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It is a must that granite item/surface is properly sealed before being used by customers to ensure its long shining and versatile in terms of service life. Good news is, thanks to granite sealers, you can always seal the granite surface on your own without needing a professional surface. The challenge is only to find the right product that you can use to seal. Hence, in this article, we will be introducing the top 10 best granite sealer that you could ever find in the market. Keep reading to find out about the details and review of each product.

List Of Our Best Granite Sealers Reviews On Amazon.Com

#10. SCI Easy Granite Sealers

#10. SCI Easy Granite Sealers

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The first top granite sealer in the recommending list is from SCI. One of the most special points about this is that it can be used for all solid stone countertops, not just the granite alone, hence if you own different types of material furniture, you don’t have to look for different types. Besides, unlike most granite sealers that are made with harsh chemicals like Ammonia or Phosphate, SCI is completely free from these, so it’s completely safe to place your food on it.

On top of this, SCI offers a quick and easy application, so you won’t have to seek professional service for that. Also, it offers a wide coverage that a bottle of this granite sealer can seal up to 72 square feet. Once you seal your granite with this, it can last up to 6 months before the next sealing.

#9. Rocklinite Labs Granite Sealers for Indoors and Outdoors

#9. Rocklinite Labs for Indoors and Outdoors

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The next top best granite sealer is from Rocklinite Labs or commonly known as Tuff Duck. Similar to the previous products, this granite sealer can also be applied for maximum protection on granite, marble, concrete and more. Such wide application allows it to be highly functional in every day’s life. Due to its premium formula, this granite sealer will not yield any negative impact on the appearance of your favourite granite items, so you don’t have to worry about that.

The protection is strong and long in service life. Unlike some granite sealers on the market, it can be only used with granite surface indoor. Such a case won’t happen with Rocklinite Labs as it can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. Once you coat your granite with this sealer, it can protect up to 5 years on interior products or 3 years on exterior surfaces. A bottle of this granite sealer can easily cover up to 200 square feet.

#8. Weiman High Quality Granite Sealers

#8. Weiman High Quality

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On the top 8th, we have this granite sealer that can be used on any countertop floors, stalls, fireplace and more and it’s from Weiman. Weiman offers high-quality sealant that allows your granite and other types of natural stones to resist any strain and to control moisture penetrating into your granite, hence your granite remains new and shiny. It can protect from any type of liquid including oil, coffee and wine, too. Weiman packs its granite sealer in a spray bottle which makes it very easy to use as you can simply spray it evenly on a granite countertop.

For maximum protection, it’s recommended that you use it on your granite or natural stone every 6 to 12 months so that no matter how long you use those items, it will always remain like a fresh new out of the box.

#7. Rocklinite Labs Granite Sealers with Large Coverage

#7. Rocklinite Labs with Large Coverage

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Moving on, we have another hot item on the market for granite sealer from Rocklinite Labs again. Owning as great formula as the previous one introduces in the list, what makes this one different is the size of the bottle. While the last product can only cover 200 square feet, this one is measured at 1 gallon and it can cover up to 800 square feet.

Such a large coverage allows it to be easier for those who have massive granite floors or more natural stones items that need to be sealed. Hence, if you fit this category, you can simply purchase a gallon of granite sealer from this brand and you can enjoy the privilege of not having to worry about your granite at least 3 years ahead. Similar to the last product from Rocklinite Labs, this can also be used for both indoor and outdoor countertops, so it’s pretty economical to have one.

#6. Black Diamond Stoneworks Safe Granite Sealers

#6. Black Diamond Stoneworks Safe

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If you only own a reasonable size of granite surface in your house or anywhere and you don’t need a huge amount of sealer, then this 1-quart granite sealer filled in a ready-to-use spray bottle from Black Diamond Stoneworks must be what you’re looking forward to buying. Similar to the last brands mentioned in the list, Black Diamond Stoneworks is also quite popular in the market, especially on its effortless application that one can simply seal their granite stuff by his own without hassle. When it’s said that the application is easy, it is. All you have to do is to simply spray in on the surface and wipe it; your granite will now be securely protected from any oil, coffee, food or even bacteria.

This sealer is also amazing because it doesn’t involve any toxic substance; making it safe to have your food to be in contact with. Last but not least, the sealer is also free from any unpleasant odour, so it won’t make you feel uncomfortable after applying it.

#5. Granite Gold Sealer Spray for Granite

#5. Granite Gold Sealer Spray for Granite

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Next, we have the best barrier that can definitely protect your granite from any type of stains is the granite sealer from Granite Gold. For more than 3 generations already, Granite Gold offers trustworthy products and services to its customers. Granite Gold is applicable to all types of natural stone, so in case you don’t only own granite, but you also own limestone or marble, you can also use this for the same best outcome.

