Best Adult Bicycle Helmets in 2020 Reviews

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“Ride safe and cool” Bike riding is great exercise and an easy way to get into shape. With one of the top 17 best adult bicycle helmets in 2020 on your head, you can ride safely while remaining nice and cool.

Take time to be with your kids and make bike riding a family affair. Show your kids a good example and wear a top helmet all the time. These helmets are durable strong and good looking.

Enjoy your next bike outing and keep your head protected at all times.

List Of Our Best Adult Bicycle Helmets Review On Amazon.Com

17. Retrospec Classic Commuter Adult Bicycle Helmets

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10 vents make sure your head gets the airflow it needs to remain cool. Those hot days should not be an issue anymore. On top of that feature, you are getting a helmet that comes in over 10 colors. You can look as cool as your head feels.

Inside, you have removable pads that can be changed with the extra set included in the package. The padding is thick, soft and should help absorb impacts. The exterior ABS plastic shell helps keep your head free from damage.

An adjustable strap makes sure your fit is comfortable and secure.

16. Schwinn Traveler Adult Bicycle Helmet

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Compete with your kids. This top adult bicycle helmet looks cool, fierce and very protective. It should give your kids’ look a run for their money. With a combined 20 rear ports and air vents, the air should flow through quickly dispensing of the heat fast and not letting you overheat.

On top of that, you can dial in your secure fit to make sure you are comfortable. You can make adjustments as you ride. If the sun’s rays are too bright, there is a place where you can snap on a visor to protect your eyes.

This helmet is good for people age 14 and up

15. TeamObsidian Airflow Bike Helmet

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Keep your cool with this fully ventilated adult bicycle helmet. Not only doe sit have a lot of air vents, but it is also a very sturdy protective helmet. The shock-absorbing technology should keep your head from normal bumps and impacts.

The padding inside will do its part in keeping you comfortable as you ride. It should also help absorb impacts making falls nothing to be afraid of. A dial lets you tighten or loosen the adjustable strap even if you are riding full speed ahead.
It’s a lightweight helmet that weighs less than a pound even in the larger sizes.

14. GoMax Aero Adult Bicycle Helmets

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Riding a bike can be fun. This top adult bicycle helmet makes it even more fun because your head is fully protected and comfortable. A dial on the back lets you make adjustments to the comfort and security fit levels.

Then you have interior padding that teams up with the polycarbonate shell to ward off bumps and impacts. With a rear LED taillight you should remain very visible even in low light conditions.

22 air vents let the air get through and clean away any heat your body is creating. A removable visor lets you adjust how you will view the oncoming world as you rid.

13. Schwinn Bike Helmet Intercept Collection

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5 colors let you match your outfits to your helmet. That way you stay fashion safe when you go out with your teenage daughters and ride through the streets. A unique looking visor helps keep the sun from getting in your eyes at the wrong time.

Plus, you have a dial adjustment feature. Your head size should not be a problem and you can twist the dial till the helmet is secure yet still comfortable. With at least 12 air vents your airflow should be top of the line once you get moving down the road.

The interior padding and hard exterior shell combine together to keep your head nice and safe.

12. JBM Adult Cycling Bike Helmet

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The adjustable strap lets you keep your helmet on when not riding. You can stay comfortable when walking in the middle of your ride. Then when you get on your bike to continue, just quickly tighten the strap to keep the helmet in place.

Once that is done, you have a combination of a soft interior pad and a hard outer shell that keeps bumps and impacts from hurting your head. Then the air vents are strategically placed to make sure you do not overheat on your road trip.

The lightweight helmet should not weigh you down. It comes in about 12 colors to impress those single bikers.

11. Shinmax Adult Bicycle Helmets

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The light bright green color on this adult bicycle helmet makes sure you are very visible in all weather conditions. It stands out so drivers should not miss you as they pass by. An LED taillight adds to your visibility.

Then the spin dial on the back of the strap keeps your helmet comfortable to wear without losing any security in the fit. The interior padding can be removed and probably cleaned. It works with the exterior hard shell to keep you safe when rides do not go as expected.

A sun visor can be removed if you do not like it on.

10. PHZ. Adult Bike Helmet

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Part of looking cool is wearing an adult bicycle helmet that does its job well. This top bicycle helmet for adults doe sits job even though its shape is in more of a traditional adult style.

With plenty of air vents, your head should remain cool throughout your ride. Plus, the amount of air vents does not take away the exterior shell’s strength, durability or protective nature. The rear LED light can be recharged to make sure you remain nice and visible.

