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You love growing crops, but you do not have enough time and equipment to protect them? Introducing portable Greenhouses, the safety planting zone that ensures your flowers grow well without any harm. Growing inside the greenhouse gives your plants a better surviving chance as there are focus sunlight, protection from animals, and proper growing space.

An excellent portable greenhouse should have some of the features mentioned above and should be easy to set up as well. All you need are little space and follow some simple instruction, and you should be ready to grow your plants.

Following with a list of 12 products that are carefully selected for you. All of these 12 Portable Greenhouses are by far the most popular and recommended by users. Let us go through the list to learn more from each pro and con of the products. We also include a buying guide to assist you as well.

List of Our Best Portable Greenhouses in 2020

Preview Product
Greenhouse-Spring Gardener Peak Roof Walk In Portable Garden Hot House Fully Enclosed — Screend… Buy on Amazon
Topline 3-Tier Mini Garden Greenhouse with Zipper Openings — 23 Inch Buy on Amazon
OGrow OG2719-4T BLOOMHOUSE, Clear Buy on Amazon
Plantpak 70200425 Grow House, Grey, 132 x 70.5 x 41 cm Buy on Amazon
Educational Insights GreenThumb Greenhouse With Vinyl Cover, Perfect For Classroom, Home, and Herb… Buy on Amazon
51xgrtgbrdl-_sl160_-7671216 VEIKOU Portable Walk-in Greenhouse for Outdoors with Shelves and Windows, Small Mini Green House for… Buy on Amazon
Ohuhu Greenhouse for Outdoors with Observation Windows New Version, Small Walk-in 3 Tiers 6 Shelves… Buy on Amazon
51zy4wihsl-_sl160_-3447031 Worth Garden — Mini Greenhouse — 4 Tier Indoor Greenhouse — greenhouses for Outdoors — Use in Any… Buy on Amazon
Mini Pop up Greenhouse Small Indoor Outdoor Gardening Flowerpot Cover Backyard Flower Shelter… Buy on Amazon
515hwjeu4l-_sl160_-4668160 Flower House FHSP300CL SpringHouse Greenhouse, Clear Buy on Amazon
51jg8fhaxpl-_sl160_-9110607 Nova Microdermabrasion Mini Greenhouse 4 Tier Indoor Outdoor with PE Cover and Roll-Up Zipper Door,… Buy on Amazon
51uzhmjhtl-_sl160_-4169169 Gardman R687 4-Tier Mini Greenhouse, 27″ Long x 18″ Wide x 63″ High Buy on Amazon

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12. Spring Gardener Peak Roof Walk In Portable Greenhouses Garden

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let kick start our list today with Spring Gardener. Weather these days can be a little extreme for your lovely plants to grow outside. Bring them inside Spring Gardener greenhouse that can protect them from the harsh weather. Your crops are now can safely grow inside a well-protected greenhouse. Setting up Spring Gardener is a piece of cake; it only takes 2 people, and no other tools required.

Moreover, this tiny house is designed with roll-up windows for temperature control provides your plants with better airflow. Furthermore, this model is constructed with a strong steel frame, which can protect your garden from strong wind and heavy rain. Start growing indoor today with Sping Gardener.

What We Like:

  • Easy to set up
  • Built with a strong steel frame
  • Roll-up windows for temperature controls
  • Protect your plants from animals

What we don’t like:

  • Some people prefer a larger size

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11. Topline 3-Tier Mini Garden Portable Greenhouse

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For people who love growing small size crop, but find it challenging because of insects, and hard to find the perfect environment for planting. Worry no more, Topline got you covered on problems like this.

Topline work best with small space, it takes up minimal space of your house, and allows you to plant on 3 separate shelves. Moreover, Topline comes with PVC covers that trap heat for your plants to grow.

More than trapping heat, it also guards your flowers against unwanted insects, allows your flowers to bloom in peace. Besides, Topline is designed with a durable, sturdy frame that can correctly hold the pot weight.

Also, the structure can be used for many years without getting any rust or corrosion. Protect the green that brightens up your house with Topline.

What We Like:

  • Take with very tiny space
  • Trapping heat and protect flowers from insects
  • A strong structure that can hold pots
  • Durable frame that does not catch rust or corrosion

What we don’t like:

  • It is suitable for small planting only

10. OGrow  BLOOM Portable Greenhouse

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Running out space for growing your favorite flowers? You have come to the right place, OGrow is a unique greenhouse that is designed specifically for planting in small areas.

OGrow is constructed with modern vertical farming design, that allows you to plant on 4 different shelves. Also, OGrow is a space-saving planting that can perfectly fit on your balcony, and barely take up any of your living space.

Furthermore, OGrow has a 360-degree open view, allows you to closely monitor your newborn plants from the root to the leaf. Most importantly, the structure of this greenhouse made from heavy-duty materials that can hold your plants’ weights and ensures that you can use it for many years without a problem. Takes OGrow to your place, and it will be your house’s best compliment.

