

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A slat bottom provides channels for any water to flow through quickly and keep it away from your treasured items inside. On top of that feature, you have a large good looking wooden crate to hold a variety of items you may not need right away.

Then the slat sides make sure air can flow freely through the crate, keeping mildew and bad odors away. This plain pine wooden crate is left that way on purpose. It allows you to paint, stain, or match your home’s decor on your own.

1. Sorbus Foldable Storage Cube Basket Bin

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Get that rustic wood look in your home without having to worry about termites and other bugs being attracted to the crates. These crates are made from a folding fabric that lets you fold them up when not needed.

Their fabric handles should be able to help you move the weight and contents these top crates hold. Their versatility and flexibility provide you with a myriad of use options.

When empty, these polyester and cardboard boxes do not weigh a lot. They should also be very durable, and it only takes seconds to unfold them.

Some final word

Solve your storage problems by going old fashioned. These top 12 best wooden crates in 2020 will help you handle all your decorative and storage needs. They will also look good doing it.

Besides, they are easy to move crates that provide a realistic feel to your home or business.

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