Best 3 Drawer Storages in 2021 Reviews

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Closets just are not enough for you? Storage space fills up quickly as everyone knows. There just never seems to be enough room in the house for all those items you want to keep. Thank goodness for the top 13 best 3 drawer storages in 2021.

These top drawers provide you with extra storage space without taking up too much room. Plus, they are built to be durable and good looking. With these units around you can store a lot of things that normally clutter up a room or a closet.

When you run out of the room, go with the best storage alternatives

List Of Our Best 3 Drawer Storages Review On Amazon.Com

13. Household Essentials Hand-Woven 3 Drawer Storages Chest

 Household Essentials Hand-Woven Paper Rope 3-Drawer Chest

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Hand made items bring a little character and a personal touch to your storage issues. This handwoven 3 dresser has 3 drawers that should handle a variety of lightweight clothing items with ease.

Measuring about 26 by 11 by 17 inches in size, these 3 drawers come in handy. Plus, there is a top open shelf that lets you place awkward sized items on top that normally won’t fit in a drawer or a box.

The elevated legs make sure the bottom drawer opens easily. The dark stain finish also should complement most room decors and not clash with other colors.

12. Household Essentials Wooden 3 Drawer Dresser

 Household Essentials 8033-1 Wooden 3 Drawer Dresser | Storage Night Stand

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Say what you will about combination furniture, this wood and fabric storage drawer combination works like a charm. The wood adds that special touch that any room needs. Then the fabric drawers liven up the room with their unique coloring and style.

On top of that, the raised feet give you a little extra space underneath to store very slender items. If the need arises and you have to move, you can fold the drawers up and keep them in top shape when out of the wood cabinet.

With this dresser, you get 26 by 16 by 12 extra inches of storage space.

11. Tangkula Floor Cabinet

 Tangkula Floor Cabinet, 3 Drawers Wooden Storage Cabinet for Home Office Living Room Bathroom Side Table Sturdy Bedroom Night Stand

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Cut out handles save you space and protect you from accidentally hurting yourself when you bump into this storage drawer. In addition, the 3 drawers give you 12 by 12 inches of needed storage room. Overall the dresser stands 25 inches high.

After you find the right small spot for this dresser, the MDF construction material protects your stored items like they were it’s own. The drawers should slide out on their cut out glides with ease.

Then the white coloring should not do anything to your room except to help the drawers blend in.

10. Homfa 3 Drawer Storages Chest Dresser

 Homfa 3 Drawer Chest Dresser Cabinet, Sturdy Steel Frame Wood Top with Easy Pull Fabric Storage Organizer Bins

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Add a modern look to your room with this top 3 drawer fabric and steel framed storage drawer. The steel makes sure the drawers have a strong, durable spot to rest in. Those legs hold height-adjustable feet to help you keep it even.

With fabric drawers, you know that this dresser is not going to weigh that much. It should be easy to relocate it to a spot where it will do the most good. The approx. 18 by 12 by 28-inch dresser should hold a lot of items and the top shelf leaves room for decorations or keepsakes.

9. Sorbus Nightstand with 3 Drawers

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Lighten any room with this nice light-colored storage drawer set. Its 3 drawers and frame should help any room look larger than it really is. The fabric handles are sewn in tightly to make sure you have no issues opening the drawers.

On top of that, you have fabric drawers that hold a lot of materials without adding a lot of weight to the dresser. Its wood top provides you with a solid base for lamps etc., as the steel frame provides the strength this dresser needs to work well. Fabric drawers fold up small for moving

8. Honey-Can-Do 3-Drawer Plastic Storage Cart

 Honey-Can-Do 3-Drawer Plastic Storage Cart on Wheels

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Lots of people have hobbies and those hobbies bring many smaller items that can easily get lost. But with this wheeled storage drawer set, those items will remain safe and sound. It is a tough and durable storage drawer just for you.

The plastic drawers and metal frames should hold all of your hobby items inside. The unit measures about 13 by15 by 26 inches and doe not take up a lot of space. Easy to hold handles help you roll this cart in and out of position and the top shelf holds larger items for you.