Granite Gold is packed in a spray bottle that is effortless to apply on your granite countertop as you can easily spray the formula on the granite surface and wipe it with a lint-free cloth. You should repeat the process twice or triple after waiting for 20 minutes before the next application. By doing that, your granite is totally shiny and stainless. Similarly, Granite gold is free from any toxic nor acidic chemical, so it’s safe to place your food on it after the sealing process is done.

#4. Rock Doctor Granite Sealers Care Kit

#4. Rock Doctor

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On the top 4th, one of the most recommended granite and all-natural stone sealers is from Rock Doctor. Obviously you can already tell about its quality with its name. What’s more concrete than just the name is actually the quality of this product. Rock Doctor doesn’t only provide a sealant, but it also offers a nice polish to your prestige stone, so no one should be left without not sealing with Rock Doctor. Also, the formula of this sealer is completely streak-free. Instead, it gives a fresh scent to your granite countertop after sealing, so it will look both clean and fresh when applying Rock Doctor sealer on.

Every time you seal your granite with this sealer, it can protect the surface up to 1 year before you have to re-apply again. Even so, it wouldn’t be a problem as you can easily do it by yourself and the whole application is very quick and simple. I’d you’re looking for a high-quality granite sealer that can protect your granite at all cost, Rick Doctor will never disappoint you.

#3. Black Diamond Stoneworks Streak-free Granite Sealers Care Kit

#3. Black Diamond Stoneworks Streak-free Granite Care Kit

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Previously in the list, we had a product from Black Diamond Stoneworks. At the top 3rd best product on our list is also from this brand. What makes it different from the last item and quite unique compared to those in the market is that this granite sealer actually holds up to 2 functions in just a bottle. Not only can it seal the granite or other natural stone, but this product can also clean your stone to be a lot shinier and fresher, too.

The streak-free and PH neutral hypoallergenic formula used to make this is super safe for skin and food, so there won’t be any concern if you touch or place your food on the just-sealed surface. Instead, after sealing, the surface can be wiped clean regularly with water without worrying about it causing any stain on your granite countertop. This sealer can be applied every day as you can simply spray it on the surface, and it will effectively clean every stain and germs from the fur face.

#2. Trinova Granite Sealers Care

#2. Trinova

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On the top 2nd best granite sealer in the list, it’s a mistake if we don’t discuss Trinova. Trinova is a respectable brand when it comes to granite and all-natural stone sealer. Thousands of customers believe in this product because it can effectively protect the stone from getting stain on while maintaining the shine on them no matter how long you’ve been using it. Also, it’s highly preferred for its natural fresh scent that unlike some sealer on the market, the odour from the formula is highly unbearable. Such a problem won’t happen with Trinova.

Also, because this has cleaner and polish properties, you can simply use it as often as you want. In fact, many customers recommended that you use it every day to green your granite away from all unwanted stains. Last but not least, this high tech product also comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which ensures that you will never waste your money on this product if by any chance you don’t like it because you can always get your full refund in light of dissatisfaction.

#1. Trinova Glossy Granite Protector and Sealer

#1. Trinova Glossy Granite Protector and Sealer

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Finally, the last and the best product on the list is no doubt from Trinova. While the previous one is more of a cleaning and polishing formula, this one is a true top sealer and protectant. It offers professional quality stone care to all types of natural stones; not just granite. Trinova features Advance-Action stain protection that can penetrate through the stone to its surface naturally in order to block the stain from seeping and residing permanently on it. Such function ensures no liquid would stick in the stone regardless.

Also, its formula is also integrated with gloss and shiny properties; which gives an even more luxurious look to your old granite. For the best application and result, many customers recommended purchasing the previous product from this brand and using it together with this one. Both of them guaranteed a clean and mirror-like granite surface. Finally, it also has the money-back guarantee to any customer who makes a purchase from this brand, so it’s completely risk-free to try one.

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Buying Guides:

Surface size: When you are choosing a granite sealer, it is important to understand how big your granite surface will be. In some cases, it might be as small as a kitchen cabinet countertop while in other cases, it might be as vast as the whole floor. Hence, before making a purchase, it’s very important to see how much you would need to use it for. Normally the granite sealer is sold with different measurements capacity. If you only need it with a low amount, it’s strongly recommended that you purchase the one that also comes with a spray hose. However, let’s say if you would need more amount of granite sealer, you can select those with gallon capacity. Still, you may also want to buy an extra spray bottle to refill the formula for easy application.

Lasting Duration of the sealer: On top of this, the period of when the sealer will list is also important. Normally, only the premium sealer will have its formula last on the surface for years while others might be months only. Hence, you also check to check the time duration of a product from when it first applies to another. The reason is because if you do it on a larger scale, it’s better to look for the premium sealer that can last longer so you don’t have to spend a lot of time re-applying all the time.


If you’re looking for the best granite sealer, we believe that by reaching this point, you’ve known everything you need to know in order to buy the right product. Since we save a lot of your research time, we can also help you with choosing the product. You can simply identify your requirements according to our buying guide and compare each product we mentioned in the list. Whichever you choose among the top 10 above, you will never regret.

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