Top 10 Best Cheerleading Megaphones for Sale Reviews In 2020

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You might be holding outdoor events and the best you can do is just talk to your closest friend when you have a multitude that you need to talk to. We are all made with different voice abilities and we cannot strain past a certain limit. That means that you need something that will amplify your voice. You won’t get anything better than using megaphones. It amplifies your voice and you talk normally n your simple form.

Top 10 Best Portable Megaphones Reviews

10-japomizuno Bull Horn Speakers Rechargeable Megaphones with 240’s Recording

japomizuno Bullhorn Rechargeable Megaphone Speaker with 240's Recording,Siren,U-Disk Player, 800 Yard Range, Rechargeable Battery

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This is a 5-inch bullhorn that has been designed with a battery that can be recharged. That means that you can have it working with you in environments that you will not have expected it to work. It has the ability to broadcast up to 800 yards away, making it one of the best horns that you can have. After a full charge, you will have it working for up to 5 hours continuously by just using the clean energy that it has.


  • Designed with a built-in recording time that will last up to 240 seconds
  • Has been designed to provide you with various types of uses
  • The item has a handle that can be folded for better storage
  • It is a small size that has the ability to use 20W

9-Pyle Megaphones PA Bullhorn Speaker – Built-in Siren 50 Watts

Pyle Megaphone PA Bullhorn Speaker - Built-in Siren 50 Watts Rechargeable Battery- 10 Sec Record Function for Football Baseball Basketball Cheerleading Fans Coaches or for Safety Drills

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When you need something that is portable and able to provide you with high powered audio projection, then you are lucky to have this one made for you. It comes with a new improved battery life that will serve you now even better than what it used before. The sound power that it has been made with s also one of the greatest and functionality that cannot be compared with any. To ensure that your message is heard loud and clear, get to have this item with you.


  • Has a recording function that takes up to 10 seconds of audio memory
  • Comes with a built-in rechargeable battery with a charger included
  • Has the ability to connect and even stream audio from other external devices
  • Easy to control with a simple button make

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8-Technical Pro Portable Megaphone Bullhorn Speaker Cheerleader Megaphones

Technical Pro Megaphone 50-Watt Siren Bullhorn - Bullhorn Speaker w/Detachable Microphone, Portable Lightweight Strap Detachable PA - Professional Outdoor Voice for Police & Cheerleading

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It does not matter where you are placed, you can now be able to be heard up to 1200 feet away in a loud and clear manner. That brings you good news because no matter how low your voice is, I can now be heard several feet away. This is an item that has the ability to produce a powerful 50W sound. It is an item that has been made to be light and with the conveying strap that it has been designed with, you can be sure to be able to carry it around with ease.


  • Designed with a volume that has been optimized for use either indoors or outdoors
  • Has been made with a grip that is ergonomic and with the lightweight, it can be carried around easily
  • Designed with a siren mode that can sound an alarm when needed
  • The handheld mike can be detached so that it is held directly close to your moth

7-Champion Sports Megaphone – Multiple Power Ranges and Features

Champion Sports Megaphone - Multiple Power Ranges and Features

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Just save your attention but ensure that you are able to get your voice heard miles away. It has an ability to amplify your sound to be heard from 300 to 800 feet away. The item comes with adjustable volume control that will give you the ability to ensure that you get to have the level of hi hound that you need. The powerful siren that it has been designed with is able to communicate various kinds of messages to different types of audiences out there.


  • Comes made with convenient wrist strap ensuring its kept close to your hand easily
  • Communicates a variety of messages to audiences differently
  • Broadcasts up to 800 yards out there
  • Lightweight and also convenient to be taken to events

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6-APLS602 – AmpliVox MityMeg S602 Megaphone

APLS602 - AmpliVox MityMeg S602 Megaphone

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Why do you need to shout that way when there is an event? How can you reach people to get to listen to you when there is some danger? There is only one way that you can accomplish such worries, having this AmpliVox with you. It has been designed to be your best friend when vice seems to be at its lowest point. They are portable and the best of it is that it can just be used virtually anywhere where people are.


