Best LED Lights for Car Interior in 2020 Reviews

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Put some light on the subject you will always need light in your car. The sun doesn’t shine 24 7 so having one of the top 15 best LED lights for car interior in 2020 is the best way to bring light to your situation.

LED lights shine brightly without using a lot of electricity. They are far better than your car’s standard dome light. Plus, you can move them around to get the best light possible where you need it most.

List of Best LED Lights for car interior in 2020 Reviews

15. LED Monster LED Interior Car Lights

15. LED Monster 10pcs LED Interior Car Lights For Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate - Direct Fit

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With 10 LED light pieces installed on your car, you shouldn’t have any shadows. These lights bring 6000K xenon white light to make sure you can read your map or find your phone.

Plus, they do not heat up as much as a regular incandescent bulb. Then with no light delay, you get to see instantly what is happening inside your vehicle. Also, their versatility allows you to place them wherever you need them.

Just keep in mind that LED lights come with a positive and negative side. If they do not light up right away, you may have installed them backward. Just pull them out and then turn them to install correctly.

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14. YANF LED Music Car Interior Light

14. Car LED Strip Light, YANF 4Pcs 36 LED Music Car Interior Light Led Under Dash Lighting Kit Multicolor Floor Lights

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These LED lights are designed to light up your feet. Not literally but they are designed to make sure your foot area is colorful and bright. The 36 LED lights in this 4 piece set are compatible with all vehicles on the road today.

Once you have them set up and plugged in, you can turn them on and enjoy the light show. 8 colors switch according to the rhythm of your music. Or you can stick to one constant color. Which mode you use depends on your mood.

The lights plug into your car’s cigarette lighter and are operated by the handy remote control. Just push the button to get the mode you want. The double-sided adhesive tape makes sure you keep these lights out of the way.

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13. Yorkim 578 Festoon LED Bulb

13. Yorkim 578 Festoon LED Bulb 41mm 42mm, 578 LED Bulb White Super Bright 41mm 42mm Canbus Error Free

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These handy little LED light bulbs can replace all your incandescent bulbs in your car. They work as a dome light, a trunk light, courtesy light and even as a map light. You have a lot of choices where you will use them.

After you have them installed where you want, these LED lights bring 6000K white light to your car’s interior. Or if you prefer 400 lumens. That should be more than enough light to read your map so you do not get lost.

Then with 50,000 hours of life, you should not have to replace these lights very often. That should save you lots of money in the long run. They also do not consume a lot of power.

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12. Drita Strip Multicolor Car Interior LED Neon Lights

12. Drita Strip Super 4pcs 48 DC 12V Multicolor Music Car Interior LED Under Dash Atmosphere Neon Lights Kit

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Neon isn’t dead yet. It used to be the go-to light style to customize just about anything you own. Now LED light styles have upgraded the neon light and have allowed you to decorate your car’s interior.

The 48 light pieces on 4 strips bring 8 different colors to your car and your romantic time. Then their 100,000-hour lifespan you can be romantic for a long time to come. The RGB LED lights can be placed anywhere in your car as well.

The double-sided adhesive tape gives you a lot of flexibility in placement. Plus, they plug conveniently into your car’s cigarette lighter. A remote control keeps you in control of all their functions and options.

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11. Govee Unifilar Car LED Strip Light

11. Govee Unifilar Car LED Strip Light, MINGER APP Controller Car Interior Lights, Waterproof Multicolor Music Under Dash Lighting

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Even colored lights let you see what you are doing when the sun goes down. They cast just enough light to let you find that misplaced cellphone or search your glove compartment.

All you have to do to light up your car with over 16 million different color and tone options is to use the adhesive tape. Just stick these light strips up and out of the way and you will have enough light to see. 4 strips hold the 30+ LED light pieces and plugs easily into your car’s cigarette lighter.

In addition to that, once they are plugged in, they draw little power from your car’s battery. They are also waterproof and safe to use around children.

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10. AMAZENAR White Replacement LED Light

10. Car Interior Lighting for Map Dome Lamp Courtesy Trunk License Plate Dashboard Parking Lights

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When you purchase this pack, you get 30 replacement LED lights to light up your car. When your regular light bulbs go out, these LED lights step in and cast a brighter glow. They can even replace halogen light bulbs.

5 light chips are placed so that you get a 360 degree light. This helps a lot when you are fumbling around your trunk or car’s glove box. With little heat build-up, your car remains nice and safe no matter where you install these lights.

With 30 LED lights in this pack, you are getting a lot of replacement lights that will last you a very long time. Just check for compatibility to make sure they will work in your vehicle.

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9. Adecorty Car LED Strip Light

9. Adecorty ADCLS01 4pcs 48 LED Car LED Strip Light DC 12V Multicolor Music Car Interior Light LED Under Dash Lighting Kit

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Have your Car jumping to the music with this musical set of colorful LED car interior lights. The lights will change color with the rhythm of the music as you drive or just hang out.

To get them working you just plug the lights into your car’s cigarette lighter and push the right buttons on the included remote control. Make sure the remote is located close to the receiver.

After you are all set up, 8 different colors will put on their light show for you and your friends. The long power cord provides you with multiple location options. The LED light strips stick up and out of the way of big feet and curious hands.