What We Like:

  • Smart vertical grow that save space
  • Durable frame that good for long term use
  • Plastic cover good for trapping heat

What we don’t like:

  • Not suitable for large and tall plants
  • Some people prefer a larger size

9. Plantpak Grow House Best Portable Greenhouse

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Give your crops the best environment to grow and develop with Plantpak. You can rely on Plantpak to take good care of your flowers. With wooden cover from the exterior, Plantpak is capable of sheltered your crops from animals that might do damages to plants. Moreover, the wooden surface can prevent UV light from penetrating avoid too much sunlight pass through.

However, you never have to worry that your plants are not getting enough sunlight. The sunlight is not completely blocked; there are glass windows that light can go through. Besides, Plantpak also includes locking stays that allows you to open up the roof to your preferred position. It also improves temperature control that prevents the crops from getting too hot or too cold.

What We Like:

  • 3 adjustable shelves
  • Open roofs and windows for temperature control
  • Easy to assemble
  • Wooden exterior that blocks sunlight

What we don’t like:

  • It can only contain a limited amount of plants

8. Educational Insights GreenThumb Portable Greenhouse

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Coming to number 8 of our list today, Educational Insights. Making your home complete with a lovely portable garden just right in your backyard. This greenhouse takes up a very small space, it perfectly fit right on your balcony, or you can even use it for indoor planting. Another incredible feature is lightweight. It only weighs 14.4 ounces, offers you convenience for moving from place to place. Though the weight is very light, the structure is very firm that it can stand strong wind without a problem.

You will not have any issue in assembling this greenhouse, thanks to its smart, sturdy frame design. Plus, the sturdy frame allows you to set this garden up without any tools required. Besides, this model comes with a roll-up door. You do not have to worry that the weather is too hot for your crops; you can roll up the front plastic covers for humid control.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • Take up little space
  • Roll up window for humid control
  • Protect your plants from pets and animals

What we don’t like:

  • Some people prefer a thicker cover
  • Suggest using zip-tie for more stability

7. VEIKOU Walk-in Portable Greenhouse PE Cloth Cover Garden House Succulent Plants

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Besides pets, plants can be a good companion as well. Taking good care of your plants can be tough without proper equipment. A situation like this is when VEIKOU comes in.

Giving your plants the best spot for growth and development with VEIKOU. A special feature of this greenhouse is you can easily visit your own homegrown flowers with the walk-in feature. In fact, it is so spacious that it allows you to grow more flowers in a bigger size.

This greenhouse is covered with transparent PCV that can fully protect the new grow plants from strong UV light, and keep everything inside warm. Besides, you can control temperature and humid levels with a roll-up door, and windows. Moreover, VEIKOU is built to last, with the combinations of strong joint and good quality pole.

What We Like:

  • Good for growing bigger plants
  • Good for long term use
  • You can walk-in to visit your plants directly
  • PCV cover protects your crops from UV

What we don’t like:

  • It takes some times to assemble

6. Ohuhu Portable Greenhouse

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There is nothing better than eating plants you grow yourself. Starting your homegrown foods with Ohuhu. What makes Ohuhu unique is the zippered roll-up door that you can personally walk inside to spectator your growing crops.

You can also take a quick peek of your plants from the 2 Velcro side windows as well. The windows also used to regulate a better airflow for crops inside. Ohuhu comes with a total of 6 wired shelves that provides a large space for flowers to bloom.

Even better, Ohuhu is designed with strong metal frames, combine with ropes for fastening cover the frame. This makes Ohuhu is one of the very durable greenhouses in the market. Another special feature of this greenhouse is the net rack cover. Unlike other normal covers, this net rack is much more durable, and it has antioxidant, plus UV resistance, which makes them last even longer.

What We Like:

  • Walk-in roll-up door
  • Windows that regulate airflow
  • Durable net rack cover
  • Ample space for flowers to grow

What we don’t like:

  • It takes quite some times to assemble

5. Worth 4 Tier Mini Portable Greenhouses

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For people who love growing plants, but could not find proper space for growing one. Worth 4 Tier is the perfect choice for you. Designed to fit in small space, Worth 4 is the best indoor greenhouse you can find. Though it has a small shape, you can store lots of new grow plants on the 4 shelves. Worth 4 is known to be the best plant propagation that fit in almost any place.

Moreover, you can easily view the growing process of your crops as It is covered with POLYETHYLENE. Besides, there is a roll-up zippered along with the cover that offers easier access for users. Plus, It works as the protector for your valuable newborn plants as well. Bring Worth 4 to your place, and give the best protection to your lovely crops.

What We Like:

  • Take up a bit of space
  • Provide 4 shelves for storing plants
  • Best for plant propagation
  • Roll-up zipper for easier access

What we don’t like:

4. Mini Pop up Portable Greenhouses

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Coming up to number 4 of the list today, Mini Pop. Mini Pop is well known for the easiest and quickest to set up a greenhouse. Without any help from tools, you only need to take a few seconds of following the instructions, and you will be ready.