7. STERILITE Organizer Mini 3 Drawer Storages

STERILITE Organizer Mini 3 Drawer Wht Sm

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Not every item that needs storage space will be sweaters, coats, and shoes. Sometimes you need smaller storage drawers to handle pens, office supplies and more. This top storage drawer will meet that need.

Its plastic case should hold up over time and the drawers should slide in and out very easily. It is a basic storage drawer with 3 drawers for people who like simple items around the house. A recessed top shelf can hold those items that tend to roll away when no one is looking.

6. Whitmor 3 Drawer Rolling Cart

 Whitmor 3 Drawer Rolling Cart - Home and Office Storage Organizer

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Rolling carts are very helpful and energy saving. You do not have to do a lot of work to get them into position. Then with 2 of the castor wheels’ ability to lock make sure this cart does not roll away from you.

The polyester fabric drawers on this 13 by 17 by 35-inch storage drawer hold a variety of items as this storage drawer set is very versatile. Also, you have a top-shelf for those items that could not fit inside. 2 built-in handles make moving a snap.

5. Sterilite 20738006 Small 3 Drawer Unit

 Sterilite 20738006 Small 3 Drawer Unit

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One good thing about small storage drawer sets is that you can stack them up and save on space. This set of 6 small plastic 3 drawer sets stack up and make your storage problem go away.

Each set measures about 8 by 7 by 7 inches in size and provides you with lots of storage options for smaller things. The plastic construction material should be both solid and strong. The storage drawers probably will last you a long time. That saves you money over the long run.

4. IRIS 3-Drawer Rolling 3 Drawer Storages Cart

 IRIS 3-Drawer Rolling Storage Cart with Organizer Top

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Compartments on the top shelf help you store tiny items or office supplies like paper clips. Then the 10-pound drawer weight limit lets you organize heavier items and keep them where you can easily reach them.

In addition to that, you have 4 castor wheels that should roll smoothly across most flooring surfaces. Relocation should not be much of a challenge. With an all-plastic construction, this storage drawer should hold up and be with you for years. Measures about 14 by 12 by 26 inches overall.

3. mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

 mDesign Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

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Some assembly may need to be done to get this storage drawer ready for action. After the assembly is done, plastic feet protect your floors from damage. The MDF wood top makes sure you have a solid place to place treasured items or alarm clocks etc.

A metal frame keeps the drawer storage usable under normal conditions for a long time to come. The 12 by 18 by 29 inch approx., the dresser comes with fabric drawers for looks and to keep the weight off. This storage drawer should look good no matter what room it is placed.

2. Sterilite 3 Weave Drawer Unit

 Sterilite 01986P01 3 Weave Drawer Unit, Espresso with Driftwood Handles and Legs

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Standing 19 by 20 by 29 inches in size solves a lot of your storage issues with its large size. Once you have located it where it is needed most the 3 drawers open up wide to accept your unneeded items.

The weave pattern makes sure this dresser is not boring or out of place. Its decorative look adds a little something to every room it is used in. Elevated legs just add to the ease of use. The handles are designed to keep opening the drawers very convenient.

1. Lorell SOHO Mobile Cabinet

Lorell LLR17427 SOHO Mobile Cabinet-Drawer Storages

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The locking mechanism makes sure that unauthorized hands have a very difficult time opening up and exploring your stored items. With 3 drawers this 3 Drawer Storages cabinet can hold important papers and other valuable items.

With 4 castor wheels, you can hide this cabinet with ease then pull it out of its hiding spot without any difficulty. It is a no-frills, basic storage drawer cabinet that fills needs when they arise. The metal construction keeps it strong and very durable. A flat-top adds some space for personal items

Some final words

Storage is always on everyone’s mind. There just never seems t be enough. Then when you cannot afford to rent a storage locker you can turn to these top 13 3 Drawer Storages in 2021 for help.

They are convenient, easy to use and they hold a lot of unneeded items without complaint. Then they do not clash with their surroundings. Their good looks make sure they build your interior decorating reputation not undermine it.

The best items always help you out when it counts.

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