Top 10 Best Electric Kettles for Coffee Brewing (2021)

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What should I look for when buying an electric kettle? Modern designed electric kettles have gained popularity due to their most convenient way of boiling water for tea, hot chocolate, cocoa, and coffee. They usually boil water without necessarily using a stovetop. In the mean time, they are automatically deactivate when the water has reached its boiling point which prevents damage to the heating element and preventing the water from boiling away. Moreover, they are appealing and work faster than traditional kettles. Which electric kettle boils the fastest? So here’s a list of top 10 best electric kettles for coffee and tea we we recommend.

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A Review of Top 10 Best Electric Kettles for Coffee Brewing (2021)

1. Hamilton Beach Electric Kettle

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This kettle is made of a material that is stainless steel and holds a capacity of 1.7 liters. The boiler has a rapid and powerful boiling system that boils water faster than a microwave. Hamilton Beach is also safer than using stovetop kettles and perfect for offices, college dorms, and kitchens. The water level window also gives the user an easy view to check the water levels in the electric kettle every time. Its automatic shut off also prevents the kettle from boiling dry.

  • Powerful rapid-boil system: boils water faster than a microwave and safer than using a stovetop kettle
  • Cord-free for easy serving, plus heating is convenient and safe with concealed heating element, compatible with any standard 120V outlet
  • Automatic shut off
  • Drip-free spout: keep hands safe from hot water while you pour with the drip-free spout on this electric tea kettle
  • Water level window: easy-to-view water level window
  • Push-button lid: electric kettle has a simple push-button lid to prevent spills

2. AmazonBasics Electric Kettle

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Amazon basics is an affordable, portable and stainless steel kettle. The vessel has a one-liter capacity and power of 1500 watts. Having a transparent water gauge to the side allows a clear view of the status of the water every time. It has a boil dry feature that locks the power when the kettle is empty and an auto shut off feature to conserve electricity. The kettle also has a one-year limited warranty.

  • Electric water kettle with 1.0-liter capacity and 1500 watts of power for fast results (120V ~60Hz)
  • Cordless design allows for easy filling and serving
  • Concealed heating element
  • BPA-free food-contact materials
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning
  • Automatic shutoff with boil-dry protection for safety and peace of mind; water window for precise filling and checking levels at a glance
  • Backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty

3. KitchenAid Electric Kettle

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The KitchenAid tries to create the feeling of using the traditional kettle in preparing coffee and tea. This model has an LED indicator that shows whether the kettle is on or off and a capacity of 1.25 liters. Having a portable removable base allows easy movement of the kettle during the preparation of coffee. The handle is made from aluminum and the body is made from stainless steel that does not corrode. KitchenAid has a wide range of colors to suit your kitchen decoration.

  • 1.25 L capacity
  • Led on/off switch
  • BPA-Free Interior and Removable Base
  • Smooth, aluminum handle with stainless steel body
  • Lime scale filter

4. Cosori Electric Kettle

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The Cosori kettle is a great addition also in the kitchen. Its simple design will look lovely on the counter when the LED lights are turned on. Cosori is easy to clean and wide mouth will allow easy access to cleaning the rusts and deposits in the kettle. It is made from the finest quality borosilicate glass which resists scuffing and scratching. The pot also boils water quickly within three to seven minutes offering a great choice in replacing the old kettle, stove, and microwave.

  • Made with the finest quality borosilicate glass
  • The filter is made of stainless steel and 100% BPA-free plastic
  • Safe Tech & Auto Shut Off
  • Boil-dry safety feature
  • Blue LED Indicator
  • Quick Boil: water heats up quickly in 3-7mins
  • Easy cleaning and filling

5. Ovente Electric Kettle

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This kettle boils water very fast and operates on 120V, 1100 Watts and boils a 1.7-liter full pot in less than six minutes. Ovente is 50% more efficient than traditional stovetops in reducing the amount of electricity used. The kettles are also famous for their style and durability. It is designed to last longer and looks great in its trendy colors. The boiler has a covered heating element that extends the kettle’s life compared to non-concealed ones which degenerate faster. Ovente kettles also have a two-year limited warranty.

  • 50% more efficient than traditional stovetops
  • Fast-heating cordless boiler
  • BPA-free
  • Equipped with auto shut-off feature and boil-dry protection technology
  • A concealed heating element that extends your kettleā€™s life

6. Bonavita Electric Kettle

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One of the best electric kettles is Bonavita coffee kettle. They are sold at affordable prices and have excellent performance ratios. The kettle is energy-efficient and consumes an electric power of 1000 watts. From the side, it has a red light indicator that shows the status of the kettle. The model is made from stainless steel and its base is made from hard plastic. Gooseneck spout design enhances accurate pour control and has a two-year warranty.

7. Habor Electric Kettle

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Habor has a double-wall structure that prevents the hands from being scaled while touching and keeps warm water much longer. This pot is designed with a wide mouth for easy cleaning and allowing one to reach the bottom of the kettle to clean the limescale. Uses electricity power of 1500 watts and heats water quickly within five to six minutes shortening the waiting time. The boiler has a capacity of 1.7 liters and can provide around eight cups for an entire day drinking.

8. Dezin Electric Kettle

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Dezin has a mirror polish and classic design which makes it a simple coffee kettle. Dezin has a one-touch on or off button which makes it easy for boiling water. The kettle is also offered at an affordable price. It is built from tough stainless steel that makes it very firm. The inside is also made from pure stainless steel metal that keeps the water free of contamination from chemicals and plastic materials. It consumes 1000 watts of electrical power for a short time and saves more time for boiling, in the long run, making easy preparation of hot drinks quickly anywhere and anytime.

9. Topwit Electric Kettle

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This glass kettle has a transparent and stunning design which makes it very attractive. The classy and delicate looking glass kettle works like a charm and adds beauty to the kitchen. This boiler has a capacity of two liters and consumes 1000 watts of electrical power. It allows the water to boil quickly and one can easily prepare tea, coffee, or any other drinks for their family and friends. The borosilicate glass has low coefficients of thermal expansion making them resistant to thermal shock. This model is also equipped with boil-dry and auto-shutoff technology, Moreover being built with a stay-cool handle ensures that the handling of tea is safe and easy hence preventing any burns.

10. Zeppoli Electric Kettle

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Zeppoli kettle makes from high premium quality glass. The vessel completes by stainless steel accents, preserving natural flavors, built to withstand any minor drops and preventing any taste contaminations. It is equipped with brilliant LED lights to show when the kettle is heating. Zeppoli also has a capacity of 1.7 liters and heats water for about five to six minutes. This model has a perfect automatic shutoff system that activates within 30 seconds after the water has fully boiled and can also be cleaned thoroughly without the use of any steam tube. Being built with a heat resistant handle and an anti-slip grip ensures one does not get burned or the kettle slipping out of the hand.


Editor’s pick: KitchenAid KEK1222ER is the best stainless steel electric kettle for under $100.

The list may be long. By now you’ve got our recommendations of what is the best kettle to buy. As you can see these are some ideal choices:

  • glass or stainless steel electric kettle
  • small budget electric kettle
  • fast and quiet to boil
  • with or without infuser

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