Best Towel Warmers in 2022

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It is not possible to get a hot water shower or get into a hot water bathtub to soak up the stress of the day. Thankfully, there are Towel Warmers to experience the serenity at any time of the day. For hot towels, you need to have a towel warmer cabinet.

There is no need to submerge the towel in a hot water bowl. You can warm up multiple towels, and you can use them anytime you want irrespective of the temperature at your home or outside.

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13. Zadro Ultra Large Towel Warmer

13.Zadro Ultra Large Towel Warmer, Gray

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Towels take a lot of time to dry because of its thick fabric. Using wet towels is not safe for the body, and it also contains bacteria. Now, you can dry large and small towels with this warmer. This device comes with 4 timer settings, and you can choose any one as per your need. Your towel will heat from inside, and you can enjoy the warmness of towels in the cold winters.

Further, this is a lightweight machine that you can place in any corner of your home. It has a small switch for the operation. Besides that, you can keep the long power cord in the storage after use. It is ideal for use in homes, hotel rooms, and guest rooms.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Warms up the towels inside out.
  •  It comes with built-in cord storage.
  •  Consists of Automatic shut-off technology.

12. DERMALOGIC Towel Warmer

12.DERMALOGIC Towel Warmer BROWN WOOD GRAIN Hot Towel Heater Warmer Cabinet with UV Sterilizer 2 in 1 Electric Equipment

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This is a compact cabinet to dry the towels. It has a wooden door with a comfortable handle to open and close the tool. Further, this towel warmer works on 180W power and thereby, reducing electric bills. It has only 16 pounds of weight, and you can keep it in a drawer or small cupboard.

In addition to that, this towel warmer has a UV light to notify you each time. It also has the necessary certifications that increase the safety of this machine. This modern towel warmer is perfect to use in gyms, spas, beauty salons, homes, and hotel rooms. It is also a power-saving device and gives you really warm towels during the chilly winter season and monsoons.

Reasons To Buy

  •  It comes with a pull-down door.
  •  It comes with a UV sterilizer.
  •  Suitable for commercial uses.

11. Hot Towel Warmer by K-Salon

11.Hot Towel Warmer Towel Cabinet for Spa, Facials, Barber, Salon Equipment and Home Use, Mini

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If you want a warm towel treatment in cold weather, you can purchase this towel warmer. It has an elegant body with a color combo of white and blue. You can warm washcloths, large and small towels, and thick napkins in this machine. Further, it maintains the inner temperature to 176 degrees Fahrenheit.

This towel warmer does not collect much water, and you need to empty it only once in the day. It also has safety certifications, and you can use it in any type of weather. The interior of this towel warmer has high-quality aluminum, and it is resistant to water and rust. There is a 2-year warranty in this towel warmer to contact the manufacturer.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  It comes with a rust-resistant oxidized aluminum interior.
  •  Delivers a consistent temperature.
  •  It comes with a large holding capacity.

10. Giantex Towel Warmer

10.Giantex Towel Warmer for Facials Bathroom Cabinet 16L, 2 in 1 Salon Overheating Protection Insulation for Towels, Bath Hot Towel Warmers Spa

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This is one of the amazing towel warmers for salons, spas, hotel rooms, and homes. You can easily wash about 60 towels in this machine because of its big capacity of 16L. It also comes with a lamp that shows you the process of drying towels. The inner part of this towel warmer is made from aluminum. Besides that, the machine comes with 2 shelves to keep the towels.

You can warm disposable as well as regular towels in this small cabinet. It does not need assembling or professional training to use. Furthermore, the pack of this machine includes an instructional manual. It also has a tray which stops dripping while warming the large towels.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  It comes with a 16-liter towel storing capacity.
  •  Consists of a heat-controllable aluminum inner chamber.
  •  Coming with an upper and lower shelf.

9. Electric Towel Warmer by ZeHuoGe

9.Electric Towel Warmer 2 in 1 Cabinet UV Sterilizer Micro Computer Control Temperature 16L Capacity Removable Tray Stainless Steel Inner For Salon Spa Massage Hair Beauty US Delivery

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With a huge 16L capacity, this machine can easily warm 40 towels at one time. It is also safe to use this device in any place. You may not know, but your daily towel contains many bacteria and germs. It is necessary to warm it to remove germs and bacteria for a healthy body.

Further, it consumes only 250W power and decreases the electric bills. The stainless steel interior of the machine can resist rust and water. It also comes with a tray to prevent dripping. The operation of this towel warmer is quite simple. You have to connect the plug into the socket and turn on the machine with the switch.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  Supports easy plug-n-play operation.
  •  A stainless-steel heat-retaining inner chamber.
  •  Suitable for warming disposable and traditional towels.

8. ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer

8.ForPro Premium Hot Towel Warmer, UV Sterilization, 24 Towel Capacity, Rust Resistant Towel Heater

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This towel warmer has a shape similar to that of a microwave oven. It can warm up to a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The two solid stainless steel racks in this device can accommodate many towels at a time. Further, the UV sterilizer can remove harmful germs and bacteria from the towels within a few minutes.

This machine will give you fresh and warm towels in any type of climate. Apart from warming towels, you can use this machine as neck warmers and massaging. The good quality cabinet cools down instantly after use. It can remove all the moisture and germs from the towels and washcloth and keep them fresh and hot.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  It comes with a convenient water-drip tray.
  •  Consists of a UV sterilizer.
  •  The insulated cabinet retains the cold.

