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Key communication doesn’t always happen by cell phone or tablets. There will be those times where you need to transfer documents securely and quickly. That is where one of the top 12 best fax machines in 2020 come in handy.

These fax machines may be a throwback to the 20th century but they still are a viable communication tool today. E-mail communication may not always be secure or practical when it comes to transferring hard copies of important documents. That is why having a backup communication system will help you out immensely.

Faxes are easy to use and they provide very quick service. If you do not have an internet signal, faxes can still communicate to the other party without delay. Having one of the best fax machines in service today just makes your communication system a whole lot better.

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12. Panasonic Plain Paper Thermal Transfer Fax


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This fax machine is as easy to use as a phone. Just place your document into the feeder, dial the number and press send. That is all there is to it. All the controls are easy to use and conveniently located. You can get your document sent faster than ever.

Plus, you can make up to 20 copies at a time. With a 72 to 200% margin, you can shrink or enlarge the contents at will. Then the almost 10 Kbps modem speed this fax machine handles your important communications with ease.

Also, caller id and speakerphone let you know who you are talking to as well as let everyone in the office in on your conversation. The fax memory system holds up to 24 pages of information just in case. The paper tray will hold up to 20 sheets of paper for your convenience.

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11. Brother Printer MFC7240 Monochrome Fax


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Get a lot of work documented, printed out and faxed to the right people in no time. This fax machine handles printing, copying and faxing without complaint. Then if you need to, you just pick up the phone and call out.

Scanning is no problem as this device will scan your documents at a rate of about 19,200 dpi. Plus, it will print hard copies at a rate of 2400 by 600 dpi for easy reading and clarity.

In addition to all of this, you can get 250 sheets of paper in the tray so you can handle all your paperwork requirements fast and without running out of paper. Copying and printing speeds come in at 21 pages per minute. All the controls are at your fingertips and easy to access. The control panel keeps them all organized and within easy reach.

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10. Canon FAXPHONE Multifunction Laser Fax Machine


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With 19 pages per minute printing speeds, you can handle all your printing duties quickly. Then the 30 one-touch speed dial system lets you fax just as quickly. Just press a button and the fax number is there waiting for you to connect and send.

The sheets of paper will go into the automatic document feeder while 150 more will go into the paper tray. Then a 512 sheet fax memory lets you retrieve documents if they get lost in transmission or need to be sent to a third party.

Using only about 1 1/2 watts in energy-saving mode, this fax machine should not cost you a lot of money to operate. Plus, you get easy access to all the controls. This easy to use fax machine handles your document duty no matter how tough that gets to do.

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9. Brother High-Performance Business-Class Laser Fax


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One thing about fax machines is that they have all the controls where you need them. This fax machine is no different. You can hit the right buttons without spending a lot of time searching for them. They are all within easy reach of your fingers.

Also, its 33k modem speed and 600-page memory system let you handle your faxes like a pro. Then you get up to and over 200 automatic dial slots. Faxing has made it into the 21st century.

On top of that, this fax machine copies at 600 dpi. The 250-page paper tray lets you handle a lot of faxes, copying, and printing without running out of paper. Then the 50 sheets automatic feeder lets you copy or fax your report quickly. Check the owner’s manual for proper compatibility.

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8. Panasonic KX-FHD331 Plain Paper Fax


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Technology is not for everyone. That is why this simple fax machine exists. It fills in the fax void for those business people who like simple things to use. This easy to use fax machine handles plain paper only and can be run by the least technological person in the office.

Plus, it still provides great faxes and service. You get about 10 K modem speed and answering machine capability as well as caller ID. When you only need to do faxing, this is the fax machine to employ.

A 50 sheet paper tray capacity will handle the faxing needs of a small company with ease. In addition, there is a printer, copier function included, in case you do need those features. The big operating buttons are very hard to miss. You should be able to dial in and fax without any trouble.

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7. Canon FAXPHONE Laser Fax Machine


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Made for those bigger businesses that have larger paperwork concerns, this fax machine should make your workload go by faster. Its approx 33 K modem speed sends and receives faxes faster than ever. Plus, you get about 512 pages of fax memory when you need it.

Then to make faxing even faster, you get up to 40 one-touch speed dial options with the ability of the machine to store up to 200 phone numbers. When it comes time to print or copy, you can get that duty done at 26 pages per minute.

