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Eyes are like the rest of your body, they get tired and sore. One of the ways to relieve those conditions is to use one of the top 12 best electric eye massagers in 2021. These eye massagers are the top in the world and help you feel a lot better.

Once attached to your eyes, they go to work quickly and heat up fast. You get quick relief in about 15 minutes. Plus, they are easy to use. You won’t need a degree in rocket science to operate these top-quality eye massagers.

When you need relief fast, you turn to the best to make sure you get the relief you want. Nothing but the best should do as your eyes are worth that much to you.

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12. Kovoda USB Eye Massager

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15 minutes is all you need from this eye massager t get relief from tired eyes. On a single charge, you should be able to use these eye massagers between 6 and 8 times. You just have to wait about 4 to 5 hours for the built-in rechargeable battery to power up again.

In addition to that, you can make use of 4 different massage options. You get to choose between air pressure massage, thermal massage, vibration massage, and music massage. It is up to your preference and needs which one you select.

Then built-in speakers provide you with music from its MP3 player. Listen to the music you want as you relax. A USB cable and support handle the transfer duties for you. Use this eye massager any time you want and for better sleep use it just before going to sleep.

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11. REAK Eye Massager

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Having a Bluetooth connection makes using this eye massager more interesting. You can listen to the music you want through its wireless connection. With up to 42 degrees C heat capability your eyes should relax in no time.

All you need to keep your eyes in top shape is 15 minutes once a day every day. After that, your eyes should be fine for all the tasks you have to do. Then the eco-friendly construction materials will relax your mind a lot more helping the goggles to do their job better.

At least 4 massage modes are available on this unit. That gives you enough of a choice to find eye relief quickly. An adjustable strap makes sure you can find that comfort sweet spot with ease. These eye goggles are designed to make you feel good, not uncomfortable.

All the controls are conveniently located and easy to access. Your fingertips will get the right selection without delay.

10. Phniti Electric Eye Massagers

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You may look like a character from one of the Star Trek television shows but you are simply getting an eye massage in the comfort of your home. Once you pout this eye massager on you can select from one of 5 massage modes.

Short presses on the mode button allow you to find the model you want. Plus, you can have air, music heat massages at the touch of a button. Stay in control of your eye massage by making the right selections for you.

After you wait 2 to 3 hours for the battery to recharge, you can get up to 42 degrees C. heat. Your eyes and head should feel comfortable without getting too hot. Then you can use its wireless features to listen to your favorite music. Your phone handles the volume and music selection.

9. Tinams Electric Eye Massager

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No, you are not getting ready to go skiing when you place these eye massage goggle on your head. You are trying to find relief for your tired and sore eyes. The adjustable strap provides you with multiple settings to find that perfect comfortable fit.

Plus, you can get 2 hours of continuous use on every 4-hour charge. Treatment usually only lasts for 15 minutes, which means you can get about 7 to 8 treatments in before needing to recharge the battery.

In addition to that, you can get either 107 or 129 degrees F heat settings. Again it is your choice on how hot you want your eyes to get. 5 massage modes let you have a little variety in your treatments. The eye massager also connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth for crystal clear music massage.

8. Serene Life Heated Therapy Electric Eye Massager

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The controls to your eye relief are right on the side of this eye massager. Just a few short clicks and you are on your way to having your eyes back to full strength again. Then you can select between 5 massage modes and 2 combined functions to make sure you get the full benefit that comes with this unit.

Soft airbags provide a little acupressure massage while other modes provide their brand of relief quickly. After you place this eye massager on your head, you can adjust the strap for a comfortable fit.

Powered through a USB cable, you can get 5 15 minute sessions on a single charge. It only takes a few hours to get the eye massage goggles up to speed. Made from ABS and PU leather for durability, looks, and comfort.

7. Bromose Wireless Foldable Rechargeable Electric Eye Massagers


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The wireless design gives you a lot of freedom when you place this eye massager on your head. You can move about or lie down without worrying about tangling a cord. Plus, the Bluetooth function lets you connect to your favorite music.

Also, to find that perfect eye relief, you get 5 different massage modes to choose from. It is up to your preference and what works for you at the moment. The heat setting reaches 107 degrees F so you are in no danger of getting overheated or too hot.

This eye massager should help relieve you of dark circles, dry or puffy eyes and a lot more eye ailments. And it does it at a low 65 decibels. In other words, you get relief quietly. Its PU leather and ABS construction materials are breathable while remaining comfortable.