In addition to that, the padded chin pad absorbs sweat while it adjusts to fit your size.

9. Retrospec CM-3 Bike Helmet with LED Safety Light

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The LED taillights on this top adult bicycle helmet are bright enough to keep you visible when the sun is blocked. Then with 24 vents the airflow through this helmet should be second to none.

Also, the adjustable strap only needs a slight twist of your wrist to tighten up and keep the helmet in place till you have finished your ride. The lightweight aerodynamic design and air vents do not weaken the strength of this helmet.

You should be protected with this helmet on your head. The interior padding adds a layer of cushioning helping to absorb any blows that come your way.

8. Zacro Adult Bike Helmet

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Be modern, up to date and look good. This orange helmet not only keeps you visible, but it also lets everyone know you are a 21st-century person. But if orange I snot your color, there are 7 others you can choose from to create the same effect.

In addition to the coloring, you get a helmet that is tough, well padded and easy to wear. 18 air vents bring the airflow you need to ride comfortably all day long. The interior padding is also breathable for extra comfort.

A removable visor and dial adjustment are standard on this helmet.

7. Basecamp Adult Bicycle Helmets

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The magnetic visor is on hand to protect your eyes from the sun’s glare. Once in position, you should be able to see where you are going with little difficulty. Plus, you have a rear LED light that uses 3 modes to keep you nice and visible.

After you get this helmet on your head, you should feel the absorbing power of the interior padding. It works with the tough outer shell to provide you with ultimate protection.

2 batteries are included to keep that taillight operational at all times. Overall it is a very good helmet to use.

6. Giro Fixture MIPS Bike Helmet

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The soft muted colors on these helmets make you look good without taking anything away from your safety. The multiple air holes make sure your head stays cool while on your bike.

Plus, you have a polycarbonate exterior shell to keep bumps and impacts away from your head. The softer interior padding should add to your comfort while making sure your head is safe.

A visor is included making sure dust, bugs, avoid your eyes and face. Then the dial adjustment aids your comfort and secure fit levels. Once on your head, you can ride safely through the streets knowing you look good and are well-protected.

5. BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet

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People are not made the same. That is why all adult bicycle helmets are not made the same. There is a helmet, like this one, that will meet your preferences with ease. This model is very protective and easy to wear.

9 air vents help keep the heat away from your head. Plus, you get a tough outer shell that is tough enough to handle most normal bumps and impacts. Then the standard rear dial in the comfort adjustment makes sure your strap is tight but not too tight.

The lightweight of this helmet should have you forgetting it is there.

4. Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet

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There will be a time where you will have something to take place that makes you fall off your bike. Having this top adult bicycle helmet on your head is a smart move as it protects your head thoroughly.

There is a tough outer shell that works with the firm yet soft interior padding to absorb those impacts with ease. Then the multiple air vents keep your head cool so you are not distracted as you ride.

A rear light that has 3 built-in light modes makes sure you avoid those situations where you will be forced to fall. You remain very visible to traffic.

3. Zacro Lightweight Adult Bicycle Helmets

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Sometimes bike safety is not about looks. This adult bike helmet may not look like it can do the protection job but it can do it very v=well. That is because the construction materials are top-notch and pass all the safety requirements they need to meet.

A removable visor gives you some wear options and the many air vents provide top-shelf air flow for you. After you get this helmet on you may marvel at how light yet strong it really is. Your head should remain comfortable all the time.

2. JBM Skateboard Helmet

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There may be a day you might want to try skateboarding instead of riding your bike. There is a helmet that works for that activity as well. It comes in over 5 good colors and keeps your head safe when you take a spill.

7 air vents are built into the PVC and PC exterior shell so you have impact protection and good airflow. The adjustable strap also comes with a dial to make sure you can make alterations to your fit as you enjoy the afternoon.

The interior foam can be removed for cleaning when it gets dirty.

1. Schwinn Thrasher Lightweight Microshell Bicycle Helmet

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When you want to ride your bike with your family, grab this top adult bike helmet and go have fun. It is made with a large number of air holes so you stay cool throughout your ride.

The straps also adjust with a quick turn of the dial lets you make sure your comfort is at optimum levels. After you get the helmet I place, you should feel the soft yet firm comfort of the interior padding. That padding helps the hard exterior shell carry out its protective duties.

Make sure to measure to get the right side of the helmet for you

Some final words

Take care when you go biking. The drivers and people out there are not as used to be. That is why you need one of the top 17 best adult bicycle helmets in 2020 protecting you.

These top helmets are made tough and solid so you can escape any injuries when you happen to take a tumble.