TOP 10 Best Airtight Food Storage Sets in 2022

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Today we want to help you save time by introducing these best airtight food storage sets. It offers numerous benefits. After having these containers, you can save your grocery bills, you eat fresher and healthier food, you do not have to go grocery store often, and you will never go out of food. At the same time, it is reusable so you are also a part of helping to save the environment from being polluted. So, let’s jump into the detail of these best products.

List Of Top 10 Best Airtight Food Storage in 2022

10. Shazo Airtight Food Storage

 LARGEST Set of 52 Pc

Airtight food storage for flour from Shazo is made from plastic with 100 percent BPA free. Designing in slim body, it takes up fewer spaces and dishwasher safe. The set includes 4 containers of 0.01L, 6 containers of 0.5L, 6 containers of 0.9L, 6 containers of 1.2L, 2 containers of 2, and 2 containers of 2.5L. It offers measured cup and spoon collection as well. Plus, you will never have to open and see what inside with these clear containers and easy to hold. More especially, every lid fits all the containers; you do not have to match it with the containers to see if it is the right lids.

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9. KKC Home Accents Airtight Food Storage

 Borosilicate Clear Glass

Making from top quality clear borosilicate glass jars and natural bamboo lids, these airtight food storage containers with lids from KKC Home Accents look beautifully no matter where you put it. It comes in two glass jars with a bamboo rack and a wood-metal spoon. The lids could seal tightly and keep the contents fresh longer because of the silicone sealed ring with a side locking clamp. You store your coffee bean, cookie, nut, candy, flour or sugar. It is 7.09inch in height so you can put it on the table to add point to your house decoration since it looks attractive in its shelf.

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8. Shazo 30 Containers Set

LARGEST Set of 60 Pc

Shazo space saver food storage containers are made to be stackable, freezer, refrigerator and dishwasher safe. The high grade plastic with BPA free construction does not only keep the food items fresh but also allow you to consume in without causing harm to your health. This set has 6 containers (0.01L), 8 containers (0.5L), 6 containers (0.9L), 6 containers (1.2L), 2 containers (2L), and 2 containers (2.5L). The interchangeable lids match with all the clear containers and snap perfectly and securely. Furthermore, each container has graduation marks on, meaning you can measure easily.

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7. Dwellza Kitchen Containers


Dwellza Kitchen airtight containers are ideally used for kitchen or baking supplies, and pantry snacks. It has been invented from good quality clear plastic and BPA free with lid-lock mechanism, so your food will stay fresh, healthy and dry. In addition, the lids seal securely because it has the ring on the surface of the lid, you just push it down when you want to close and lift it up to open. This set contains four containers which are all large size. Each of the containers designed in short and wide body, you can store two liter, and it would fit perfectly and beautifully in the cupboard, refrigerator and shelves.

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6. Buways Food Storage

buways Extra Large

The extra-large airtight food storage containers from Buways are constructed from durable, food material plastic with BPA free. More importantly, it is leak-proof and microwave and dishwasher safe. The set includes four canisters, two measuring cups, 24 reusable labels with chalkboard pen. The labels are obviously useful as if your children do not know what is inside; they can read the name on the label. These clear containers are 100 percent airtight as it has four sides lock structure. With these boxes, your kitchen looks well-organized, neat and nice and saves up space for other kitchen’s gear.

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5. Numyton Food Storages Containers

 Numyton Airtight Food

Are you looking for variable size that you can use for different uses and is always suitable for all types of your food? Numyton is your go-to since it contains 2 tall containers (1.9L), 1 medium container (1.2L), 2 small containers (0.8L) and 1 mini container (0.5L) in one package. Producing from food safety material with BPA free plastic, you can consume your food without absorbing toxin into your body. Also, you can recognize the items without opening as it is crystal-clear canisters. The lid can be opened by one hand because of the silicone attached system of the cover. You can clean it easy by demount them.

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4. Fullstar Airtight Food Storage

Large Airtight Food

Divided airtight food storage containers of Fullstar are made from durable material, meaning it is not easy to break or crack. It is also leak proof with non-toxin materials. Consequently, your food will stay fresh longer and cannot be spoiled as well. This Fullstar airtight food storage set has 10 measuring spoons which are perfect to use for measuring baking ingredients, 8 lids with 8 containers in 4 different sizes (3.9L, 2.25L, 2.3L, 1.3L) and 4 same the size (0.6L) to store different foods. The best factor of the silicone seal lids is that it has 2 sides locking system that seal strongly even liquid cannot be leak.

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3. Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage

 Large Tall Airtight Food

Four sides locking lids containers of Vtopmart are durably made from BPA free, food safety material plastic. It is perfectly suitable for bulk food, baking supplies and 24 labels and chalk maker are provided. These super large containers come in 3 sizes: 4 medium containers (2.5), 2 long containers (5.2L), 2 large canisters (4.3L), and 4 measuring cups. Over and above that, the locking system prevents your snacks from air and moisture so it will always fresh and crunchy. Additionally, it takes no effort to clean and dishwasher safe. Having these containers, you can save up your space for other kitchen supplies.

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2. Wildone Food Containers

 Airtight Food Storage

The set of six containers from Wildone manufactured from top quality food safety plastic with BPA free. It could be used for years to come, and it is healthy since it does not contain toxic substances. The set includes 1 measuring cup (0.25L), 20 labels with maker pen, 2 big container (3.6L) and 4 medium canisters (1.6L). Moreover, every container has side-locking lids ensure watertight and airtight. You can store in your refrigerator, freezer or cook in microwave and wash it in dishwasher. The crystal clear construction allow you to see through inside, you will never get the wrong canisters again.

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1. Chef’s Path Containers

Chef's Path Airtight

Chef’s Path airtight food storage containers are BPA free with high quality plastic made. These elegant containers have 12 small container (2L), measuring spoon in set, and reusable label with chalk maker. This size can fit your refrigerator, cupboard or freezer greatly. The sturdy four side-locking silicone seal lid keeps your food from getting bad. You can literally put everything in these containers. The turquoise color of the containers makes your kitchen look extremely attractive and colorful. Simultaneously, your kitchen will never look chaotic and free up your space.

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Buying Guide

There are a few things that you need to consider before purchasing any food containers as it is what that holds our food and keeps it fresh.

-Material: food container can be mostly made from many materials such flexible plastic, glass, hard plastic. The glass one is durable than other but it is heavy and more likely to be broken when it is dropped.

-BPA free: your health is really important that’s why you need to check whether it is BPA free or not. As for the reason, if the storage is not BPA free, you could not store it in the fridge or heat it in the microwave because the food absorbs the chemical so it is not healthy to consume.

-Lid seal: the lid is another factor that you need to check closely. It is recommended to purchase the one that seals tightly even you drop it, it will not pop up. Hence, even your children can hold it without worrying about the food will spread all over the floor.

-Various sizes: We all know that the food storages that come in several sizes allow us to contain all types of food more. Therefore, we recommend you to think about what type of foods will be stored in the containers.

Freezer, Microwave, Oven, and Dishwasher safe: this is a must to look at since safety is our first concern and it provides many benefits to us. You can prepare your food early and store it in the freezer, and then you can re-heat it in microwave or oven. After that you just wash it or put it in the dishwasher. It takes less time than before.


I hope these airtight food storage sets are what you are searching for since it is perfectly suitable for every kitchen and it is super space-saving that you can easily store it in the fridge or freezer and kitchen cupboard. In case of emergency, having dry food in the house is necessary since it can save you for a period of time that is why containers are vital.

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