Best Plastic Knives in 2020 Reviews

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Plastic knives are one of those utensils that are usually needed the very last minute. Some households use plastic knife sets simply because they have kids in their homes. If you find yourself needing plastic knife sets often, it’s about time to stock up on some of them. That said, below are the 10 best sets of 2020.

List Of Our Best Plastic Knives in 2020 Reviews On Amazon.Com

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31vg6vhgo1l-_sl160_-2821632 Plasticpro Disposable Clear Plastic Knives Heavyweight Utensils Pack of 100 Count Buy on Amazon
Snowyee Lettuce Knife, Tomato Knife Serrated Paring BPA Plastic Cutter No Hurt Fingers ( 1 Set ) Buy on Amazon
41y9b1tlcil-_sl160_-5939678 Jovitec 8 Pieces Kid Plastic Kitchen Knife Set, Children’s Safe Cooking Chef Nylon Knives for Fruit,… Buy on Amazon
31pxqn5bt4l-_sl160_-5326339 100 Clear Plastic Knives | Heavy Duty Plastic Silverware Knives | Fancy Plastic Cutlery | Elegant… Buy on Amazon
Penta Angel 3 Colors Plastic Kitchen Knife Set 3 Sizes Kids Nylon Knife Children Safety Cooking Chef… Buy on Amazon
31bdeot2bkl-_sl160_-7880401 Fox Run Bakeware Buddy Knife, food grade safe plastic kitchen knife,1 x 8 x 0.5, Blue, 4-Inch Blade Buy on Amazon
Plastic Silverware | Heavy Duty & Solid Cutlery Disposable Utensils Set | Perfect for Weddings,… Buy on Amazon
AmazonBasics Light-Weight Plastic Knives, White, 250-Pack Buy on Amazon
Crystalware Heavy Weight Plastic Knives 100/box, Clear Buy on Amazon
[300 Pack] Heavyweight Disposable Clear Plastic Knives Buy on Amazon

#10. Plasticpro Clear Heavy Weight Plastic Knife

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Plasticpro knives are very sturdy and clear that are easy to dispose of, clean, and reuse. With Plasticpro Knives, you can have your children enjoy their meal by themselves and safely. And, you can use these ones in any special event like a picnic, birthday, wedding, party, or lunch boxes.

Moreover you can buy this from 50 to 200 knives per package, and you can bring it along to your trips very easily. These knives will not cause any damage to your package/storage box like steel knives at all. Additionally, these ones are good if you worry about losing the metal knives that always keep disappearing mysteriously.

#9. Snowyee Plastic Knife – 3 Pieces

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These knives are designed to be sturdy, colourful, and durable, and they are sharp enough to use to cut vegetables and fruits. Moreover, you can use knives safely with your kids. On top of that, there are 3 knives that Snowyee provides you in 1 set. Each one is easy and safe to pack and bring and use it anywhere you want.

In addition, for your info, the size of the bigger knife is 27.5 x 5 cm and for the small one is 19.5 x 7.6 cm, and you can use them very well for slicing, and cutting. Plus, each one is certainly safer and easier to handle than steel knives as well.

  1. Jovitec Kitchen Safe Plastic Knife Set – 8 Pieces

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This one is a lovely set of plastic knives for kids that come in pretty fun colours. It comes in 2 colour sets options you can choose from. The material chosen is plastic nylon, and there are 2 shapes offered (cusp and square).

Coming in plastic, some may underestimate these knives’ performance. These Pisces can slice through a wide range of fruits, bread and veggies. Featuring serrated edges, your kids are safe using these knives. What’s more, each knife is BPA-free with no taste as well as no toxic elements, so you know your kids’ health is safe. Yet, it is recommended that the knives are used for kids of 4 years old and older and under adult’s watch.

Cleaning the knives is easy peasy since they can be tossed in the dishwasher for washing. The knives are non-stick, too, making them easy to handle. Each knife can withstand boiling hot water without getting deformed. Make your kids become little chefs with these lightweight, kids-friendly plastic knives.

#7. Prestee Clear Disposable Plastic Knives

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Prestee Clear Knives are designed with a clear look. Each piece is suitable for daily use, parties, meetings, celebrations, or for your trips. Moreover, there are 100 knives per package, and you can wash, and dispose of it very easily. The set is suitable for those who have a lot of work to do or always eating outside.

Additionally, the set is useful for your children to enjoy their meal by themselves with more safety than metal knives. Make gatherings simpler and fun with Prestee.

#6. Penta Angel Plastic Knives- 3 Pieces

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With these Penta Angel plastic knives, you can have 3 pieces of the knife in one package, and the design is very fancy and colourful. Moreover, these 3 knives have different colours and sizes. The biggest one has green colour and the size is 28 cm, the 2nd one has an orange colour and the size is 23 cm, and the smallest has a purple colour and the size is 17 cm. In addition, each knife is very durable and sharp enough to cut and slice vegetables like cabbages, salad, cucumber more including fruits too.

There are 2 sets of colours you can select. Each knife is easy, and safe to teach your children, and let them help you in the kitchen. Plus, you can carry it along with your trips without needing to pack metal knives.