6. Zerovida Electric Eye Massager

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Easy to use controls make sure you find that eye relief you need very quickly. With a slight touch from your fingertips, you can find one of the 5 massage modes without trouble.

Plus, you get up to 107 degrees F heat to help soothe your eyes and surrounding area. The PU fabric is designed to let your head breathe as you wear these goggles as well as remain comfortable. An adjustable strap lets you find the right fit.

A single charge gives yo between 4 and 6 15 minute massage sessions. You do not want to overdo it and the goggles will be ready for you tomorrow when you need more eye relief.

Then a Bluetooth function lets you connect effortlessly to your favorite music station. Its wireless design keeps you from getting tangled in the cord.

5. Osito Electric Eye Massagers

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The black and gold color scheme will have you looking great when you wear this eye massager. Your fashion sense will not suffer and you get a great look while you get eye relief. With heat settings up to about 129 degrees, you should find relief fast.

IN addition to that you can store your music on its 128 Mb memory card. Just use the included USB cable to make the transfer. Soon you will forget about your eye issues as you relax to the music.

With the adjustable head strap and PU fabric on these goggles, you get a comfortable fit that allows your eyes to breathe. After waiting about 3 1/2 hours for the battery to recharge, you can use this massager off and on for hours.

All the buttons you need are easily located on the side of the goggles.

4. Serene Life Stress Therapy Electric Eye Massager

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The brown and white color scheme won’t clash with any outfit you have on. Instead you will look like a person who has lots of fashion sense. Then the digital display keeps you informed of your settings at all times.

Also, with 5 massage options at your fingertips, you can get a great massage every time you [put these goggles on. The adjustable band makes sure you do not lose any massage benefits.

Plus, you get a 128 Mb memory card to store your music. You can listen to the6 pre-recorded tracks or place your own music on there for your enjoyment. Made from tough ABS construction materials, you get an eye massager that should last you a long time under normal use.

3. Sarora Electric Eye Massager

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Improve your blood circulation, relieve eye strain, muscle tension, and avoid other eye issues when you turn to these eye goggles to massage your eyes. 22 magnets provide the relief you want through 9 different massage modes.

How heavy your massage depends on you and which setting you select. 2 AAA batteries provide the power you need to find that eye relief you so desperately desire. Its adjustable headband makes sure you have complete comfort.

Plus, this eye massager can be used by both genders without complaint. It may be used by teenagers as well. Then the white and black color scheme will look good on your head and shouldn’t take away from its healing prowess. If you are suffering from insomnia, these goggles can help you fall asleep faster than ever.

2. Graphene Times Heated Electric Eye Massager

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An inline power switch controls the operation of this eye massager. The power switch is attached to a USB cable so you have continuous power throughout your massage sessions.

Once you put this eye mask on, you get a complete blackout. No light gets through as you try to bring your eyes back to normal. Once you have the mask on you have access to 3 massage modes.

Plus, an auto-shutoff feature turns the eye mask on 1 hour after you turn it on. Just push the power button again to restart the mask. On top of that, you can use this eye mask anywhere you are. When you feel eye pain coming on, you can plug it into a convenient power source and get relief.

This eye mask should help relieve a variety of eye issues for you.

1. Breo iDream5 Head and​ Eye Massagers

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This helmet works hard to provide massage relief to your eyes and overall head. It goes on easily and has easy to use power controls to help you navigate to the settings you want.

107 degree F heat, 5 massage modes, and 70 massage nodules work together to provide you with the ultimate eye and head relief. To be able to read while being massaged, just remove the eye goggles. You can get massaged doing a variety of activities.

Only 15 minutes a day will provide the relief you seek. One charge should last you a whole week at that rate. Also, a comfort control knob helps you find that fit you need. This knob is located on the back of the helmet and it is not difficult to turn either way.

You should be able to rest and sleep easier with this massager on duty. It fits a variety of head sizes as well.


Eye pain is no laughing matter. Nor are other avoidable eye ailments. That is why you need one of the top 12 best electric eye massagers in 2021 to help you out. OU get fast eye relief, increased blood circulation, and more benefits when you use one of the best of the best.

Plus, these eye massagers are easy to use. All the controls are conveniently located so you do not have to fumble around trying to find the right setting that is best for your eyes. You get great eye relief when you need it.

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