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8. EJ’s SUPER CAR Interior Lights

8. Car LED Strip Light, EJ's SUPER CAR 4pcs 36 LED Car Interior Lights Under Dash Lighting Waterproof Kit

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The soft light emitted by these 36 LED light chips should not distract you from driving. Plus, they are easy to install and not that difficult to keep out of your way. The adhesive strip does all the attachment work and holds onto your car tight.

A built-in fuse in the cigarette lighter attachment makes sure these lights are safe to use at any time. It also has an on and off switch so you stay in control of when the lights shine. The LED lights are waterproof and should last you for years.

Also, these lights are very compatible. They will work in any vehicle as long as there is a cigarette lighter available. The age of the car does not matter either.

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7. wsiiroon Car LED Strip Light

7. wsiiroon Car LED Strip Light,4pcs 48 LED Multicolor Music Car Interior Lights Under Dash Lighting Waterproof Kit with Sound Active Function and Wireless Remote Control

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You can feel like you are in Las Vegas when you install these LED strip lights. Not only are they bright but they change colors and modes with ease. 8 colors switch or stay steady at your command.

Just make sure the remote control is pointed at the receiver to get the best results and fastest response time. After you turn the lights on, they will dance to the rhythm of the music playing on your radio. Your voice will activate them as well.

Made from ABS materials these lights should last you under normal operating conditions. There is nothing difficult about these lights including the installation.

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6. SiriusLED Extremely Bright Interior Car Lights

6 super bright LED light chips are embedded in each replacement light for you. You get 6000K light with every light chip. That number translates into 400 lumens. Plus, you get a lot of versatility.

These LED lights will work in all compatible light fixtures installed in your car. Dome light, trunk light, and other light outlets will benefit from using these LED lights. With different sizes to choose from, it is very likely you can find a replacement for your vehicle.

All you have to do is slip out the old light and slip in the new. It is simple and easy to do. Each pack comes with 2 replacement light bulbs.

5. LEDGlow 4pc LED Interior Light

5. LEDGlow 4pc Multi-Color LED Interior Footwell Underdash Neon Light Kit for Cars & Trucks - 7 Solid Colors - 7 Patterns

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What LED light technology does for you is to bring you a brighter light that lasts longer. The LED lights are brighter than halogen and can last thousands of hours, saving you money over the long run.

This set of 4 light strips come with 7 different colors so you can impress your lady friend with your creativity and romantic nature. 8 different modes let you chose the atmosphere for your car at that moment.

With 5 feet of power cord with each strip, you also stay in control of where these lights are located. Zip locks make sure they are securely in place before you use them.

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4. Yorkim Festoon LED Interior Car Lights

4. Yorkim 31mm Festoon LED Bulbs White Super Bright LED Interior Car Lights Error Free CANBUS 6-SMD 5730 Chipsets, DE3175 LED Bulb

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Once you install these LED light bulbs, you get 6 LED light chips casting a 6500k bright white light in your car. That is more light than you need to read your map. You will have no excuse for getting lost after these lights light up your car.

Also, you can use these lights just about anywhere in your car. They are great at replacing dull old trunk lights and other spots as well. Make sure you get enough light in your car by using this top LED light set.

On top of that, these lights use little power, last a long time and do not heat up as much as regular light bulbs do.

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3. OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Strip Interior Lighting Kit

3. OPT7 Aura Smart-Color LED Strip Interior Lighting Kit (4 Items)

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4 LED light strips come in this car interior kit. You get a lot of light when you want to change the mood in your car. Plus, it is a plug and plays kit so you do not waste time in set up. Your hardest decision will be where to put all 4 strips.

The bass activated lights move according to the beat of your music. It all depends on which button you push on the remote control. The light strips are flexible as well and will bend and twist to fit your car’s design. Your light show is at your fingertips.

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2. SiriusLED Extremely Bright LED Bulbs for Car Interior

2. SiriusLED Extremely Bright 3030 Chipset LED Bulbs for Car Interior Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate Lights Compact Wedge

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LED technology has taken car lights to the next level. You get a very bright light that burns for thousands of hours at little cost to you. Who can ask for anything better than that?

Their versatile use is one reason why they are a top-rated replacement light. With 3 LED light chips in each bulb, your car will light up like never before. The 10 bulbs in this pack will give you enough spares you won’t need to buy new ones for years. Plus, they have a wide compatibility range and fits most vehicles on the road today.

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1. Yorkim 194 Led Bulb

1. Yorkim 194 Led Bulb Red Canbus Error Free 3-SMD 2835 Chipsets, T10 Red Interior Led For Car Dome Map Door Courtesy License Plate Trunk lights

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Besides red, you can get these replacement LED light bulbs in 3 more colors- yellow, blue & white. You can really decorate your car’s interior and even be patriotic when you do.

3 LED light chips are n each bulb providing you with more than enough light to see what you are doing. Plus, with different colors, you can change the mood in your car at will.

Then their wide compatibility range lets yo use these lights on most vehicles you already own. Spice up your life with colorful LED lights.

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Long-lasting lights are what you want in your car. You already spend too much money on other items so save a little by adding one of the top 15 best LED for car interior in 2020.

Having bright lights inside your car helps you find misplaced items and read maps. Plus, with the different color modes, you can impress your romantic partner on those special nights out. Go with the best to have a better time in your car.

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