Best Jewelry Cabinets in 2020 Reviews

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Jewelry equals status owning fine jewelry means you have class, taste, and style. The best place to keep your expensive jewelry is in one of the top 15 best jewelry cabinets in 2020. These cabinets are designed to protect your jewelry while giving you a great place to put your rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

Good jewelry deserves a luxuries cabinet such as these. It upholds your class and style while making sure no one walks off with a piece or two.

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15. Flex HQ Wooden Jewelry Treasure Armorie Cabinet

15.Flex HQ Wooden Jewelry Treasure Armorie Cabinet Chest Big Storage Box Organizer Drawer with Mirror Green

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With 7 drawers, one top cabinet for rings and two side storage spots for necklaces, your jewelry will stay in top shape for a long time. The felt covered interiors make sure your jewelry is not damaged at any time.

There is enough space in the drawers, etc., to handle every piece of jewelry you own. Then to retrieve you are fine works, you just need to pull on the traditionally styled knobs. Steel hooks hold on to your necklaces with ease.

No matter what happens with your jewelry, when you purchase this wood cabinet, you are getting a solid storage case that does its job well. A mirror on top, lets you preview what you are wearing before making a final decision.

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14. GentleShower Jewelry Cabinets

14.GentleShower Jewelry Cabinet with Mirror Jewellery Box Organizer Wooden Jewelry Storage Armoire Hanging 7 Drawers Large Capacity

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Standing about 38 inches tall, this beautiful jewelry cabinet will not detract from the sparkling gems you keep inside. 7 drawers of space, two side cabinets and a hidden top compartment will store all your jewelry with ease.

The side cabinets have 12 steel hooks that hang on to your necklaces without a problem. Then you can put your rings and bracelets comfortably in all the other drawers. The ring-shaped handles pull the wood drawers out effortlessly for easy access.

Elegantly designed, this jewelry cabinet will hold its own among other fine furniture you have in your room. Plus, it is exquisitely designed to match your taste in jewelry.  Atop mirror is included so you can have that last glance before you head out to your party.

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13. Bonnlo Photo Frames Jewelry Armoire Wall Mounted Cabinet

13.Bonnlo Photo Frames Jewelry Armoire Wall Mounted Cabinet,4 Picture Display Cabinet,Villous Render Inside,Heavy Duty Makeup Cosmetics Organizer for Bedroom Gift

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Protect your jewelry from prying eyes by hiding them in a cabinet that looks like a photo frame. Place your favorite photos inside the frame to distract would-be thieves. Then lock the cabinet so no unauthorized hands can touch those pieces of art.

Also, the extra shelves inside, let you hide your expensive perfumes from your daughters. You can keep a lot of treasured items safe inside this wall mounted case. When you turn to this cabinet to hide your jewelry you can save space by putting in a good spot on your walls.

Moisture should not be a problem for you, this cabinet is damp proof. In addition, you get 2 keys to unlock or lock up your valuables.

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12. Giantex Jewelry Armoire Chest Cabinet Storage Box

12.Giantex Jewelry Armoire Chest Cabinet Storage Box with Top Flip Makeup Mirror Large Standing Organizer for Bedroom 10 Necklace Hooks Space Saving Side Swing...

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A mirrored top hides your most used jewelry. Just lift the lid to use the mirror and get access to your those rings and bracelets you wear on a daily basis. Then for those more expensive pieces, you have 6 more drawers to handle your storage needs.

Then with a flick of the wrist, you can open the side cabinets to get to your prized necklaces. 10 hooks hold on to these necklaces with gentle care. Access to your jewelry is easy for you.

Then the exterior comes with a turned lathe look that highlights the product hidden within its drawers. Finely crafted, this jewelry cabinet should last you a lifetime. It is easy to keep cleaned and polished.

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11. SUPER DEAL Jewelry Armoire Lockable Jewelry Cabinets

11.SUPER DEAL Jewelry Armoire Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Organizer with Full Length Mirror and Drawers - 14.5W x 48H in - Frosty White

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Hide your jewelry in plain sight. This two-door jewelry cabinet can hang on your wall or it can hang inside your door away from those jealous eyes that covet your jewelry. Either way, you can keep your pieces of jewelry safe.