Moreover, Mini Pop, just like its name suggested, takes up minimal space. You can place it at your balcony, indoor space, or right in your backyard. Though it is small in size, you can be sure that it can withstand the strong winds.

This thanks to the strong ground stake feature that anchors this greenhouse firmly to the ground. Another special feature is the PVC zipper cover. You can rely on this cover to give your plants the best shelter. Plus, the roll-up windows for humid level control on the hot, burning day.

What We Like:

  • Ground stake that anchor
  • PVC cover that prevents strong UV light
  • Roll-up windows for humid control
  • Easy to set up

What we don’t like:

  • Only one shelve
  • Can store a minimal number of plants

3. Flower House SpringHouse Portable Greenhouses

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Do you find yourself more attracted to seasonal flowers, but the season changes so fast, and you want to keep planting the plants of the previous season? Flower house is capable of just that. Growing inside a Flower house can prolong the growing season, thanks to the PVC cover.

This cover serves as a heat concentrator in cold weather. Moreover, you can roll up the windows and the zipper door for air circulation and humidity control. A unique feature of Flower house is the open floor.

You can place this greenhouse directly over your growing plants that attach to the ground. This also means, you do not need a flower pot; you can just plant your crops directly to your backyard soil.

What We Like:

  • PVC cover that prolongs the growing season
  • Open floor for placing on plants that attach to the ground
  • Good for growing large flower
  • UV resistance

What we don’t like:

  • Not very good with very cold weather

2. Nova Microdermabrasion 4 Tier Mini- Best Portable Greenhouses

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Moving on to number 2 of our list, Nova. Nova is famous for its quality and durability. This greenhouse is best for giving seedling and small flowers a head start. It serves as a protection and shelter to your plants. Securing your crops from unwanted animals and harsh weather, to be exact. Both frames and shelves are constructed with high-quality metal.

These metal are capable of holding pots, plants, and can withstand strong wind as well. Besides, with Nova, you get 4 shelves for holding many of your seedling, seed trays, and pots. Moreover, there is nothing easier than setting up Nova. You can assemble this greenhouse in a matter of minutes without any tool at all.

What We Like:

  • 4 shelves for holding pots
  • High-quality metal designed for the frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for seedling and new grow plants

What we don’t like:

  • Not suitable for holding objects that are too heavy

1. Gardman 4-Tier Mini Portable Greenhouse

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If you are looking forward to decorating your house with beautiful flowers, you have come to the right place. Gardman is the best greenhouse that fits perfectly both indoor and outdoor. It comes with 4 separate shelves, so you can store each shelve with different blooming flowers that will glow up your house.

Gardman comes with a clear polyethylene cover that ensures your flowers’ safety from overheating UV light and harsh environment. Moreover, this cover also comes along with a roll-up zipper door, provides easier access and humid level control.

You can rely on the strong steel frame to hold up your pots securely without a problem. Get your house decorated with Gardman today.

What We Like:

  • 4 separate shelves
  • Clear polyethylene cover for protecting the plants
  • Durable, strong frame

What we don’t like:

  • Some people prefer top vent
  • You have to unzip the whole door to get to the top level

Buying Guide to Choosing the best Portable Greenhouses

In this section, we will give you some quick tips for getting the best portable greenhouse. Please put some of these factors into considerations before deciding to pick one of any portable greenhouse. Before getting yourself a greenhouse, you should think of the size, cover, and frame.

Consider the size:

The right size really matters since the too big will not fit, and the too small will not be looking good. Consider your available space and the number of plants you want to place inside the greenhouse. If you have ample space, and you have large crops, it would be best to get the big walk-in greenhouse. However, if you want to grow small plants or just seeds, the small size with 3 or 4 shelves should be fine.

Consider the cover:

The cover is essential for your plant since it will be the protector. Some covers are made from plastic and the net rack. If you only keep your plant indoors and you do not need much protection, the average plastic cover would be enough.

If you are growing outdoor and you want to keep your plant more secure, consider the net rack or sturdy plastic. As a growing outdoor, there is more time staying under intense UV light and a higher chance of getting attack by animals.

Consider the frame:

Similarly to the cover, the framework as the second line of defense. If you are growing tiny plants, the average frame can handle that just fine. However, you are planting outdoor with big flowers. It would be best to have a robust and sturdy frame for supporting your crops. Usually, the more robust framework comes with, the bigger size.


All in all, planting is one of the most significant activities you should try. In addition to that, giving your plants the best environment to grow is essential. Getting the right portable greenhouse can help your crops in many ways. Do a little more research if you must, but the list above is all the best compact gardens that are very popular in these days market.

Moreover, all the products mentioned above are created to help new users selecting the best greenhouse only. I hope you get what you are looking for and give your plants the best growing environments.