  • This is a powerful horn that produces clear sound to several yards away
  • It has been given a lightweight make to be able to be carried easily
  • Does not use lots of energy, thanks to its energy-efficient and strong better y that it has been made with
  • Its waterproof design just makes it to be used at any weather

5-Maxam Megaphone

Maxam Megaphone

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The Maxam Megaphone is built for both indoor and outdoor use. It is a highly portable choice and produces powerful sound with an impressive range. It has a multi-functional design and it is battery operated. This is a great choice for amplifying your voice and the comfortable carrying strap makes the megaphone ultimately portable. The model also has a built-in siren alarm which you can use to amplify an emergency tone when it is required. The adjustable volume control enables you to quickly grab attention.


  • Built-in siren ideal for extra attention
  • Built for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight chassis will not cause user fatigue
  • Battery-powered ideal for outdoor use

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4-SSG 1000′ Wireless Megaphones 61w

SSG 1000' Megaphone 61w

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This is another extra-loud option you can rely on and it is guaranteed to grab attention. It is designed to emit 10 watts of power and it is battery operated, taking 6 C batteries. You will appreciate the loud sound alongside with its amazing portability and lightweight design. This option is heavy-duty and will amplify your voice no matter the environment or location and the built-in siren alert allows you to grab attention fast.


  • Operates on 6 C-size batteries but doesn’t come with them
  • Hassle-free to hold and carry around due to the lightweight chassis
  • Siren button makes the megaphone ideal for most school events
  • The adjustable volume control enables you to quickly grab attention

3-MyMealivos Extra Loud, Heavy Duty Megaphone

MyMealivos Extra Loud, Heavy Duty Megaphone -1200-45 Watts

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This is a standalone megaphone designed to suit your needs. It comes with a 3.5mm aux-in jack to let you connect with any compatible external device and stream audio files directly through your megaphones. It has built-in SD and USB flash memory card reader and if you are planning to use this megaphone for your vehicle then there will be no need for using batteries. The megaphone is powerful enough and produces 70 watts peak power to let you propel your voice and sound at a great range of up to 2500 feet away.


  • Removable rechargeable battery perfect for outdoor use
  • Variable volume control for multiple applications
  • Amazing projection range of 2500 feet away
  • Record, whistle, siren and talk function to meet your needs

2-Stageline TM-17 Megaphone with Siren

Stageline TM-17 Megaphone

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Get ready to command in style with the Stageline TM-17 Megaphone. It is the most significant device available and one of the most purchased megaphones. It has a lightweight chassis to reduce hand fatigue. Besides the siren feature, this device works with a powerful 25 watts sound system. This megaphone is common among police academies, cheerleading squads, firefighting school, and sports activities. It can be used indoor and outside and this versatility makes it the most enjoyable device to use. Get it and capture people’s attention without shouting.


  • Lightweight chassis to reduce user fatigue
  • Produces up to 25 watts maximum volume control
  • Record, whistle, siren and talk function to meet your needs
  • Ergonomics construction makes it easy to use

1-Pecks RoHS Compliance 6W Drip-proof megaphone speaker

Realize the significant weight and compact! Pecks RoHS Compliance 6W Drip-proof megaphone

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Want the best megaphone that can be used for Halloween, parties, and costume party? Look no further than the Pecks RoHS Compliance 6W Drip-proof megaphone. It is an outstanding bullhorn device and offers outstanding crisp, clear sound from a mile away. It has a great power supply that covers an extensive distance without any issue. The device is ergonomically designed for hassle handling and carrying to and fro. The device is well suited for use in many scenarios such as cheerleaders and police can use it, too.


  • Ergonomically designed for hassle-free handling
  • Powerful enough to let you grab attention with ease
  • Conveying strap ideal for secure handling
  • The siren alarm mode is loud enough perfect for emergency response situation


Trying to control an unruly crowd is a huge project and can put on your vocals and nerves to a terrible strain. Even if you have the loudest voice, people will not hear you and this is the reason why you must use megaphones. The above are the best devices designed to amplify the volume of your voice. Choose your megaphone from the above list and manage an unruly crowd with ease.

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