After unlocking the doors, you will find inside enough space to handle your necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Plus, you get extra storage space for makeup or perfume. This cabinet can hold up to 104 rings at one time.

Also, a mirror on the front hides the cabinets true purpose. You can admire your look while you are keeping your jewelry safe. The felt lined interior should protect you are fine jewelry from receiving any damage.

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10. TomCare Jewelry Cabinets

10.TomCare Jewelry Cabinet Jewelry Armoire Wall Mounted Jewelry Organizer Eight Edge with Frameless Mirror Earring Organizer Thickened Jewelry Box Space Saving...

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This innocent looking mirrored cabinet looks like it is just a medicine cabinet. But once you open it, you will see the secret it is trying to protect. It is a jewelry cabinet in disguise.

This jewelry cabinet masquerades as a medicine cabinet so you can have peace of mind. Your jewelry is safe behind the 8 sided mirror. After you open the door, you can store 24 necklaces, 72 earrings 30 rings and a lot more.

Made from quality MDF wood, the cabinet should not break if it drops from its position on the wall. No assembly is required, all you have to do is mount it where you want it. Use the double-sided tape for added stability.

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9. Giantex Jewelry Cabinets

9.Giantex Jewelry Cabinet Armoire Box Storage Chest Necklace Stand Organizer

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This is a smaller jewelry cabinet for those people who do not like wearing or owning a lot of jewelry. But don’t let its size fool you. You can still get a lot of rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets inside its 4 drawers, and 2 cabinets.

14 LED lights are included in this cabinet. They light up the mirror and surrounding area so you can make the right jewelry choice for your special occasion. A top organizer is hidden underneath the mirror. You can sort your rings according to frequent use.

4 solidly built legs hold this cabinet up and keep it very stable. The surface doe snot needs a lot of cleaning attention and will polish up quickly.

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8. SONGMICS Lockable Jewelry Cabinets

8.SONGMICS Lockable Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror, Wall-Mounted Space Saving Jewelry Storage Organizer White UJJC51WT

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Keeping your jewelry under lock and key is a smart move to make. You never know when some curious mind will reach in and sample some of your finer pieces. One door opens your way into the two sided jewelry cabinet.

Once opened, you can make your selection with ease. Then use the outside mirror to see how you look. Plus, with the wall mount, you can keep this jewelry case at a convenient height for you.

Measuring only 26 by 15 by4 inches approx., you get the room for 24 studs, 64 earrings, 60 rings, and 24 necklaces. This jewelry cabinet doe snot takes up a lot of space on your wall and no assembly is required to use it.

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7. Giantex Mirrored Jewelry Cabinets

7.Giantex Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Mirror w Resin Diamond Design Standing Storage Organizer Box, Black

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This freestanding jewelry cabinet looks more like a dressing mirror than a jewelry cabinet. The full-length mirror gives you a great view of yourself as you get ready for your big event.

Then if you need jewelry, just flip the door open and you will be able to make your selection without delay. Inside there is enough room for lots of rings, necklaces and more.  3 shelves handle any cosmetics you want to keep hidden away.

2 solid legs hold sup this MDF constructed jewelry cabinet with ease. The mirror tilts so you can always see yourself from different angles. This jewelry cabinet’s design should complement any decor you have in your home.

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6. Giantex Wall/Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer

6.Giantex Wall Door Mounted Jewelry Armoire Organizer with 2 LED Lights, Lockable Height Adjustable Jewelry Cabinet with Full Length Mirror, Large Capacity...

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2 LED lights brighten your jewelry selection process. Just open the door and let those lights illuminate your jewelry pieces. Plus, you can keep your jewelry safe by locking it with one of the two included keys.

After you unlock your new jewelry cabinet, you will have enough storage space for a pile of rings, bracelets, etc. There are even two drawers for smaller items you want no one to see. 4 shelves are built-in to help you store your favorite makeup and perfumes.