#5. Fox Run High Heat Resistant Plastic Knives

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This knife is good looking, sturdy, and colourful, and you can use it to slice and cut cakes, vegetables, fruits, bread, and butter. Moreover, you can give it to your kids and let them help you in the kitchen. This one sure is safer than a metal knife, and it can withstand the temperature up to 130 celsius. On top of that, this knife is non-sticking, so you can cut your cake very easily and don’t give any damage to your pan surface, and it is very useful in the bakery. Plus, it is a great option to cut or slice dessert, too. In addition, it is easy to wash, and easy to bring it around.

You can buy this Fox Run plastic knife for your kids or and for your parents as a gift, and we assure they will love it, and the purchase will be worthwhile. Let your kids help out in the kitchen with Fox Run.

#4. PARTY BARGAINS Plastic Knives – 150 Pieces

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This plastic knife has a very metal and elegant look, and it is very sturdy and durable. Moreover, you can use it for daily use, celebrations, parties, picnic, or your journeys. Plus, there are 150 plastic knives per package suitable for events. The set is suitable for serving your guests. Each piece is disposable and washable if you want to save it for next time uses.

In addition, because it is safer than metal knives, you can allow your children to use it on their own to enjoy their meals independently. Plus each knife is suitable for anyone who always has their meals outside.

On top of that, you use these knives as an art craft to decorate your kitchen because of its fancy and silver colour appearance that offers such a fun vibe. Get yours. and you will love the purchase.

#3. AmazonBasics Lightweight Plastic Knives

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This knife is designed with very sturdy and lightweight, and suitable use for parties, picnics, celebrations, and travels. Moreover, it is safe and easy to use especially for kids, and the handle of the knife fits even for adult hands. With the lightweight, that makes it easy for kids to hold and use. Made from Polyethylene, the knives are break-proof and quite flexible for a wide array of uses. In addition, the knife is disposable and reusable, so you can throw it away if you only want to use the knives for an event 1 time. On top of that, there are 250 knives per package to 1000 knives per package. Thus, that should be enough for one wholesome party.

Coming in white, this one will compliment any utensil. With AmazonBasics plastic knives, you no longer worry about losing your expensive metal knives during travels or be concerned about the sharp knives which can harm your children anymore. Additionally, you can use this set for your mobile food shop as well if you happen to have one. Add an extra convenience into your work in the kitchen by getting these knives.

#2. Crystalware Clear Plastic Knives – 200 Pieces

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This Crystalware Clear plastic knife is a good quality plastic knife that comes in a fairly heavier weight. The material chosen is PS plastic. The design features a clean and classic look suitable for banquets, feasts, daily use, and parties. Moreover, it is durable that you can reuse it again or dispose of it if you don’t have time to do the washing. In addition, there are from 100 knives per package up to 200 knives per package which allows you to use it for a long time. Additionally, each knife can be used by children safely. We also love that these ones can cut through steaks, too.

Each knife is 7” long, meaning they are full-sized knives. You can buy the lovely set as a gift for your parents or for your children, and let them enjoy their meals on their own with safety and peace of mind. Each purchase will come in a beautiful box. This one will surely offer the best value for your money.

#1. Comfy Package Heavyweight Disposable Plastic Knives Set

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With a classic and clear design, this plastic knife is very durable. You can use this set very easily for your daily meals, parties, wedding, celebration, and other special events. Additionally, your children can use it very safely and easily for their meals. Each one is reusable and disposable that allows you to throw it off if you don’t have time to do the washing.

Moreover, there are 300 knives per package; ready for you to throw a big party with a lot of guests.And, you can use the set as the decoration in your kitchen with its glass-like appearance and can be used any time you want. On top of that, you can bring the set with ease and use it on your trips.

Get yours to prepare for a special party and enjoy it together with your friends and family or buy it for your parents or your children. We assure you they will love it.


Buying Guides


If you celebrate parties quite often, you should buy the plastic knife that is sturdy and heavy that allows you to use it many times. On the other hand, if you want to use the plastic knives for at a high degree of temperature up to 130 celsius, the Fox Run plastic knife or other high heat resistant knife is very suitable. Plus, if you are to let kids use the knives, the knives should be tough, flexible, and break-resistant because the little ones break things all the time.


Just like most products, plastic knives are cheaper when bought in a bigger bundle. Besides, you should get plastic knife sets with just the right quantities to meet your needs.


If you plan to reuse the plastic knives, please make sure the knives are reusable. And, it is a great bonus if the knives can be washed in the dishwasher, too.

Lightweight or Heavyweight

Lighter plastic knives are great for kids to handle while heavier knives are good for adults and for reusable purposes.


If you plan to allow your kids to use the knives, make sure the knives are made from good quality plastic. The plastic should be free from BPA, taste, and elements. Plus, if the knives come with serrated edges, that enhances the safety factor as well. What’s more, make sure to get knife sets that come sealed in a box for good hygiene.


These products above are the top 10 best plastic knife sets of 2020. A plastic knife can come in very useful on special occasions. Any of these recommended options will be the best bang for your buck. Stock up on these goodies to be well-prepared for your next gathering.