7. AW Towel Warmer Hot Cabinet

7.AW 2in1 Towel Warmer Hot Cabinet 26L Ultraviolet UV Sterilizer Tool Spa Salon Manicure Beauty

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You can keep this small towel in shops, spas, tattoo shops, hotel rooms, gyms, and other places. It has a capacity of 26L, and you can wash about 30 towels in this machine. The machine has a UV sterilizer that can eliminate germs and bacteria from washcloths and towels. There is a feature of automatic temperature control in this towel warmer.

In addition to that, the towel warmer comes with stainless steel racks to place your towels. It also has a removable tray to stop dripping during the process of warming towels. You can keep this compact towel warmer in any room. It does not consume much space in your homes and has a solid base as well.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  The warmer is entirely germ-free.
  •  Suitable to use for commercial purposes.
  •  It comes with automatic temperature control.

6. TOA Supply Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer

6.TOA Supply TOA UV Light Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet with Tray 2 in 1, 8S

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If you want a warm towel treatment in the winter season, you can buy this towel warmer. It has a good cabinet that warms your towels at a high temperature. Further, the device has a UV lamp that can kill dangerous germs and bacteria. You can put both small and large towels in this warmer.

Whether it is a salon, hotel, home, or restaurant, this cabinet is perfect to use in any place. It can heat to a maximum temperature of 155 degrees Fahrenheit. The solid frame of the cabinet helps you to get a smooth operation. It also has pulling doors so that you can easily remove your towel after the warming process.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  It comes with upgraded warmers.
  •  The UV sterilizer with a lamp kills micro-organisms.
  •  Delivers consistent temperature for even heating.

5. Koval Inc. Towel Warmer Sterilizer

5.Koval Inc. Salon Spa UV Light Towel Warmer Sterilizer 5 L Capacity

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A small towel warmer is perfect for keeping in homes and salons to save some space. This is one of the unique towel warmers with a solid inner chamber of aluminum. Your towels contain many bacteria and germs which do not go away alone by washing. You need to warm them to kill these germs.

This towel warmer has a massive capacity of 5L. It can warm about 30 towels. There is a tray that stops dripping during the towel warming process. Furthermore, it can heat up to a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius. It does not need any assembling, and you just have to connect the plug into the socket.

Reasons To Buy

  •  Accommodates a large number of towels.
  •  Keeps your towels free of germs.
  •  It comes with detachable trays for a hassle-free organization.

4. AW UV Sterilizer Hot Towel Warmer

4.AW 2in1 UV Sterilizer 23L Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet Home Facial Skin Spa Tool Hair Beauty Salon Equipment

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This towel warmer is safe to use in any place. It can warm over 50 towels at one time. Besides that, it comes with a UV sterilizer that will make your towels bacteria-free and clean. The interior of the cabinet has rustproof stainless steel. It is perfect for heat conduction. Further, this machine is easy to use and does not need assembling.

There is a tray at the bottom of the towel warmer to prevent dripping. You can buy this small towel warmer for hotel rooms, homes, guest rooms, spas, and salons. It also has an instruction manual to know the functions in a proper manner.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  It comes with a capacity of 23-liter.
  •  Consists of a micro-computer control temperature.
  •  It comes with a removable drip tray.

3. Salon Sundry Hot Towel Warmer

3.Salon Sundry Professional Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet - Facial Spa and Salon Equipment - Black

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You can get this towel warmer in 2 different colors and sizes. It can warm approximately 24 towels in this tiny device. Apart from that, you can put both large and small towels to warm in this warmer. The metal interior will boost the process of heat induction and give you some really warm towels. Additionally, the basket will store your towels in a convenient manner.

You can place this warmer in spas, hotel rooms, gyms, salons, and restaurants. The tray stops dripping when the process of warming is going on. Furthermore, the device has the necessary certifications, and you can use it in any type of climate. It is resistant to rust and water.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  It comes with a huge towel holding capacity.
  •  Keeps the towel evenly warm.
  •  Ideal for both commercial and residential purposes.

2. FantaSea Portable Towel Steamer

2.FantaSea Portable Towel Steamer FSC-87 (6 Towels)

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This is a multitasking device you must buy for your homes and spas. It can warm up to 6 towels at a time. You can easily carry this lightweight device in your cars from one place to another. Further, it gives you the best manicure and pedicures at home.

The operation is very simple, and you need to turn on the switch. There is also a timer in this device that you can set up to 60 minutes. In addition to that, it removes germs and bacteria from the towels and makes them hygienic and clean to use. Now, you can get ready in a few minutes by doing facials and manicures with this device.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  It comes with a convenient timer.
  •  Comes along with 6 terry towels.
  •  This machine is lightweight and travel-friendly.

1. Elite Hot Towel CABI-Warmer

1.Elite Hot Towel CABI-Warmer(HC-X)

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It is a very tough task to find a better quality towel warmer for your homes or spas. This device warms about 24 towels or washcloths. Besides that, the device has a temperature control feature so that the interior does not become hot.

Further, the drip pan will collect all moisture and water, and you get completely dry towels. It is also a power-saving device you can use to warm towels. The base of the device is very strong to place on a flat surface or on the table. It is ideal to use in homes, hotel rooms, restaurants, salons, and spas.

Reasons To Buy 

  •  It comes with an interior towel rack.
  •  Coming with unique padded heating elements.
  •  It comes with an overheat-resistant temperature controller.


There are various factors to consider while opting to buy a towel warmer. One of the first factors is the capacity as to how many towels you can warm up depending on the number of family members available. You can put blankets, robes, and various such clothing inside for warming up in most of them. Other factors include heating source, warmer type like bars, buckets, and cabinets, and other controls.

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