Made from tough MDF wood, the dark stain look should not clash with your other furniture. Then a full-length mirror makes sure you know what you look like before you meet your guests.

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5. Giantex Jewelry Armoire Cabinets

5.Giantex Jewelry Armoire Chest Cabinet Organizer, Wood Bedroom Furniture with 1 Makeup Mirror Lid 12 Necklace Hooks Swing Door Makeup Storage Drawer Stand,...

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7 drawers, 2 side compartments and a hidden top compartment are at your fingertips. You can place all of your jewelry inside and probably still have room left over for other prized items.

Close the drawers and the compartments and you have one fine looking piece of furniture adorning your bedroom. Underneath holding everything up are four sturdy yet short legs. You get stability like never before.

Also, you get lots of space to make sure none of your jewelry is left outside exposed to dishonest hands. The traditional design brings a conservative look to your room. It just makes your room look better.

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4. Homegear Modern Mirrored Jewelry Cabinets

4.Homegear Modern Door Wall Mounted Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet Organizer Storage White

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This cabinet will be at home on the wall or behind your door. Either way yo save a lot of bedroom space when you turn to this jewelry cabinet to house you’re fine jewels. The cabinet measures approx. 47 by 15 by 3 1/2 inches in size.

The easy to clean cabinet has room for 80 rings, 48 necklaces, and a lot more jewelry. You can also store other small personal items inside including your make up. Or you can place your exotic scarves inside to keep them clean. Whatever you do with this cabinet, you have a good mirror helping you dress for the evening.

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3. Best Choice Products 6-Tier Standing Mirror Cabinet

3.Best Choice Products 6-Tier Full Length Standing Mirrored Lockable Jewelry Storage Organizer Cabinet Armoire w 6 LED Interior Lights, 3 Angle Adjustments,...

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6 tiers of jewelry storage will always come in handy. There is enough room to handle all your jewelry collection with ease. Plus, each piece will be easy to grab because they are all organized and put in their proper place.

Then a bracelet rod is part of the ensemble. Keep your bracelets in fine shape by hanging them up where they won’t get damaged. Measuring about 61 by 18 by 18 inches approx., you can easily find a spot in your room for this freestanding jewelry cabinet.

Interior LED lights help brighten the cabinet. This helps you make the correct selection and stops you from picking the wrong piece.

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2. AOOU Jewelry Cabinets

2.AOOU Jewelry Organizer Jewelry Cabinet,Full Screen Display View Larger Mirror, Full Length Mirror,Large Capacity Dressing Mirror Makeup Jewelry Armoire...

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Stay organized with this wall mounted jewelry cabinet that ha slots of space inside. Its lockable feature make sure your jewelry is safe on a limited level. Its compact size lets you find any spot on the wall that is suited to hold your precious jewels.

After you get it on the wall a din a convenient location, you can use the mirror to make any final adjustments you need to. Helping you look good is part of this jewelry cabinets job.

Inside the cabinet, you will find plenty of hangers, slots, and shelves to organize your jewelry and makeup. The cabinet is also very durable and strong.

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1. EMONIA LEDs Jewelry Cabinets

1.EMONIA LEDs Jewelry Cabinet Armoire with Full Length Mirror,Lockable Jewelry Organizer Wall Door Mounted with Hanging Hook,Rings Earrings Bracelets Storage

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When you have a lot of jewelry to store, you turn to a cabinet like this. Measuring about 43 inches by 11 inches in size, you get more than enough space to handle your large jewelry collection.

With 3 LED lights, this lockable cabinet lets you see clearly as you make your jewelry selection. Plus, the lights only need 3 AAA batteries to operate. Batteries are not included.

Then the full-length mirror gives you a bird’s eye view of yourself and how great you look. This cabinet won’t take up a lot of wall space but it is a handy piece of furniture to have.

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No matter if your jewelry collection is large or small, you need one of the top 15 best jewelry cabinets in 21019 protecting them. These cabinets will keep your jewelry safe and they do not care how many pieces of jewelry you own

Plus, they look good and are made of solid, stable, durable and dependable construction materials. When you want to protect your precious gems, you go to the top to make sure that protection is done right.

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