Also, the paper tray will hold up to 250 sheets of paper to make sure there is enough paper supply for everyone. Its energy use is minimal when placed on energy saving mode. 2 sided copies are also part of the features include don this fax machine.

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6. HP Laserjet Pro M148fdw All-in-One Fax Machines


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Instead of buying individual machines to handle individual tasks, this all in one fax machine does it all for you. Plus, it can be hooked up to a wireless network saving you the time and trouble of running all-important cables to individual work stations.

Also, you can print, scan, copy and send faxes with ease. No matter your paperwork needs, this fax machine should be able to handle it with ease. A 250-page paper tray and 30-page auto feeder make sure you do not interrupt your work to refill the tray.

In addition to those features, you can use your smartphone or tablet to print and scan or print from the cloud and other internet storage devices. Convenience is this fax machines middle name. Auto on and off technology helps you save on electrical power use.

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5. Canon Office and Business Wireless Fax Machines


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Having wireless capability lets you work smarter and faster. No need to worry about hooking up cables and seeing if they are connected. Now you just go to your other electrical devices and print, etc. To your heart’s content.

With a 2 tray 500 sheet of paper capacity, you shouldn’t run out of supplies for a long time. Everyone should be able to get their work done without delaying to refill the trays. Also, you get printing, copying and scanning functions along with being able to fax your work to the next city.

This fax machine works with a variety of operating systems. Make sure to check the owner’s manual to make sure you have the right one. Once you are connected your paperwork duties will be a breeze and a joy to do.

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4. Brother FAX-575 Personal Fax, Phone, and Copier


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The positive aspect of a simple fax machine is that it has fewer features to break down and slow your progress. You can still get great copies at 400 by 400 dpi so simple doe snot means you are losing out on quality.

Plus, the 9,600 BPS modem speed means that you are not sacrificing speed for simplicity. You still get about1 page transmitted every 15 seconds. Also, you are not losing out on any fax memory either. This machine will still store up to 512 pages in its memory banks.

A 50 sheet paper tray keeps you supplied with paper and it is not too difficult to refill it. Large buttons are difficult to miss and are all easy to find and use. One-touch from your finger sends this fax machine into action. Simple is still very good.

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3. Canon imageCLASS All-in-One Laser Fax Machines


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For those people who like technological toys to play with, this fax machine comes with a lot of friends for you to play with. Not only will it fax quickly, but it will also print and copy at 24 pages per minute speeds.

In addition to getting your paperwork done quicker, you can send it off to your head office without delay. The easy to use and read touchscreen folds up when you do not need to use the printer anymore. The Airprint function gives you lots of printing options and makes your reports easier to complete

A 250 sheet paper tray capacity lets you work uninterrupted. Plus, you can use this device with a variety of operating systems. From XP on up to 8.1 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and up you are in good hands with this all in one fax machine.

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2. Brother IntelliFax Plain Paper Laser Fax/Copier


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There is nothing wrong with using a plain paper fax machine. The world runs on plain paper so your business will fit right in. Once you set this machine up and get it hooked into your system, you can send and receive faxes, print and make copies at 600 by 600 dpi.

Then when you are in a hurry, you can auto-dial up to 132 different phone numbers.No one should miss out on your faxes again. The 30-page auto feeder holds your reports and sends them off in a flash. Plus, you can make a lot of copies in no time.

A 250 sheet paper tray keeps your new fax machine well-stocked of paper. Then the 33 k modem speed sends off your faxes without delay. For best results keep your office temperature between 50 and 90 degrees F.

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1. Brother High-Speed Mono Laser Fax Machines


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When you need a job done right, you either do it yourself or you employ this top-rated fax machine. With a 250 sheet capacity paper tray, you know the job will be done right each and every time.

Then the 33 K modem speed sends off and receives your faxes at 2 1/2 seconds per page. A 20-page document feeder makes sure you can send off a lot of paperwork at one time.

A 2.0 USB connection lets you hook your computer to this fax machine and speed up your paperwork process. You can print us at 21 pages per minute laser printing speed.

Also, a 16 Mb memory system allows you to store up to 400 pages of data without losing any of those pages. Your workload should get a lot easier when you have this machine around.

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When you have the best office equipment on hand, you know your office’s production rate should improve. The top 12 best fax machines in 2020 are your next step in improving your office’s production.

They are good machines that bring a lot of options with them. Printing, copying, and scanning will always go quicker with these machines on the job. Your employees should be happier as well.